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Headscratchers: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • When Joseph, Jotaro, and Kakoyin get sucked down Terrence Arby's holed in Dio's mansion, he tells Abdul to burn down the mansion in 10 minutes if Jospeh and the other's can't escape in that time. Which begs the question; why didn't they just burn down the mansion in the first place?
    • #1: Jonathan tried that. Joseph knows that it didn't work then, and it might fail again. #2 If it worked, and Dio died, they'd have no way of knowing that he'd be really dead since he'd be burned to ash by the fire from Abdul's stand. Yes, Holly's symptoms would dissappear and Joseph probably wouldn't find new pictures with Hermit Purple but they couldn't be certain that some part of Dio wouldn't still be alive. Remember, Dio got back from being just a head in a jar and Joseph saw AC/DC live on as only a brain. Unless they see ALL of Dio being burned to dust, they can't be certain he won't come back.
  • Erina Joestar is seen using Dio's coffin as a makeshift lifeboat, and presumably used it to shield herself from the explosion of the ship. This distinctive item is shown both at the end of Part 1 and in a flashback during Part 2. How was it that Dio was found a century later in that exact same coffin?
    • This forum thread offers several opinions on the subject. The most plausible Watsonian explanation is that "After another ship came to rescue Erina, the coffin sank, Dionathan jumped in." By the way, in the future, please place new queries at the bottom on the page.
    • Is it really the same coffin? I think the design is different. Maybe Dio just decided to sleep in a coffin after being fished out of the ocean.
    • The "Stardust Crusaders" manga begins with Dio's coffin being lifted from the ocean with him inside it. So either Dio had a spare coffin or the coffin Erina was floating on sank.
  • Are Stands and the Ripple related at all?
    • It was suggested in part 3, but later we learn that Stand powers are just the result of being hit by metal/rock from outer space. So probably no.
    • Araki states in an extra chapter explaining stands that the Ripple's ultimate goal is perhaps to bring forth a full-fledged Stand.
      • If that is so, then how does Anubis work?
      • He's a posthumous remanant Stand imprint, pretty much like Carne's Notorious B.I.G. and Kinoto's Cheap Trick. However, unlike those two, he lays dormant inside the sword - or rather, he uses the sword as a medium to possess 'people' (or cows).
    • The ripple uses the bodies bio-electromagnetism, the stands are psychic powers. As you can see they are not related at all!!!!!
    • Possibly confirmed by Steel Ball Run where the spin, ripple powers' counterpart, ultimately grants a stand to it's user when perfected.
  • What happened to Dio's other vampire powers during Part 3 (blood freezing, eye beams)?
    • He still had them, they just weren't quite as useful as a psychic time stopped kick to the balls. He uses the eye beams in the arcade game.
      • Also, he made a point of showing that he hadn't fully synched with Jonathan's body yet, and therefore he probably couldn't control his vital functions enough to do things like the freezing trick, though he did spray blood from a wound on his leg into Jotaro's eyes. Though that doesn't really explain the head related abilities, which included being able to shrug off having his head vertically sliced in two.
    • Doylist explanation: Araki wanted to downplay Dio's vampiric abilities in favour of his Stand, much like he did with Joseph's Ripple. After all, he was presumably still capable of using his eyebeams, and while Joseph's Ripple-empowered Hermit Purple could possibly protect him from it, Jotaro had no such protection.
      • The eye "beams" are a purely physical attack. Star Platinum could block them.
      • Could it block them while also under the effect of The World's time freeze? The eyebeams were much faster than thrown knives, after all. Edit: Actually, scratch that; if Silver Chariot can block bullets shot by a machine gun, Star Platinum certainly also can, and the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes aren't as fast as a bullet.
      • And they are 2 eye beams. Compare to 25+ knives?
    • It's said that stands can only be hurt by other stands, Jotaro made him fail the first couple of time stops then was able to use move star platinum for a couple of seconds.
  • Why did Joseph become old? I thought the Ripple slows your aging process?
    • Well, it does for a while anyway. At some point your age catches up to you. It happened to Straights too, which is why he became a vampire.
    • Joseph slacked off practicing Ripple for a few years, as he notes at the beginning of Part III. That seems to be why age caught up with him faster than the other practitioners.
      • Having witnessed first-hand what extended life did to Straights, it's possible Joseph decided he didn't want to end up like Straights and so he let himself age naturally.
      • In any case, Joseph was a grandfather who was covered in muscles, was easily keeping up with teenagers and young adults, could roofhop and was flat out told by Mariah that he was actually quite sexy despite his age. He might not be Lisa Lisa, but we never learned if he ever reached her level of skill/power and he certainly aged more gracefully than his wife.
