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Headscratchers: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • In "The Gang Gets Held Hostage" Frank reaches behind his back to reach for his gun taped to his back. When, during crawling through the air vents, did he get access to duct tape and taped to his back?
    • Probably justified as part of the overall Die Hard parody.
    • Fridge Brilliance It's entirely possible that while crawling through an Air Duct, they found some Duct Tape. Especially considering Charlie isn't exactly the best handy man, a lot of broken things in the bar are probably fixed with duct tape.
  • In "Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead", Dennis and Dee's real father steals the gangs camera as proof that Dennis violated the terms under which he was given his mother's house. It seems like Dennis could have simply avoided losing the house by getting the camera back and destroying the tape. Why no one in the gang tried to get their camera back is beyond me.
    • Probably because even they know when attacking a guy would lead to more problems for them.
    • Despite all their bravado and show, everyone in the gang is a coward.
  • Dennis and Dee's real father is Bruce Mathis. Thus, they are not blood-related to Frank. Why is it, then, that Dennis is an Identical Grandson? Poppop specifically says that the reason they don't know about his war history is because of their "bastard father," which in context HEAVILY implies that Frank is his son.
    • Well unless it specifically stated Frank was his son, it doesn't exactly completely rule out that he wasn't. Plus Frank's character didn't even exist until season two, so little details like stuff early on in season one are liable to change as a quiet retcon.
    • Wasn't Pop Pop their mother's father? That's the impression I got. In that case, typical in-law animosity would explain his attitude toward Frank.
    • Confirmed in the eighth season premiere. Pop pop is indeed their maternal grandfather.
  • In "Mac and Charlie: White Trash", Mac and Charlie get stuck in an empty pool. So why didn't Mac give Charlie a boost over the edge? The pool was only about 8 or 9 feet deep, they could've easily gotten out that way. Or at least grabbed the mattress and dragged it back in.
    • It was a diving pool, those are at least twenty feet deep so people don't get paralyzed when they smash into the bottom.
    • Because they are very, very stupid.
  • When the gang gets mugged (for the second time) in "Hundred Dollar Baby" why don't they just run? They've got open space behind them and look to be in better condition than a methed out addict with a tiny knife. Hell, they knew running away would work (it did the first time), and even without leaving Dee behind as a decoy (which didn't seem intentional) they would've been fine.
    • Like it's been established before, they are all a bunch of idiotic, cowardly jerks.
  • In season one, Charlie is described as being in love with the Waitress "for months." Later episodes show that they went to school together (and the Reunion episode has Charlie mention that she was the prettiest girl in the school, implying an infatuation from early on). So why is Charlie's love of her so recent?
    • It's the gang. They probably didn't notice or really care until then. Dennis and Dee were at college for a while, presumably and Mac is self absorbed.
    • Maybe Charlie thought she was pretty in school, but didn't develop an actual crush on her until much more recently.
    • Also, in the episode "The waitress is getting married" the Waitress tells Dee that she sat next to her in school, but Dee doesn't remember, so they aren't the most observant bunch
    • Maybe it's all of the above somehow?
  • Mac (Rob McIlhenny) and Charlie (Charlie Day) are The Danza; why is Glenn Howerton not Glenn on the show?
    • Apparently he had more of a problem than the other two to being that connected to his character.
      • Good point. Of the three, Dennis comes off as the most villainous.
      • They might also have decided that Glenn didn't feel right for his character. Mac and Charlie fit the characters pretty well. Dennis doesn't feel like a Glenn.
      • They do, however, both contain "enn". It's a stretch, but it'll do.
      • Glenn Howerton has said outright that he wants to distance himself from the character of Dennis.
  • Is Frank still as wealthy as he was when he first entered the show. He was a successful businessman but he's mostly spent the last 6-7 years participating in unsuccessful schemes with the gang and doesn't seem poorer for it. He just paid $200 to Dee to suck the poison out of his head in the last episode (S 8 E 3), so he can still throw away money, I suppose.
