Headscratchers / Leave It to Beaver

  • It always bugged me how Eddie Haskell always got crapped on by Beaver and Wally's parents depsite the glaring fact over the course of the series Larry, Gilbert, and Whitey got Beaver in trouble far more often than Eddie got Wally in trouble. Almost every episode revolves around them getting Beaver into some kind of jam and Ward or June or Wally having to bail him out. How about raking them over the coals for a change?
    • Because they started out as 14-15-year-olds and aged from there, and the sort of trouble they would get into would either 1) Be so mild that they'd have to be Too Dumb to Live not to deal with it themselves (as happened to Beaver in later seasons), or 2) Quickly turn the show into a serious, hard-hitting Teen Drama that would've been unheard-of to air in The '50s.
  • Why is this never shown in reruns? It's referenced pretty much even in modern shows; it's not like nobody remembers it or anything. So what gives?
    • Black-and-white.
      • That doesn't seem to stop I Love Lucy or The Addams Family.
      • It's been rerunning in my area for at least four years now.
      • Since the birth of the several "retro" channels (MeTV, et. al.), the show has been almost constantly rerun.
    • Apparently because some consider the show too "hokey" for today's audiences.
  • Does anyone notice that during the later seasons, it was Wally who was constantly getting into trouble, with Beaver becoming more of an observational character?
  • I can't be the only one to note that Larry's mother looks more than old enough to be his grandmother! In an era in which childbirth beyond the age of 40 was a rarity, it's disconcerting that this 60-some looking matron has a child of grade school age. (Unless he was adopted, but such is never hinted at in the series.)