      • As for why he became so frail and apparently Ripple-less in Part 4, perhaps being drained by Dio did some sort of permanent damage to his respiratory system and he couldn't use the Ripple anymore. Or maybe Hamon healing just doesn't work that well on Alzheimer's and the previous Ripple Masters were just very lucky in that regard (though I don't remember seeing any of them older than Part 4's Joseph except possibly Zepelli the first's master.
      • The oldest living ripple user (aside from maybe Tom Petty) was Lisa Lisa, who was over 100 by part 3 since Joseph said he spoke to her on the phone at the start. She was trained in the ripple from birth and never stopped. Joseph on the other hand barely had ripple training until his late teens and seriously slacked off after defeating Cars (because really, when you technically beat the most powerful physical being in the world, do you really need to train anymore).
    • Plus, during his fight with Wham, Joseph got hit in the ribs with an iron ball traveling at high speed. I imagine that did some damage to his lungs and affected his ability to use the Ripple.
  • Giorno's Stand had the power to reduce any action done on it to zero. To the point that time affecting attacks are useless. So shouldn't he have been unaffected by Stairway to Heaven's universal rewrite?
    • The way I see it either: A) The stand lost the arrow at some point, or B) Stairway to Heaven can simply override it as part of its own reality warping abilities.
      • The lost of the arrow was irrelevant.After the stand transforms,the arrow doesn't need to be in contact to keep thr "requiem" state.See the Golden Experience Requiem with the arrow on it's forehead and GER without the arrow.
    • It's also possible Giorno was indeed unaffected and he's still chilling in America. He has yet to appear in Steel Ball Run so it's possible.
      • Araki did say somewhere that Giorno might had been in Florida during the Stone Ocean incidents...
    • It's also possible Josuke was also unaffected since Crazy Diamond and Golden Experience had similar powers (Reduce momentum of an action to zero/undo changes to an object) and they are together searching for a way to fix things back to normal.
      • OH.MY.GOD. This is totally what Part 8 is going to be about.
    • At the tail end of Golden Wind (or whatever we're calling it now), it did appear that the Stand arrow fell out of Gold Experience Requiem right after he killed Diavolo with it, which might have reset it back to plain old Gold Experience. See here
    • One must keep in mind that Stairway to Heaven doesn't actually destroy/rewrite the universe. It is bound to get destroyed after nearing the end of it's natural life cycle and only after this that Pucci can rewrite it in his own image. So he doesn't actually attack Giorno, the universe merely ends. But then again, GER was broken enough for King Crimson not to work on it. Maybe it's just a plot hole...
      • I support this as the most likely explanation. GER only protects from attacks against itself AND it's owner, as without Giorno it would not be able to exist given it's a stand tied to a user like the rest (unlike SCR which was automatic). When Made in Heaven activated, it was not having it's natural life cycle threatened, so it just let the ability go ahead knowing full well in the reset, it would be fated to meet Giorno again and thus exist. Thus, the reason GER never stopped MiH is because it was not threatened. If Pucci had attempted to rewrite things so that the remaining son of Dio changed his course in life that would not lead to him getting GER, THEN the stand could have done it's work.
    • My take? Requiem isn't as broken as people make it out to be. Despite the impressive description of its powers, it seems to be more of a Game Unbreaker. Outside of Diavolo attempting to timeskip and Requiem going "lolno" (and the eternal deaths), it just seemed to act like a beefed up Gold Experience. To use an analogy, King Crimson is Diavolo's GameShark, Gold Experience Requiem rips the GameShark out of Diavolo's hands and does the card crusher meme with it.
    • GER's stand bio states that he needs to strike a target for the power to work (similar to how the stand worked before). The only reason it managed to stop King Crimson's time nonsense is because he hit the stand during the part of time that would have otherwise been removed. That's a pretty big detail that tends to get left out when talking about the stand's feats. Then again, said bio also says he has infinite speed, which would mean he also exists in every point of the universe simultaneously...
    • The other Requiem Stands we meet have some hefty drawbacks. Maybe Giorno was in no position to hunt down Pucci.
  • Why did Arabia Fats take orders from Dio even though Fats could have killed Dio using his Stand (The Sun)?
    • Dio is so overpowered, he would have found some way around it.
      • This assuming that The Sun would've worked on Dio as the, well, sun does. Sun-shaped or not, it was still just a Stand, not a trillion-kilometer orb of fiery fusion death.
      • Except I'm pretty sure it's just the Sunlight itself that kills Vampires. And The Sun was powerful enough to light up the sky even when it was night time. Stop underrating it.
