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Headscratchers: Kamen Rider OOO
  • It seems to me that Kosei's entire plan would fall apart if Eiji or Ankh were to just rent a car.
    • "Ahem. May I remind you of the fare, sir?"
    • Eiji barely makes enough money for a hotel/motel room and a new pair of boxers for the next day. What makes you think he can afford a car rental?
    • Dont forget, there are apparently a bunch of those things scattered around the city. Thats convenient as hell.
    • The only currency they make regularly is Cell Medals, unless Eji takes a job at the cafe. The Kogami Foundation could probably pay them in money but it keeps them far less dependant on the medal system. Of course this still raises the question of why they need Grasshopper candroids if Ankh is in posession of a pair of high end cell phones.
      • It's all Merchandise-Driven, but apparently their own merch takes priority to Product Placement.
      • Maybe Ankh just doesn't realize that they can be used as phones? Pretty sure all he's done with them is just track down medals and Yummies and such. And yes, Eiji has indeed taken a job at the cafe as of #8, so...
      • Doesn't Ankh only have ONE phone? We also haven't been shown if Eiji has one.
      • Yes we have. The first episode established his clothes were his only belongings.
      • But he does have a lot of clothes for a drifter. Also, Eiji could use Shingo's phone (since the poor guy won't be needing it for a while).
    • It turns out Eiji family is actually quite well off and he's living like a hobo by choice.
  • Kind of related to the above question — how does Ankh even know how to drive, anyway? We've seen him assist Eiji via vehicle many times. What gives?
    • If Shingo knows it, Ankh can access the knowledge as well. Presumably Shingo's gone on a bike ride once or twice in his life.
  • After Ankh possessed Shingo's body, why does he still need Eiji? Couldn't he just use the OOO-Driver himself?
    • Probably some rule about how a Greeed cant become OOOs, even with having a host.
    • He might be unwilling to put himself at such a risk. It's considerably safer for him if he sends someone else out to fight for him.
    • In episode 11 I believe, Ankh says because Eiji was there at the breaking of the seal or something, he's the only one who can become OOOs
    • If Ankh used the OOO Driver, wouldn't it be the same as what happened to Mezool and Uva when THEY combined their bodies with other greeed's medals?
      • It's probable that the driver works as a "filter" of sorts to prevent total integration between body and medal. We've seen what happens when people get infused with cores in this series, and even the original OOO, a man who was desire incarnate, didn't really have any apparent problems til he tried scanning all of them at once.

  • So, we've seen there are Ride Vendors full of Candroids and operated with Cell Medals all over the city. What if a normal person tries to use one? Wouldn't they find it odd there are vending machines that don't take normal coins? Or what if they just find a medal lying around (it's entirely possible to imagine Ankh missing one, as many as we've seen rain from the dead Yummy)? How would they react to getting a robot hawk instead of a refreshing Coke? Or if they hit the big button and, not knowing what would happen, get crushed as the machine transforms into a motorcycle and falls forward onto them?
    • The Ride Vendor probably carries real soda for that very reason, and the buttons are Multi Touch and Scan, probably to keep the public from accidently using the Candroids and the motorcycle mode.
    • Right. And considering Kogami had the bikes made hi-tech already, it would be quite possible to have the bike form activated only by using a Cell Medal. And it's not like anybody has their hands on a Cell Medal, as per in-series implications.
      • Until the series starts. I mean when you have hundreds of the things exploding every which way every other day a few are bound to roll off somewhere. It's not a stretch of the imagination to think someone picks a stray one up at some point and, like Eji, notices that the ridevenders take coins of that exact size.
      • But it's already been established that the Kogami Foundation can control whether or not the ridevendor will respond to the insertion of a Cell Medal. Go watch episode 6 if you don't remember this.
      • Yes, but it also showed that Goto was using a remote to disable the RideVendor's transformation. I doubt they'd have someone watching all the RideVend- oh, wait, It's Kougami. I'm sure he DOES have people watching each and every RideVendor.
      • I have this odd suspesion there are security cameras in or around each vendor, or maybe just a built in scanner. Maybe a lock is put in after OOO surfaces to prevent civilians from using it and it only responds to Kogami staff, engi and Ankh. Everyone else gets a refreshing beverage.
      • Plus, the vendor doesn't advertise any known drinks. Most people would take a look, realize they have no idea what any of those options are, and walk away. Eiji's different because... well, because he's Eiji. Also, he'd been away for so long he probably wouldn't know if there were new soft drinks, but you see my point.

