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Headscratchers: Jennifer's Body
  • Why does Low Shoulder believe Jennifer is a virgin just because she says so?
    • Well, the band discussed it during their performance in the bar, where the lead singer claimed he knew girls like her. They showed off and strutted their stuff but never actually did anything. Not to mention Needy overheard them talking and defended her friend by saying she was a virgin, which would be much better than sleeping with creeps like them.
    • He and the band are Too Dumb to Live . It's really that simple. Though they might not have read the fine text about what happens if you try the spell with a non-virgin. Otherwise squick or no they should have been hunting down some little six year old. What? Once you're making a deal with the devil that involves a human sacrifice I'm not buying that you have a whole lot in the way of morals.
  • Why did Jennifer go after Chip? I mean with the other 2 guys that made sense as one was an asshole and the other was hopelessly crushing on her.
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