      • Unfortunately for Arabia Fats, Dio has that canonical Kinsey-rackup effect. Every one of his male henchmen becomes gay for him. Steely Dan, N'doul - and he ALMOST gets Abdul, too. Seriously, man. A badass-yet-underrated stand Mr. Fats may have, but he doesn't have the Canonical Power of Overriding Sexy. Plus Brando is one diabolical cavalier bastard and he'd probably stop time and maul the poor bastard if Fats tried anything with The Sun.
    • My theory is that either A) It generates heat and light, but no UV rays (which was stated in Part 2 to be what makes sunlight harmful to vampires) or B) He is gay for Dio like everybody else.
    • In addition to the above, there's also the possibility that he had a spore inserted into his brain which Dio could have had kill him at will unless he decided to expose his brain to UV light (which might make it auto kill him), or that he was just a sociopath that was in it for the money like several other of the 7 signs and had no real desire to kill someone who was offering to give him $100,000,000 for killing a teenager.
      • Or it could be that Dio was inside a building that was shielded from sunlight and surrounded by loyal fanatics with broken abilities and Fats' mirror trick would probably be useless in an urban setting with an intelligent hawk (which can easily generate car sized hunks of ice, so good luck baking Dio out) looking for you, especially since the Sun has a relatively short range and needs to be within eyeshot to aim.
    • Dio had mind control, if the target was evil that is.
    • Sure, Arabia probably could have done it. For some reason, Dio didn't tell him "oh, hey, as a vampire, I am totally powerless against you." What an odd choice. Not a lot of people in the Jo Joverse know how vampires work, or that they exist, or that Dio was one, and there's also the matter of nobody knowing how his Stand worked. Fats would have had every reason to be terrified of Dio, and never tried to fight him.
  • If Yoshikage Kira wanted a normal life and not be bothered by anything then why did he go around killing women and taking their hands? Seems to be asking for trouble and to be bothered.
    • Kira had mental problems. He couldn't resist his compulsions.
      • Case in point: His favourite movie was Fritz Lang's M, which was about a compulsory child killer who claimed he was not responsible for his actions.
      • Or maybe he was mental from a different source...
    • Maybe he wanted to have a normal life BESIDES dismembering women...
    • "Normal" might be a mistranslation. Wikipedia's list of chapter titles has Kira wanting a "quiet" life.
    • Or he's just a complete psychopath whose personal interpretation of "normal"/"quiet" life is: be able to indulge in my impulses while not standing out.
  • Josuke merged Angelo with a rock as an alternative to killing him, but wouldn't Angelo just have suffocated in a second after being merged with the rock anyway?
    • I don't see why, he still has most of his human body, including his lungs, and his nose and mouth seem to be working just fine.
  • Koichi's Act 2 had the power to create anything that made a noise by writing the sound effect on something (i.e. crackle for fire, whoosh for wind; presumably this could even extend to the boom of an atomic bomb or the crack of a spine being broken), so it basically had infinite uses; so in what way is Act 3's ability to make things heavier an improvement?
    • Well, Act 3 seems to be much faster and more combat-capable than Act 2. Additionally, we don't know the exact limits of what Act 2 could generate. It's quite possible that blowing away Yukako was the upper boundary of what it could do.
    • For that matter, how are the powers of Act 2 and Act 3 even related at all?
      • They aren't.
      • Act 3's explanation of the Freeze power is that it changed the spelling of "Three," so the reasoning seems to still be vaguely wordplay-related.
  • Why wasn't Okuyasu a little more vengeful towards the man who killed his brother, once they had him at their mercy?
    • Okuyasu is a good person, really. No one in the good side of "Diamond is Unbreakable" killed anyone.
  • How did Arika survive after his Stand died in the ocean?
    • The Stand didn't actually die.
  • How did Jotaro get all that stuff into his cell at the start of Part 3 if Star Platinum has a range of only a few metres?
    • A plot hole, perhaps?
    • He probably stole stuff from the guards.
    • Since the guards said he could leave any time, it means he wasn't in jail just in the cell at the station, could had taken it from anyone walking outside, the guards, the evidence area could had been near by.
      • No, they also say he never left. My gues is, the wall of his cell is an external wall, and Star Platinum is grabbing things from people who walk by.
  • Why didn't Joseph become a vampire when he got the blood transfusion like Vanilla Ice did?
