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Headscratchers: Kirby of the Stars
  • Why is King Dedede evil, when he hasn't been since the NES games?
    • This is the beginning of anime-Kirby's adventure. For all intents and purposes, it's at the same point as the NES games.
    • Personally, I don't think he is portrayed much as evil in the anime. I think he's portrayed more as a Jerkass .
  • Did anyone else want to see Captain Waddle Doo use the Beam ability? It's weird that the only weapon he had was a sword...come to think of it, Beam never appeared in the series, despite it being Sakurai's favorite...
  • The Dedede doll episode for reason actually ended with King Dedede being blasted off into outer space by Kirby swallowing up one of the Dedede dolls and is last seen orbiting a planet shaped like him. However, Dedede's actually now back by the next episode! How the heck did King Dedede get back down?
  • Honestly, why does anyone even put up with Dedede's antics? Any time he ever decides to do anything, everyone except Tiff is immediately on board despite the fact that everything he does causes some kind of trouble.
  • Why did the English dub replace Kirby's squeaky footsteps with what sounds like wooden shoes?
  • In one of the school episodes (I forget which one in particular), the monster of the day shoots chalk at Kirby, in which Kirby sucks up and becomes...Fighter Kirby? How does that make sense? This seems to be on the same page as Kirby getting the Sword ability from sucking up a sword-shaped thunderbolt.
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