  • Each Greed has three animals each represented by three core medals, for a total of nine core medals. However, the Core Medals were originally in sets of ten. Meaning for example Kazari's set originally had three Lion Medals, three Tiger Medals, three Cheetah Medals, and one Unknown Cat X Medal. Why didn't the people who created the medals make three Unknown Cat X Medals.
    • During the explanation of the 10-Medal sets, we're shown what can pretty safely be assumed to be Uva's medals; there were actually 4 Kuwagata Medals, so it's likely a similar pattern, if not the same, with the other sets.
      • Mezool, evidently, had four Unagi medals, but one of her Tako medals was destroyed.

  • Why does the OOO's driver sing for TaToBa?
    • Good question. Letting aside the fact that it's the default Combo for the show, the only in-series significance the form holds is that it's the first form used to unseal the Driver. But overall, it's just another aspect of the toy making into the series with a fridge logic.
      • Actually I use this idea. The driver only sings the formation names for full set combos and the 'default' transformation. In Eiji's case since the first form he used was TaToBa the driver set that as its default settings and so ignores everything else that's not a full set combo.
    • Perhaps it was the form OOO was originally made in 800 years ago, like they only had the Taka, Tora, and Batta Medals so they used it to create OOO who got the other Medals he used while fighting the other Greeed.
    • "Don't worry about the song!" says Ankh in #1. This is not a Hand Wave, he just says to not worry about it, without explanation. So I don't.
    • One of the net movies is titled "Why Tatoba Is a Combo", so we will likely get our explanation through that.

  • So #16 shows that when you overload a Greeed with Core Medals from different Greeed, they go crazy with power and other Cores will show on the Greeed's armor. Yet why is that Ankh, who has absorbed many different Cores before, stay as the exact same Greeed hand he has been the whole series. This is probably why he decided to switch over to the medal case but he still spent the beginning of OOO with a plethora of cores.
    • Hmm. The series still has a lot of space to explain things, so we'll have to see. Though I wonder if it also has something to do with the number of Cores in the same category. Gamel took in 7 of Mezool's Cores, while Ankh never had more than 4(~5?) Cores of one category in him at a time so far.
    • Ankh also had a human body which might have helped mitigate some things.
    • Also, it doesn't seem that Ankh is actually 'absorbing' them, just storing them inside himself. Gamel absorbed Mezool's cores through a coin slot. We didn't see how Kazari absorbed Mezools, but its safe to assume it was in a simular fashion. Also, it seems that Kazari found a way to do it safely, presumibly because he only used three and had more of his own Cores to stabilize him.
    • The fact that Ankh's body doesn't work the same as the other Greeed is actually a major plot point of the show. He can't make Yummies, he doesn't regenerate even after absorbing his own cores, and Mezool even said that his one-armed form shouldn't even be possible. The whole 'not going berzerk' thing is just another part of the mystery.
    • And with the introduction of Lefty, you now know why.

  • Anyone else bugged by the fact that TaJaDor got Eiji's ass completely handed to him by a Bird Yummy almost immediately during the last fight in #25 because "fight fire with fire" doesn't work out too well here, Yet he was able to hold his own relatively well against a bird Greeed in #29 not only in spite of, but due to that fact?
    • Yummy and Greeed are different. OK I'll elaborate, OOO specializes in Greeed and Birth in Yummy, they each have a innate advantage against one type and disadvantage against the other, Date outright says this.
      • What Episode was that in? I don't seem to remember any of that.
      • Before 28 but after Birth's debut, I don't remember the exact one but it's one where Birth first tries to take on Kazari and realizes he's ill equipped and says "I'll leave the Greeed to you, I'm specialized to Yummies" or something to that effect. He repeats it a few more times like when he was caught of guard by a Greeed and tells Eiji to switch because he is better suited for fighting Yummies.
      • Dr. Maki says something to that effect as well.
      • Consider that it was Eiji's first time fighting a Bird Yummy.