    • Most likely it doesn't work that way. Don't forget that vampires on Jo Jo are, in fact, humans with the 'secret potential' of their brains "unlocked": this is not some Dracula-curse or whatever, vampire transformation here must have something to do with Dio's cells— the ones that, remember, he can freely control (as it can be clearly seen on the battle against The Lovers or with Okuyasu's father). Vanilla Ice was transformed because Dio so choosed, but as he was already dead at the time of the blood transfusion, he could not transform Joseph into one, as he would have to conciously do that.
      • In the first series, Dio tried to transform Jonathan into a vampire, which involved deliberately injecting a specific chemical into his target, which a skilled Hamon user can eject if its in small enough a dose. An unconscious Dio that was not yet synched enough with his Joestar body to have full access to his vampiric abilities probably isn't too much of a danger to Joseph, especially since it was his own blood that he got back.
  • How exactly did Gyro manage to survive Sugar Mountain's curse when it was shown he had already become part of the tree before Johnny traded for the bottle of wine with the last of the Nameless Men?
  • During the battle against Kira, there's the point where Josuke has to decide whether to risk healing an injured Okuyasu. Koichi conducts the bomb energies from Okuyasu into himself, but then Josuke heals him back to whole while he's in the middle of exploding. So why not just wait for Kira to blow up Okuyasu and do the same thing?
    • He wasn't sure he could pull it off, and the risks were too great.
      • He was afraid because If Okuyasu had been turned into a bomb, then Kira could have blown up Okuyasu and killed Josuke, and since Crazy Diamond can't heal Josuke.. yeah.
  • One thing that bugs me is near the beginning of the third "series", it's pretty much made very obvious that The World is connected to the other Joestar stands (Dio uses the power of Purple Hermit himself once), but when he's explaining his power, that connection isn't stated, and he's somehow surprised that Jotaro could stop time too. Given Dio's intelligence in the first section, this development doesn't seem to be very in-character.
    • Maybe The World is Dio's stand while the vine-like stand Dio was seen with earlier was Jonathan's?
      • That only raises more questions!
      • Maybe Dio thought, since his body was Jonathan's to begin with, that he also obtained a part of Jonathan's stand, which gave him the powers of the other living Jostar-stands. But since Jotaro never used Star Platinum's ability (since he didn't know about it), Dio probably thought, "So his power is Super-Strength and Speed. That makes my ability to stop time unique." So, it was a misunderstanding on his side. (Even Dio isn't without fail.)
    • Also, after turning into a vampire and spending a century underwater, Dio's personality might have changed somewhat.
      • That's something I hadn't considered before. I can accept that.
    • To be fair, Dio does target Jotaro first, and complains once Jotaro stops time that he can only do it because Joseph told him it was possible. He might have been counting on killing Jotaro before Jotaro figured it out.
  • Exactly WHAT happened at the end of the battle with Kira? Josuke and co have him on the ropes, so he uses his stand to reverse time and save himself, then... it cuts to Koichi going to Italy. Did I miss something?
    • Yes you did. It looks like the scanlation site you were using must have skipped a few chapters. There was a definite end to that battle, where Kira is stopped from detonating everyone who looked at him by Jotaro, before an ambulance runs Kira over, and he is dragged to hell in the Spirit World.
    • Probably the one thing I cannot understand about Jojo is right before this involving Kira's 'Bites the Dust' ability (which is admittedly really kind of cool and trippy). Kira had everyone right where he wanted them, and he even activates KQ's power, and then huge severing tears are shown on the gang for a panel. So what happens? Does he win, or?! Time resets!! But still we see him win... He. Won. Period.
    • He doesn't know who got killed. It isn't even clear if he knows that time did indeed reset (he seems to be able to deduct it from the way Koichi acts), so the only way to be sure was to wait until the repeat-death happens.
    • Notice the newspaper box behind Kira when he resets time. FORESHADOWING!!! Besides they know where he lives , time resets they go to Kira's house and kill him in 2 seconds.
  • What is Silver Chariots(NOT REQUIEM) Ability? I do understand why the abilities of JJBA 3:Stardust Crusader aren't as crazy and strange as the the ones of the other chapters (since Araki had to try things out). Hermit Purple has psychic visions in form of pictures, Magician Red controls Fire while The Fool has sand. Heck, even Hierophant Green has a similar ability as Stone Free (Jolyne Kujo's Stand). Only Jotaro's stand had also no abilities besides it's super strength (until the big fight with Dio). But Silver Chariot? He can ...stab ...things and lose it's own armor in favor of speed. No reality warping abilities like the other...just WHY?
    • Silver Chariot is just very fast. It doesn't have much power, it doesn't have any real magical abilities, and its only long-range ability is shooting the rapier tip. However, the stand can literally stab a beam of light when its armor is removed, and it is also very dexterous (Like Star Platinum).