    • Frank says that he's rich in "Charlie and Dee Find Love," so he's apparently still got a lot of his money left. Frank seems to have a lot of shady connections, so he's probably always grifting on the side.
    • Frank makes a good deal of dough in "Frank's Back in Business".
  • Why does Frank choose to live with Charlie if he has enough money to bail the gang out when they're in trouble?
    • He likes Charlie. And he ends up losing all of his money in "The Great Recession".
      • Frank gets his money back at the end of that episode. He lives with Charlie because he wants to live the gang's debauched lifestyle, scheming his way through life.
  • A minor question but in "The Gang Gives Back" why is Charlie running around blocking shots and everything and being such an awful referee?
    • This could probably be attributed to him being quite drunk, and angry at all of his friends and the Waitress
    • Because he wants to show the Waitress how much damage she's done by ceasing to be his sponsor in favor of pining over Dennis.
  • Rickey Cricket can join the priesthood any time he wants, right? If he quits because he's in love with a girl and doesn't do anything about it or consumate that relationship, I'm pretty sure he's not in trouble. The priesthood even takes people who had sex before taking a vow of celibacy.
    • He implies in the episode where he first leaves the priesthood, that he left in such a way that he would never be allowed back.
  • Did Bruce Mathis completely lose interest in his kids? As far as I know, they're only crime was not wanting to be in an air-conditioned room with a bunch of terminally ill kids that they had little or no instructions on as for how to help. Also how good could Bruce Mathis have been if he had sex with a married woman. I presume he might have known about it all this time if he independently messaged Sweet Dee anyway.
    • After the events of "Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead" I'm pretty sure he doesn't want anything to do with them. Would you?
  • Why hasn't Charlie been arrested? I mean I know he's supposed to be a downplayed Token Good Teammate who's not really good per-say, but the least immoral one in the group. But he's been stalking the waitress for a long time & she hates him for being so obsessed with her. Why doesn't she call the police or try to get a restraining order? I know it's probably hard to get a stalker arrested in certain situations. Though he obviously knows where she lives and makes no secret of the fact that he's stalking her and I'm pretty sure the lawyer (which they used to see) would love to help her out.
    • In the episode the D.E.N.N.I.S. System, she begins to call the police when she finds Charlie in her apartment destroying her sink (or "fixing it" as he claims), citing numerous restraining orders against him. Unfortunately, he mentions Dennis, and she gets Distracted by the Sexy.
      • Totally forgot about that, thanks.
    • Also throw in the waitress' behaviour during her frequent falls off the wagon.

  • Why is Frank's hair black if Danny DeVitto's hair as of a Season 9 TV interview I just saw was white. Frank is likely as old as Danny DeVitto, so why go through the trouble of dying his hair?

  • How did Country Mac die in Mac Day? The motorcycle was going 5 miles an hour?
    • It seems he just tilted over drunk and cracked his head open on the asphalt.

  • In "The Gang Gets Held Hostage", Margaret is revealed to be a deaf mute. But in "Who Got Dee Pregnant?", the McPoyle brothers tell Mac to call her. My question is: Why are they telling him to call her, if it's impossible to communicate with her over the phone?
    • One of her brothers would probably pick up and be a very creepy middleman.
  • In "Flowers for Charlie" could the experimenters have been any more insensitive or any bigger jerks? Was there any delicacy to try to portray behavioral scientists as ethical?
    • I don't know. But if I had to guess, it's probably due to Rule of Funny, especially since it's kind of a Sadist Show. Or he could have saw how Charlie treated everyone when he thought he was smarter than them and thought he needed to be taken down a peg. I mean, the dude did rag on him a bit for thinking he was suddenly too good for a woman he spent years pining for. It's debatable whether Charlie really deserved that (especially since he's the one who caused it), but it's possible.

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