Headscratchers: Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Am I the only one who feels that Kenichi’s whole principles thing is a bit hypocritical?

Kenichi refuses to fight woman and people with glasses which would be a noble character flaw if not for two things. The first is that his saying he wouldn’t fight Ryuto with his glasses is mitigated by the fact that he knows that Ryuto can’t see a thing without his glasses so it seems less like he doesn’t want to fight someone with glasses and more that he’s demanding that his opponent gives his an unfair advantage. The second is that anytime some say’s they won’t fight him he freaks out giving his training as an excuse why he shouldn’t be looked down upon yet he sees nothing wrong with telling his female opponents the same thing.
  • Ryuto's vision might not be that good without his glasses, but that's balanced by the fact that he then becomes a Handicapped Badass, able to stomp Kenichi by relying on his mastery of Seikuken to counter Kenichi's strikes. As for the whole "hitting women" thing, the manga shows that over time, Kenichi learns to compromise by using grappling and throwing techniques against female opponents instead of striking them.
    • However Kenichi didn’t know that he hadn’t seen Ryuto for years and had no knowledge of his training to overcome his weakness. So he was essentially demanding that Ryuto give him a clear and significant advantage. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was acknowledged. If Ryuto casually mentioned kenchi knew he couldn’t see before taking off his glasses.
  • Kenichi isn't slick enough to try and trick someone into giving a handicap. And Ryuto is too smart to fall for such a thing. In fact he'd likely say something about how Kenichi always tries playing the magnanimous hero. Which is actually what Kenichi aspires to be.
  • Sadly, Miu admires his absolute dedication to never defending himself against women, so he'll never get over it. Good thing he's Made of Iron.
    • Kenichi's desire to protect Miu, even though she is fully capable of doing so for herself comes off more as White Knight Syndrome.
  • It appears kenichi is growing up though he knew he had no right to interfere with the two masters death match. Something he never would have done at the beginning of the series
Kensei vs Sougetsu

Seriously, why was the fight between the two most powerful Chinese kung fu masters so underwhelming? Fights between other elite masters in their class are never that lame, and I refuse to believe after what we have seen Hermit do, and the way he speaks about Sougetsu that he is that weak. Was Sougetsu just not motivated or something?
  • If you look at the dialogue, he really kind of was. After scoring one clean hit on Kensei, he starts angsting about how Kensei was always the guy with friends and Sougetsu could never fit in.

Miyu's Fighting Style

What exactly IS the martial art Miyu uses? Similarly, what's the Elder's? Every other character seems to have some basis in a real martial art, even if they take it to unrealistic levels, but it's never really stated what kind of fighting style they practice. Do the Furinjis just have their own unique fighting style?
  • Miu has been learning from Hayato her entire life so it stands to reason her style is the same as his own, with her own personal spin on it. For lack of a better way of putting it, Miu was raised under the "Furinji style." And Kenichi as well, whenever the Elder teaches him something good.
  • The troper above is correct, not only does Miu use the same fighting style as Hayato, Saiga does too as they both learned from him being his descendants. And yes the fighting style is unique as only those three practice it as their main style. Hayato's techniques have been passed on to others, but nowhere near as many as there were passed to his son and grandaughter. Fūrinji style can be classified as a hybrid martial arts style which pretty much means Hayato never learned to use just one specific martial art and he just combines whatever techniques he damn well pleases into one fighting style.
  • In other words, the answer to "what fighting style does Miu use?" is "yes." Miu, Hayato, and Saiga seem to basically take the tenants of Jeet Kune Do to an extreme. Miu seems to adopt a fluid & dexterous strategy (while hitting extremely hard), Hayato seems to focus on extreme strength & toughness (while being very quick & agile), and Saiga is probably a fusion of the two - high dexterity, high strength, and high toughness.
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