      • Ahaaaaaaaa....Now that I remember: In the fight with Abdul, Silver Chariot could even cut the flames of Magician Red. That was actually pretty awesome...but that doesn't make his stand less lame. Well not much anyway...
    • Silver Chariot is also unique in regards to Stands because of its armour - it can be attacked, but if its armour isn't penetrated, Polnareff won't be hurt. This applies to its sword as well; notice, for instance, how Vanilla Ice's Cream swallows the sword's tip, but it doesn't hurt Polnareff's hands.
    • Star Platinum was pretty awesome before the time stop ability.
  • Just wondering...would Dio's plan in JJBA Part6: Stone Ocean work if they used Star Platinum instead of ZA WARUDO? Since both stands had the ability to stop time. IT COULD HAVE WORKED!
    • In theory yes, but Pucci couldn't find anyone strong enough to take in Star Platinum and that's a problem in and of itself. The main question is how Dio was planning to do it himself. Dio's plan required destroying The World without dying in the process(?), and then using the Bone to create the Green Baby so that he could reforge his stand. Unless Jotaro (or whoever else could hold SP's disc) conditioned themself to the 14 words and found a way to NOT die when breaking the Stand, using already broken The World and Dio's bone is so much easier.
      • Dio probably wasn't planning on having to destroy The World. The Bone would work well in case the World happened to be destroyed, but he could probably have enacted a similar transformation with the World intact
  • The way that Joseph lost the bet against the D'arby the Gambler. Which was based on not spilling water. When there's no evidence that stand users can necessarily see the Ripple energy and one of the things he learned to do when he first started training in Hamon was how to make water keep its shape even if you turn the glass upside down or break it. That... that really bugged me.
    • And then there was the problem with the Lovers trying to implant a Dio spore into the body of a preternaturally talented Ripple user. Come to think of it, the entire dearth of Ripples on Josef's part. Stands may be the only things that can harm other stands, but normal objects can at least block and distract them and I can't help but think that Hamon'd be really useful when dealing with the users. Stuff like the Jojo Crackers could have really helped improve his offensive game and the various water tricks would have been really helpful against Dark Blue Moon, Geb and D'arby, as well as possibly shielding him from Justice. And if he learned his mother's Ripple Hypnotism, he would have a much less complicated method for interrogating any captured stand users.
    • By his own admission, Joseph doesn't use Ripple much in Part 3 because he's out of practice.
      • Which doesn't really make sense since he has been hunting down a very dangerous opponent whose most easily exploitable weakness is the Ripple for the last three years, and he was using the Ripple even before he was trained and only took a few weeks of intense training to reach the level where he could fight a monster like AC/DC on relatively even grounds.
      • A few weeks of intense training using a magical pillar that might not even be standing any more.
      • Again, he had 3 years to practice, a good knowledge of the basics of the Ripple, and if necessary, the money needed to buy a submarine on short notice should be just fine for recreating the pillar of oil that had no notable magical properties. Especially since the Speedwagon Foundation is more than happy to help the Jojos in any way possible and know how to get in touch with the Ripple school.
      • He didn't need to eat, drink, or sleep when he was on the pillar of oil. It's magic.
    • I was also bothered a lot by it. Regardless of in-character reasons, it was jarring seeing the man who defeated AC/DC and Wham having such a hard time with some of the Stand users.
    • He had to be touching the water in some way to keep it from spilling, the water level was just so high that it was impossible to not spill on it's own.
    • I have always liked to pretend that Cars' final battle with Joseph collapsed one of his lungs. If you assume that, the fact he can use even a weak Ripple becomes amazing, and the fact that he never uses a strong one ceases to be annoying.
      • Joseph lost a forearm in that fight. He'd be bound to take it easy afterwards. And he's never been all that strong.
    • Joseph, for all his badassery, is established to be naturally lazy. He wasn't particularly ambitious in terms of ripple-use (he's never particularly powerful, even at his peak), and after the bullshit with the Pillar Men, huge recuperation time, and subsequent marriage, it's safe to assume that he was done with adventuring. Joseph as we see him in Stardust Crusaders still totes his sense of responsibility and competence that he learned in Battle Tendency, but he's still an old man reluctant to come out of retirement, even if he is pursuing Dio. He doesn't have to start being active until they reach Egypt.