  • Why do the Cat Medals give Kazari wind powers but OOO light/heat powers?
    • It seems the powers of the combos that the Greeed don't have are powers of the complete Greeed. Uva never multiplied himself, Mezool never showed electric powers, Gamel only showed gravity manipulation when he'd been overloaded and had his complete form powers (Kazari using it may be due to using them like OOO is, using Medals that aren't his), and Kazari hasn't shown light powers. Lost Ankh has all of TaJaDoru's powers and seems complete with the exception of his right arm and part of his face (probably a side effect of never being sealed). As for OOO never using wind powers, odds are he has them just never used them, as he RaToraTah was pretty much only used to control the TorideVendor and nothing else.
    • Wind is created through heat.

  • Something to be moved to Fridge Logic whenever that subpage gets made: If, according to Episode 30, the Greeed and OOO originally came from Europe, why are some of the coins referred to by the Japanese names of their respective animals?
    • Because Eiji broke the seal and his native tongue is Japanese.
      • The flashback still shows the OOO Driver singing the Japanese names, though.
      • The flashback utilized Translation Convention.
    • It was never directly said that OOO and the Greeed were from Europe. Sure Kougami did find that the Body of Ankh there, but again it was never said they were from any place in Europe. They just said OOO's was a king who wanted power. And yes I know they had some sort of church in the back, but who said that was where they were made? It seemed to me like that was the place for their final showdown, and who knows how long those guys were traveling. Though it does go back to fridge logic considering, where ever they were originally from, how are the Greeed and the O Scanner speaking in Japanese?
    • On a similar nature, why Lion instead of Shishi, the native Japanese word for lion. The other medals with English names (Gorilla, Cheetah, Condor and the purple medals) have no native Japanese names (as far as I'm aware) anyway. So why is Lion the odd one out?
      • ShiToraTah doesn't have that same ring to it.

  • How was Kazari able to create a Panda Yummy without having absorbed the Panda Core Medal?
    • Yummy-breed is only determined by the overall theme of any Core Medals the creator contains; a panda is a heavy animal, such as Gamel would create, and because Kazari has two or three of Gamel's Cores floating around inside, this makes sense. If you're still confused, remember, Mezool made Pirahna and Shark Yummies despite having no such Cores.
      • But as far as we know there aren't any Pirahna or Shark cores. By your logic Gamel should be able to create Dinosaur Yummies since they're heavy animals
      • Not really. Mezool can create Pirahna and Shark Yummies because Pirahna and Sharks fit in her Core Themes : aquatic animals. Likewise, Gamel creates Yummies based on Heavy animals, but can't create Dinosaur Yummies because his those are classified as Giru's Core Themes: extinct animals. Plus, why would they make a core medal simply for making a extremely specific kind of yummy?
      • They made a set of arthropod medals and a set of insect medals. They're not exactly above create sets that are The Same but More Specific. Furthermore, Panda Bears would fit the theme of the set the Panda Core Medal is a part of better then Gamel's theme by definition. Gamel's medals being used to create a Panda Yummy is like the Arthropod Greed creating a Mantis Yummy.
      • Greeed can create any yummy of their theme as long as the yummy's theme isn't defined by another Greeed. You're right, technally, Gamel should be able to make Dinosaur Yummies and an Arthropod Greeed could make a Mantis Yummy, but they can't because they fit in an another existing Greeed's themes (Giru's medals fit dinosaurs and Uva is the insect greeed.)But, since the theme Panda is a part of isn't known, and only the driver and the magazine shows the Panda Core Medal, it could be assumed that it doesn't exist (so far) within the show's canon, Panda is put under Gamel's theme since it is an heavy animal as well as the theme Panda is a part of.
    • When it matures, it glows yellow, so it's a Kazari Yummy. The giant panda's genus means "cat-foot", but otherwise, it doesn't make sense to be something other than Gamel's...

