Headscratchers / Lemon

  • Not that I look for lemons most of the time, but I hate running into a bunch of them looking for romance. I also hate that out of all the parings I support I only run into them for one of my 'ships. And there always Plot What Plot. Kigo apparently has a good following why can't I run into one for them? Or Ash and Misty?
  • I don't mind sex in my fanfic, but what annoys me about the more explicit varieties is the tendency a lot of writers have to use really creepy, weird euphemisms, and that's why I avoid lemons as a rule. I once unwittingly stumbled across an ATLA lemon where someone's penis was described as his Unagi... Ewwww.
    • I'll see your Unagi and raise you a massive throbbing gigglestick.
      • And then there's the purple-headed womb ferret.
      • Massive and throbbing should not be used in the same sentence as gigglestick ever nor should the term gigglestick exist. Also someone referred to a penis as a purple-headed ferret?
  • How come I can't find Lovey dovey lemons? With sweet love making.
    • Because there's no such thing as lovey-dovey lemons
    • Allow me to present Exhibit B. Also an example of a lemon fic with an actual plot involved, showing that there are good ones out there.
    • They exist, all right. They're just rather hard to find among the bad ones.