    • It's important to note that the Pillar Men were a very different beast from Dio and the stand users. The Pillar Men, barring Kars, were extremely honorable and all of them, including Kars, had exploitable personalities that Joseph was able to empathize with very well. He had no preparation for Dio's antics or henchman, and never met Dio himself until the very end. Joseph never resorted to the Ripple as a first resort in the past, and always used it when manipulating the Pillar Men into openings. The Stands were too predatory and evasive for it. His very focused and opportunistic style likely just dulled inclination for the very disciplined Ripple in favor of the more fast and loose Hermit Purple.
  • In short, he did the smart thing and lived the good life for decades, and now that he wants to do the responsible thing, he's paying for it.
  • Okay, so how exactly is Steel Ball Run related to the main Jo Jo universe? Is it an alternate reality? Is it the new history that was created after Pucci's universe reset? Is it just happening at the same time as Part 1, but with characters that coincidentally have similar names? So confusing...
    • I'm pretty sure it's the new history after the universal reset.
  • Why does everyone keep the existence of Hamon, vampires, cyborgs, Stands, ghosts, and aliens hidden from the general public (at least in Parts 1-5; I haven't read Part 6 yet)? No one ever really gives a reason. There are obvious reasons why Passione doesn't tell the world about Stands, of course, but there's no real reason why the heroes of Parts 1-4 keep all the supernatural stuff a secret, and even less of a reason why some of the minor characters in Part 4 do so.
    • Only stand users can see stands, many just use this to their advantage, hamon like many other teachings is just not very known, plus is biggest power has been useless most of history.
  • How come we never see Jotaro's dad? Unless the scanlation I read just made stuff up, Sadao Kujo is alive and well, at least during part 3. Even if he is on tour, you'd think he'd at least visit his comatose wife in the hospital.
    • Maybe he did visit her, just not on-panel.
  • Not to rant on the obviously popular Stands, but why did they change the fighting system from The Ripple to Stands and pretty much make almost every supernatural thing (ghosts and aliens aside) due to stands when they already had vampires, pillar men, cyborgs, the already mentioned Ripple, ect. It feels like they had the foundations of a wild Fantasy Kitchen Sink in Parts 1 and 2, and severely toned it down in place of a Meta Origin.
    • Personally, while I liked the vampires and Pillar Men, I think the cyborg thing was pretty stupid. If the Axis Powers had that kind of technology, why didn't they use it to win the war? (The easy answer is "because it was impractical to mass-produce", but that doesn't explain the lack of cyborgs in the postwar world; see my point about The Masquerade above.)
    • This really doesn't answer the question. Why did they state that everything supernatural from part 3 onwards was a result of stands when they already had the foundations of a Fantasy Kitchen Sink?
    • Part 4 had ghosts and an alien. Isn't that enough?
      • I was just wondering why they got rid of the ripple that's all.
    • We don't know if the author wanted to end it at part 2 and start a new series with stands as the main point or something like that, but the ripple and creatures above humans (vampire, pillar men) already reached highest point in part 2.
    • As mentioned on the main page, Jojo at the time was usually compared to similar-enough manga, and tbh was almost continually trailing dead last in Jump's popularity polls (though that honestly never changed, even all the way to Part 6 it was doing badly popularity-wise in Jump despite have a very dedicated fanbase). The introduction of Stands is what really made the series popular, and far more importantly, unique.
  • If Notorious B.I.G./Carne's stand only activates upon death then how did he pass Polpo's test? Even if the arrow killed him to bear the new stand, how could Notorious B.I.G. disappear after passing Black Sabbath's trial? Also it wouldn't have made sense for Diavolo to instantly pick him as a part of his personal guard without actually knowing what he does. How could he have known?
    • This is just speculation, but maybe when Notorious BIG killed it's victims, Carne came back to life? We've seen Stands doing wierder stuff. Or maybe it was a positive version of Cheap Trick, which simply finds a new host when the old one dies.
    • He did not do the test with Polpo but with another boss. If he did he would have been in Giorno's gang.
  • What's the full story on the Ripple? Part 1 says Will Zeppeli first learned it in Tibet but Part 2 said it's an ancient tradition in Italy. (I think, will probably need to reread the whole thing again).
    • In SBR's alternative universe, the Spin is the Ripple's counterpart and it was used for medical purposes. In part 1, Jonathan gets his arm healed by the Ripple... and in SBR, Johnny' spine does get healed after learning how to use the Super Spin, after fighting D 4 C. Maybe this also meant that the Ripple was also used as such?
    • Well, Zeppeli is like 150 years old you know. 120 years is tradition all right. And how says this does not know all the facts because, well Zeppeli dies.
    • The pillar men said there were ripple before they went to sleep 2,000 years ago, and throughout history it has become an obscure practice.