  • Why does the Taja Spinner only read six of the seven medals in it.
    • The toy needs the seventh Medal to be able to replicate the shows sound effect because the seventh "resets" the scanning process.
      • Why couldn't they program it to read the name of the last medal and say Giga Scan? (and either reduce the number of slots to six of have the show say "Taka. Kujaku. Condor. Gin. Gin. Gin. Gin. Giga Scan.")
      • You misunderstood it. The seventh Medal resets the scan so it keeps scanning them as it spins and gets a show accurate sound effect of the rapidscanning as the spinner spins. Otherwise it'd scan six and then stop. If you have the toy, read six and you'll see.

  • Who else here noticed that when the original OOO scanned his belt and medals that the voice of the O Scanner was a whole lot deeper? I mean sure they can use it to symbolize that this dude is one bad mofo, but still changing the voice?
    • It's the OOO driver taking on characteristics of its user. All the themes are sung by Eiji's actor, so it's not too much of a stretch.

  • In episode 34 Eiji deliberately calls out the Dinosaur Medals so he can transform and rescue Ankh. However, he had the Sai and Batta medals with him at the time. Why didn't he try inserting them and calling out just the Triceratops medal?
    • He wouldn't be nearly strong enough to fight two Greeeds at once without PuToTyra.
      • Plus, the point would be moot anyway. He can't use the Dinosaur medals in combos other than PuToTyra
      • The Dinosaur medals would cancel out the effects of other medals since they are the opposite of desire, which the regular Core Medals are technically made out of.

  • Why do different combos uses the same abbreviation for different medals? "Taka Tora Batta" and "Ptera Tricera Tyrano" both have the body medal as "To". Also, although they're technically different "Lion Tora Cheetah" and "Shachi Unagi Tako" have extremely similar endings "Tah." and "Ta" respectively.
    • It had something to do with the Japanese system of writing and language that the abbreviations are similar, but it all depends on what combo it was. Also supposedly it "Tar" for cheetah, but don't ask me.

  • How come it's stated that the reason Eiji is perfect to become OOO is because of his "lack of desire", but that didn't stop the previous OOO (who was ooobviously full of desire) from taking the form?
    • They never said that whoever was OOO at the time had to lack desire to use the belt.
    • Eiji is considered to be the perfect candidate for OOO due to his lack of desire because he wouldn't go berserk with greed. The original was the creator, or had other people create the belt for his own purposes. And as the above troper said they never said you had to lack desire to use the belt.

  • Considering Eiji is a confirmed Type 2 Stepford Smiler and reportedly has no desires of his own, which made him the perfect candidate for the use of OOO's powers and host of the purple core medals, how was the Unicorn Yummy able extract any kind of desire out of him in the first place, much less have that desire take the form of the whole planet?
    • It was his dream to save the world even if slowly. As he said himself as long as it doesn't change or goes rampant it only a dream, not a desire.

  • So Putotyra Combo's Scanning Charge is...doing what it could do before. What?
    • Yes, and Latoratar's Scanning Charge is running extremely quick, blinding the opponent, and slashing with the claws. Some Combos Scanning Charges usually are that simple.
      • But atleast the other Scanning Charges had something that atleast showed that they were different from just simply doing what they could already do.
      • I think the scanning charge for PuToTyra is just meant to show how brutal and savage the whole thing is compared to the other combos

  • How did the original OOO's henshin? From what I've seen, the Greeed were still complete when he fought them off. At first I thought, maybe he got these as the tenth cores from the Greeed, but then I remembered that Uva's tenth core was a Kuwagata Core and not a Batta. Does this mean that the original OOO's got his Core Medals from another source?
    • He probably had the one who made the Greeed leave out three for him to use before they destroyed the tenth medals.
    • It's been revealed that the Ancient King had his own set of Ta To Ba Core Medals which Kougami has been holding onto.

