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Headscratchers: LEGO Adaptation Game
  • In Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes, Batman makes the Joker robot scatter kryptonite in a large enough pattern that it could be seen from space, alerting the Justice League. So, neither Batman or Superman have any other way to contact the league, but the Martian Manhunter can call the whole league in two seconds? Wouldn't Batman have at least a dozen ways to get in touch with the Justice League satellite? Heck, later on Batman contacts J'onn and has him fire the satellite's cannon on Luthor's robot, so why didn't he call them earlier?
    • Maybe his League communicator was in the batcave? Which was razed by the villains by that point?
    • Or maybe after been played for a sap so long he decided to pull a Batman Gambit just to bring Joker and Lex down a notch.
  • 'Lego Marvel Superheroes
    • For an international intelligence organization, why can't S.H.I.E.L.D. seriously figure out that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin?
    • Why is Bruce Banner always in Hulk mode, even in cutscenes where it makes no sense, like when he's helping Tony Stark with research and smashing all the computers he attempts to use?
      • Rule of Funny. It's a LEGO game and the prime target audience is about age 10. It makes older tropers laugh too.
      • Plus, Marvel has been doing that a lot in cartoons for the last decade.
      • Good point. The Avengers animated series seemingly leaves him in Hulk mode 24/7, for reasons unknown.
    • Why do Doc Ock and Toad have super-senses?
      • It's tough to say with Toad, but if you look closely at Ock's animation when the senses go off, it's his arms that are looking around. It's an ability similar to what Ock had in Spider-Man 2.
    • The Stinger. I didn't get what was happening.
      • It was basically a plug for the upcoming (August 2014) Guardians of the Galaxy, advertised as a "superheroes in space" story, which Marvel has big hopes for. It is not yet explicitly known to be tied in to the rest of the MCU.
      • Yeah, that much I got. But what was the "other reason" they were there?
      • My apologies. Having watched it again, they don't reveal the "other reason" they need Fury's help. I'm going to call it a probable Sequel Hook.
    • Does the game establish which Venom it is?
      • Nope. Widow asks Spidey who Venom's current host is, but he doesn't answer. Use your imagination.
    • Why so many pointless joke characters while leaving out serious characters that would have been fun to play? What, Howard the Duck was a vital and important character, but Nightcrawler wasn't, even though teleporting would have been a cool new ability to integrate? Then, Aunt May and Gwen Stacy and other civilian characters with no real skills, but not, say, Mockingbird or any other badass normals? I'm OK with including these characters, but why exclude others when you have room for these clowns?
      • Actually, teleporting is a mechanic in the game for characters like Loki who can't stretch or shrink their way through grates.
      • Because it's a LEGO game. Putting in joke characters is mandatory. They were well aware that they were going to get some "hey why wasn't x in it" complaints.
      • Plus, Gwen adds in some Video Game Cruelty Potential. This trooper had already knocked her off the Brooklyn Bridge as Green Goblin.
      • I think it's also a matter of equal representation. Howard is the star of his own series, whereas Nightcrawler is yet another member of a series that's already heavily represented.
    • Why did Loki need to mind-control Doctor Doom? He was already doing exactly what he wanted. Did they just want the game to shaft Doom more than it already had?
      • Loki is the kind who might just do that because he can, even if he didn't need to. Also, it would stop Doom changing his mind.
    • Was the game designed so Toad's finisher could never actually be used on a person, only right after they die?
  • How exactly does Conan O'Brien fit into Lego Batman 3?
    • Maybe he can change into "the Flaming C"?
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