  • It seems that everybody in SBR has at least some passing knowledge about the bible, seeing as everybody can make the connection between corpse parts and a saint. Still, if by the end of the series its quite obvious they belong to Jesus Christ, how come nobody asks just why are his body parts all over the U.S. if the bible states his death didn't quite take?
    • Because that death happened on another continent, the corpse parts are from his death after reviving and living out the rest of his life.
    • Quo Vadis??? It's in the bible man. Besides the idea is to unite west and east, saint corpses are a budist thing.
      • OP here. I know just how Jesus managed to get his body parts all over America, the narration makes that quite clear. Except nobody else knows, in-story.
  • In Phantom Blood, the man Dio tests the Stone Mask on "destroys his own bones and muscles" because the power unlocked within him is too strong to be contained by a human body. However, when Dio dons the Stone Mask, his body isn't damaged when he crushes bricks with his fingers and other superhuman feats. Why is he able to do so?
    • He uses it on an old man, where as Dio is not only in his prime, he's ripped. The Test doesn't get restored youth and vigor until he starts drinking Dio's blood, so it's possible his bones were simply too fragile to handle the force applied to them. While Dio drinks from 2 people immediately transforming.
    • Have you seen his Muscles? He is ripping out of his own clothes already. Also Fate!
    • But Dio has never punched anything so hard, that guy probably used too much force that even his body couldn't take it, or since he only did it seconds after transformation, it takes a little time for the transformation to be complete.
    • Maybe he does... and then heals himself. You know, due to having complete control over every part of his body.
  • In chapter three of Battle Tendency, Erina and Joseph tell Smokey about the history of their family. They tell him that Erina saved a child from a sinking ship, and that this child and her own son married and had Joseph together. Later on, near the end of the series, Lisa Lisa reveals to Joseph that she was the child that Erina saved from the sinking ship. How comes Joseph doesn't realise right away that this means Lisa Lisa is his mother?
    • Josef is clever not smart. And lucky. But foremost he isn't smart. Cesar on the other hand...
    • Gee, maybe he's a little distracted by FIGHTING WHAM at the time?
  • Why do most of the characters refer to their spirits as "Stands"? Jotaro does so after hearing Joseph referring to his as such, but Dio, J.geil, polnareff, etc.. etc.. weren't there to hear the term being invented. saying they got it from Dio just raises the question how he learned of it.
    • Joseph didn't invent the term, he probably learned it from Abdul. In fact, most Stand users from Part 3 have at least a passing knowledge of others (Abdul knew about Tower of Gray and aboout Devo's reputation, and Devo was aware that J. Geil, another professional assassin, had a Stand - though he didn't know what it was).
    • The Stand is a really really obscure mythology thing, it's like a spirit of death that stays beside you all your life and takes the shape of your ideas on life, this guys just can control them. It is something really old. They are called "hours" or Oras.
  • What does Magenta Magenta have in common with Cars other than their fates? The Jojo wiki lists him as the SBR world's equivalent to Cars, but I don't really see it.
    • Magenta and Wekapipo are the equivalent to Dire (Wekapipo) and Straitz(Magenta). Wekapipo uses a Zepelli technique , joins the heroes, and gets killed by Dio.
  • When did Hot Pants die? I think it was AU Hot Pants. The real one was left behind.
    • AU Hot Pants was returned to her world at the same time that the AU Dio with her was. The original Hot Pants died just as Lucy Steel developed her stand.
  • When Angelo killed Ryohei, why didn't Jotaro try to restart his heart like with Joseph Joestar at the end of Stardust Crusaders?
    • Most likely Angelo probably killed Ryohei and/or stopped Ryohei's heart too quickly and too fatally for Jotaro's Star Platinum to make a difference.
    • I don't think Star Platinum can pass through other Stand Users' bodies. No other Stand can do so, after all, unless it has that specific ability.
    • Except that was exactly what Star Platinum did to Joseph in order to restart his heart at the end of Part 3.
  • How much did the fight with Magenta and Wekapipo last? From the wolf it seemed it was just 3 minutes.
  • So, where did Stroheim get all those Mexican prisoners? Did his men just kick down the doors of some poor little village and drag people into cells with the intent of slaughtering them for Santana chow?
    • Considering that they seem to be a bunch of people of who know each other and are of varying ages (i.e. they weren't going to various places asking for teenage boys, for example), yes, I think that was the implication.
  • Speaking of Stroheim, why does he have a sight on his machine gun on his abs, where it would do no good, and would be redundant when he has one as a monocle?
  • Why is Johnny the only Joestar without a star-shaped birthmark?
    • This may be addressed in-universe in JoJolion.