  • Why did Kazari play along with reviving both Mezool and Gamel exactly? I mean sure more allies and what not, but look what happened. They got beat down by Gotou during his very first henshin!. When Kazari had the powers of Mezool and Gamel, he was able to knock around both Birth and OOO's like they were nothing! Nice Job Fixing It, Villain much?
    • I think it's just that the writer or producer isn't very consistent. For example, in the early episodes Ankh could remove 100 cells from himself without any harm, but in an episode right after it he was in pain from removing 10 cells so quickly.
      • Ankh had medals to spare whenever he "paid" Kougami. When he removed those 10, his Cell count was already dangerously low.
      • That, and unlike Date Gotou both read the manual and isn't saving up Cells. Date has only ever used Birth Day the once, Gotou broke it out during the fight as fast as possible, shocking the greeed as none of the but the Ankhs have seen it before.
    • Seems to be another Xanatos Gambit when you think ab out it. They don't join him, he and Lost Ankh kill them again and take all the Cores that Uva had collected and the Cell Medals composing them. They join him, he gets more allies.

  • When Ankh was being attacked by Lost!Ankh why didn't Eiji transform?
    • He didn't have medals save for the Dino ones, and I doubt he'd risk fighting inside the Cous Coussier.
      • Plus Ankh was in danger of being absorbed. Transforming into PuToTyra would have taken way too long. Plus there's still the off chance that he could lose control.
      • That, and if he had taken the time to transform with anything but auto using the Dino medals, as in letting them taken control, they would've lost Ankh and likely hurt Shingo and Hina at the same time

  • I'll admit I haven't seen Let's Go Kamen Rider yet, but if Uva is only able to retain his head armor when he only has a single Core Medal to work from, why is it the Shocker Greed has a full set of armor but also only has a single Core Medal to work from?
    • Presumably, only one Shocker Core was created, while Uva is missing eight of his medals.
      • Speaking of one Core Medal, shouldn't Uva be in pain and incapable of assuming Greeed form from having only one Core Medal in his body?
      • Uva does say that having enough Cell Medals can compensate for the lack of Core Medals (which is how he was able to fight pretty evenly with the TaJaDor combo), and Ankh was able to collect a great deal of Cell Medals for Uva to reconstitute himself.
      • The series never explicitly states it, but it heavily implies that the Greed losing their armor is a side-effect of their resurrection in the current day. In the first couple episodes, Mezool makes a comment that their forms are a result of their "incomplete resurrection" and that it shouldn't have even been possible (suggesting that they SHOULD have had all of their medals, but it somehow happened with the few they had). In addition, we're shown flashbacks to 800 years ago on at least two occasions. Early on we're shown Gatakiriba and Latoratah fighting four complete Greed despite possessing medals from at least two of them, and the flashback to all of them being sealed shows them as complete even when ancient OOO has almost all the medals. Plus, Ankh's body was NOT subjected to the same effects and, despite never completing his set of nine, his body is fully armored throughout the series. Suffice to say, the other Greed's bodies are just so unstable that not having a full set weakens them immensely, so much that they're physically affected by their current medal count.

  • How were the 10th core medals destroyed to create each Greeed?
    • The Purple Medals have the power to destroy regular Core Medals. The only set of Medals that still has 10 is the Purple Medals. Do the math.
    • Might also explain why they were sealed, to keep them from being used against OOO and destroying anymore of the core medals.

  • Can the purple medals destroy other purple medals?
    • Probably not, since it would make no sense for something that lacks desire to destroy itself.

