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Headscratchers: Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Why is it that the villians have no compunction killing Superboy/Superman? True, he's trying to stop him, but they should know Superboy/Superman is really important to their history, given how he's saved the universe a number of times in the 20th/21st century/ Especially Legion villains born on Earth, who's premature killing of Superman would have a far more damaging ripple effect.
    • Maybe they think it's a different guy?
  • If Brainiac 5 is so smart, can't he make Wildfire a containment suit that looks and feels more like an ordinary human? It would sure make things a lot easier with Dawnstar.
  • The original Legion Clubhouse. Its about the size of a phone booth on the outside, as big as a shopping mall on the inside. Is this a case of Units Not to Scale or Bigger on the Inside?
    • Definitely a case of Units Not to Scale. There are far too many rooms to fit, but they're all pretty small, and all have curved walls.
    • Wasn't the clubhouse said to be Bigger on the Inside due to existing in the fourth (spatial) dimension, at least in the Silver Age? Pretty sure I remember reading this in one story.
    • The Silver Age version explicitly used tesseract technology. Like the TARDIS, its entirely bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.
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