Headscratchers / Kaiji

In the end of the Bog arc, how does Kaiji manage to push all the balls into the hole with air coming out of it? Since the balls fall onto the plate, wouldn't there just be so many balls around the air streaming hole that eventually balls coming in would just fall on top of the huge pile of balls?
  • Keep in mind, the whole floor was actually tilted. It's possible that the air streams couldn't push the oncoming balls strong enough, therefore the nearest ones were able to fall into it from the inner part of the bowl (which we must assume was higher than the side of the winning hole), and the few other balls which entered it were probably aided by the fact that the air streams were blocked off for a few moments.

At the end of the Chinchirorin arc, after Kaiji has finally got the loaded dice in his hands, why does he think it's a good idea to just hand them over to a complete stranger? What if that guy was another accomplice?