  • What would happen if Gamel or Maki tried to create a Yummy from a human? Likewise, what would happen if another Greeed tried to create a Yummy from themselves or an inanimate object.
    • Greed cant create Yummy from themselves because they are made of cells and would just absorb it.
      • Not really. Gamel was capable of making Yummy by inserting a medal into his own head, though those Yummy are incapable of generating any Cell Medals. Mezool was also able to pop a Cell Medal into Gamel's head which functioned like normal. It's possible for a Greeed to make a Yummy by inserting medals into themselves or other Greeed, but whether this is just a special case with Gamel or not isn't shown.
      • Ankh's Vulture Yummy was created from a pair of desires, including Uva's desire for a new body. So no, it's not just Gamel.

  • Was it ever shown what the birthday present Hina gave Ankh was in #40?
    • I don't think it matters at this point.

  • When a Greeed is created what determines which of the nine remaining medals is his/her Personal Core Medal?
    • The one used to make the Greeed in the first place, which as it's been shown, seems to be a Head Medal.

  • Who was Giru/Gil anyway? He was mentioned in Movie War Core and... That was it. For that matter, why is MWC such a plothole-fest in OOO's part?
    • It was written by a certain INOUEEEEEEE who wasn't even remotely involved in writing OOO. Plus, he wrote it very early on before things like Date's mentor status or Eiji's backstory were fully decided. They gave him a few of the early episodes and the knowledge that Birth/Purple Cores existed to work from. So he had to just make things up and hope that the real writers would change the series' scripts to reflect the movie.

  • Is the Movie Wars Core canon for OOO then? Or do we assume the OOO that interacts with W is an A.R. OOO?
    • This may be Fanon on my part, but if Eiji's cameo in the Double movie is canon, then we can assume that the early episodes of OOO occurred at the same time as Double's final episodes. Since Movie Wars Core is set sometime after Philip comes back to life (and a year had passed between episodes 48 and 49), meaning that the OOO portion appears at around the same time. However, we have to see what Movie Wars Megamax is gonna be like before we decide on where Movie Wars Core takes place in canon. If it even does.

  • Yes, I know it would wrap up the finale too quickly, but when Eiji joined the Births against Uva, he had the tenth green Core. Wouldn't giving it back to Uva make him complete and take away any reason he had to fight them?
    • The Greeed were given free will when their tenth Medal was taken away, but nothing ever said that giving it back would fix the problem. It might have only made things worse given how much power three tenth Medals were shown to possess.
      • The Greeeds' "free will" was first and foremost a desire to once again be whole, i.e. having all ten of their Cores. With Uva, this should have been theoretically possible.

  • The P in Pterodactyl is silent. But it's said by the scanner, and in the jingle. Why?
    • Pretty sure that's just the Japanese pronunciation; notice that rather than "tri-cera", it's "to-rih-kera". If not, it's probably just for the sake of not having to use the same syllable twice consecutively.

  • Am I the only one that gets aggravated when there are people who don't consider Putotyra the final form of the series?
    • Considering that Putotyra Combo is rather underwhelming for a final form, you can't really blame people for feeling that way.
      • I guess because the supposedly dangerous form is really dangerous for once, so he's hardly ever using it on purpose because his other forms aren't strong enough. Also, aside from the special ability to destroy medals, in raw power are we sure it's the strongest combo? And Tajador is flashier! It just doesn't give you the same Super Mode-y feel from the way it's used that you get with Ultimate or Xtreme. However, I don't think that's a bad thing. I love me a good dramatic fight scene, and am perfectly happy to not have the fun sucked out of it by some Game Breaker that turns every fight into a Curb-Stomp Battle. One Hyper Kabuto is more than enough. (Fortunately, Fourze Cosmic States and Meteor Storm manage to be pretty sweet without granting absolute invincibility. I for one hope that's the rule from now on.)

  • So does the OOO solo movie take place in an AU where Lefty Ankh never existed? Because in the final fight scene with all the song-having combos fighting together, all three Taka medals are present: one for Ta To Ba, one for Ta Ja Dor, and floating hand Ankh himself.
    • Kougami had the fourth Taka Core locked away, along with the fourth each of the Tora and Batta Cores (the King Cores, used by the original OOO). Basic math would dictate that Lost!Ankh never had a Taka Medal to begin with.

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