Headscratchers: I Know What You Did Last Summer

The sequel titles.
If the first one (1997) was I Know What You Did Last Summer, then the second (1998) should've been I Still Know What You Did Two Summers Ago, and the third something like I'll Always Know What You Did Three...Um, '96 Was It? Yeah, Three Summers Ago.
  • The execs apparently gave a pretty weak BS response to people questioning the title of the second, and as for the third, it had Willis going after new characters, who were unrelated to the events of the first two.
  • Well technically at the end of the first film Julie and Ray "killed" Willis again and covered up the reason he was stalking them. So he could very well be mad about that particular summer rather than the original summer, so it's still "last summer". As for the third film, as someone already stated he's stalking and killing a new group of people for what they did their own previous summer ago.

What Happened to the Mouse? So what happened to Julie at the end of the second film? Going by the third film, I'm guessing it was Zombie!Ben who attacked her, but did Julie survive? And Ray, for that matter?
  • We have no real way of knowing their fate unless another sequel or Word of God addresses it.

The tanning bed.
So, Julie's trapped in a tanning bed in the second film. Very quickly, four people come to the rescue. They eventually use a blunt object(?!) to break the ziptie holding the halves of the tanning bed in place after some struggling and a lot of writhing around from Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Nobody bothered to reach over to the wall and unplug the bed?
  • Panic-induced stupidity?

Max's death.
Why was Max killed in the first movie? I can see why Elsa and the police officer were killed as they were between the killer and a victim but Max wasn't. He had nothing to do with the accident and leaving the Fisherman for dead either, so there was no apparent reason for killing him.
  • Word of God says that Max was killed off to show that the killer was a real threat to the protagonists. It was added in re-shoots. If you notice, no one in the film actually dies until Barry at the pageant without it. Max's death adds that suspense. In-universe, it's sort of implied that the killer followed the kids to the pier and took pictures of them there. Being a fisherman himself, it's likely he witnessed the argument between Barry and Max and guessed Max was there on the night too. He might have thought he was in on the plan too and killed him like he was planning to do to the others. Alternately he knew Max was Julie's friend and so killed him to torture her.

Will was on the boat!
This theory sort of explains two things for me. 1) How Ben survives his one-handed water excursion and 2) his son Will's intense crazy in the sequel. Will was on the boat during the climax of the first film. He followed his father's instructions to stay hidden, only to abandon ship when his father went under. So he witnessed everything that happened between Julie, Ray and his dad- and then he rescued his dad from certain death. Once safely away from the murder scene, they plot their revenge/the sequel.