      • He might have one, but it wasn't shown. I don't think Josuke (Part 4) was shown having one either

  • How did Cars manage to kill the other members of his race? They are only weak to sunlight and the ripple, but they can just turn to stone to avoid dying from the former and Cars couldn't use the latter until the end of Part 2.
    • It's possible that they can just die from enough abuse (for an example from another work, the supposedly invulnerable Superman was beaten to death) or there's some special Pillar Man poison, or something else.
    • Because of the stone masks. The Original pillar men were just extremely tough/strong long lived humanoids who couldn't survive under sunlight. All the body modification and absorbtion powers are a result of the use of a stone mask (they could only partially unlock a pillar man's potential without the stone of Aja, however).
  • Where do stand name come from?
    • They're assigned a name by someone, be it themselves or someone else (e.g. Avdol naming Star Platinum). There's more to imply that the user consciously decides to name his stand as opposed to instinctively knowing what its true name is.
      • However, what about the Tarot and Egyptian God series? They are specifically treated as being part of a set that had to do with their power. However, Anubis existed for centuries, long before any of the other Egyptian named ones, and how is it that while Stands have been around for so long, the Star card wasn't used until Jotaro?
    • A few other characters name their stands—Jolyne comes up with "Stone Free" on her own, and I think Pucci named "Stairway to Heaven". Some, like Spice Girl, name themselves.
  • Why Doesn't Rohan just use Heavens Door to see how Josuke is cheating?
    • Because he has occasional obsessive asshole tendencies.
    • Rohan is rich. He wouldn't care if he loses a couple of dollars to a teen.
    • Rohan's ego prevented him from taking the "easy" way out. He wanted to figure it out on his own.
  • Why don't they use Hermit Purple to track Yoshikage Kira when he disappears?
    • Part 4 Joseph may be too senile to summon his stand any more.
    • But he managed to use it to get a picture of Angelo and to capture Shizuka.
  • Why didn't Rohan force -or use Heaven's Door to command- Josuke to fix his house?
    • I actually thought about it and realized it would be too conspicuous.
  • Why didn't they take Shizuka to the police?
    • "Hi, I'd like to turn in this baby I found. Please ignore the fact that she may turn invisble at any given moment due to a spirit that she can't control. Also, don't cause any media attention, we like to keep spirits like this a secret. Wait, why am I being put in handcuffs?"
  • Where did Joseph get a dress from in the middle of the desert?
    • He made it from surrounding plants? He found it on the way? He was carrying around? Who knows.
    • Considering that he carries around grenades and a Tommy gun with him, a dress isn't out of the question.
    • Maybe the women working for the Germans were living nearby. Joseph found a dress somewhere in their camp/village/whatever, and "borrowed" it.
  • Okay, I want to know that which of Dio's two stands in Part III is Johnathan's? The unnamed Hermit Purple-like one, or The World? If it's the Hermit Purple-like one then it explains Joseph having it, if it's The World than it explains why Josuke's Crazy Diamond looks like it as well as Jotaro's time-stop ability and Star Platinum:The World. And the fact that Dio uses The World more doesn't count, because he is exactly the kind of person who would steal someone else's powers and justify it as being his(eg. Since Johnathan's body is now his body, his powers are now his)
    • The artbooks say that the Hermit Purple lookalike is Jonathan's stand. That said, the fact that Jotaro got Star Platinum would indicate that at least part of The World was also in the Joestar bloodline, so The World might have been fully brought out in combination with Dio's head and belong in part to both Jonathan and Dio.
    • Wait, so they share ZA WARUDO?
  • Can Dio use the Ripple in Part 3, due to getting Johnathan( a very powerful Ripple user's) body?
    • It's possible, but due to the fact Ripple is deadly to vampires Dio might be unable to use it.
      • The Ripple is channeled through breathing and respiration, when Jonathan got attacked with Dio's Space Ripper Stingy Eyes technique, Jonathan's Ripple had gotten severely weakened and strained. So when Jonathan died from his respiratory system being damaged, the Ripple within him died out with him. I doubt that even if he could, Dio can't used the Ripple because by beheading Jonathan, there would be compatibility issues and complications with using Jonathan's now broken respiratory system.
  • Can somebody please explain just what the Ripple is and what it can do? Attempts to do so before have been a bit confusing.
    • Extremely simplified, it's the power of life. It allows for manipulation of organic objects (plants, hair strand, etc), and it can transmit through objects, even inorganic ones like metal. Also it weakens/damages vampires/pillar men. It can also be used for manipulation of the body slightly (Zoom Punch for example. However it depends the ripple user breathing to work.
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