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Headscratchers: Kid Rock
  • How come when people listen to "All Summer Long", they note that Kid Rock stole used "Sweet Home Alabama", but they never realize that the majority of the music in the background is "Werewolves of London"?
    • The guitar from SHA he used is one of the most recognizable guitars in music. It's going to stand out.
      • Well, sure, but "Werewolves of London" should get more recognition.
    • He talks about "Singing 'Sweet Home Alabama'" right before he does the riff. He might as well scream, "HEY GAIZ! I'M GONNA PLAY SWEET HOME ALABAMA NOW!!!!! LISTEN FOR IT!!!!!"
    • It comes down to the ignorance of the masses. i have heard many people claim that Marifasa Lupina by the Mad Conductor (a song ABOUT Werewolves of London that lifts parts from the original) is a Kid Rock rip off yet no one mentions Warren Zevon.
    • Not to mention the two riffs are very similar to begin with and are easily confused if you're not paying attention; something that happens a lot when Kid Rock is on, especially by folks who just like to complain about him to begin with.
    • To clear it up, Rock's always been very clear about which part is which. The intro and verses are "Werewolves", the chorus riff and outro are "Alabama". The two songs chord structures being so similar is what makes the mash-up work.
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