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Headscratchers: Hunter Hunter
  • How did the Hunters' Guild get so much political power? Entire sections of the world are closed off to non-members, most public services are expected to cater to them for free, they can organize for violent criminals to be released from prison under only their supervision, and they can kill people with no legal repercussions. Something's fishy about this bunch.
    • Would YOU like to be the one to tell people like Netero "No"?
      • This. If you take every instance of "Hunter" in the series, and replace it with "Certified Badass", it might be a bit awkwardly worded, but it wouldn't change the meaning of the story at all. You can be a Badass without being a Hunter, of course, but only the Hunters' Association can certify you as one.
    • Probably lots and lots and LOTS of things like donations, rewards for jobs like monster/criminal extermination, etc. The insanely powerful hunters provide a LOT of benefits for normal people, so naturally, rewards for such work is probably expected or offered. And as mentioned above, you want these people to stay happy. Because God help you if you piss them off, or even just annoy them.
    • Depending on how many hunters are like Gon mentally, only a few of significant power will due, closing yourself off to them would be like an open calling card and challenge to get into said area.
    • It's pretty obvious that Hx H-world politics don't work quite like they do in what we laughingly call the 'real world'... examples like the Neo Green Life/League and Ryuusegai, the Underground Auctions in York Shin (which happen annually at the same time as the regular auctions), the Hunters Exam itself... none of that would quite work in the real world.
    • Not to mention that the "restricted" parts of the world are either too dangerous or too delicate for normal people to enter, they probably have a controlling interest in the companies that sponsor those public services, what kind of prisoner would be dangerous to a hunter and what kind of person who was dangerous to a hunter would become a prisoner, and it's not like they can kill just anybody without legal repurcussions, just guys with bounties
      • No, when talking to Netero about his reasons for taking the Hunter Exam, Hisoka says "Even if we kill someone, we're out of most of the responsibility..." Nothing about bounties in that statement. To answer the original issue, considering that Hunters are Nen users, and presuming that one in five is strong in Manipulation, you have a group of people who can run the world from the shadows very easily.
      • True, although "most of the responsibility" is very vague.
      • My guess is that they assumed that if you go over the line way too many times, more people will pay other hunters to go after you, solving the problem and in a way keeping you in line. That's why no matter if you are the leader of the most fearsome mafia, you don't to go bullying every other organization, difference in number is difference in number.
      • It's later find out that a kill here and there wont be a problem but by hunter law you'll be pursued if you abuse the rule as Illumi did.
    • It's kinda like Hunters are so badass that the rules of society don't really apply to them, anything they want they have the power and force to take it themselves if they wanted to, whether it be getting into dangerous areas or all kinds of services that require a fee for normal folk. Essentially the Hunter status is a way of skipping all of the potential damage they may cause by giving them free rein to achieve whatever they want without the restrictions that normal people face.
      • Politics can't exactly function normally in a world where some people have superpowers. Some hunters like the examiners or Wing are at least seen trying to seep nen a secret from the general public, which is technically good because anyone could theoretically learn how to use it. For the association, it's probably also also a matter of having superior power, but it's still the difference between giving a few people power, teaching them how to use it and hoping they won't brake anything too important, and giving everyone power and letting it all go to hell. The second option would probably render whatever law they have over in their world obsolete.
    • When Satotsu was giving Gon his license after Hunter Exam was over, he explained that Hunters were given all of those advantages because of the good their predecessors did in the past.
  • How come his family says that Killua is the heir to the family business and one of their most talented when Kalluto has full control over his nen abilities at an age Killua didn't even know nen existed?
    • Nen isn't the only indicator of skill. Recalling Killua's past battles, it seems that, compared to Kalluto, Killua's Weak, but Skilled enough to be better than him.
    • Killua manages missions of the same difficulty without benefit of Nen at all. That makes him even more awesome. Perhaps it's what his mother was worried about - with Nen added on, he would be even more impossible to control.
    • Kalluto just got the knowledge of the existence of nen earlier somehow, there is nothing that says you need a certain level of power to use nen, Killia could had learned nen earlier if someone else would had told or attack him with it, and with his alleged skill he would had been more skilled than Kalluto at that age (10 I think)had they learned about it at the same age.
    • It's said that as the heir Killua is given a more severe training. He said that they made him participate in the Heaven's Tower but he left before the 200, so they probably wanted him to learn nen the hard way (by baptism) than more safely like they probably did with Kalluto.
  • Why do all the folks with machine guns fire from the waist?
    • They're gangsta.
    • I dont think this is that uncommon in the real world. If you're firing full auto you need to compensate for recoil somehow.
  • The Hunter exam proctors seem dangerously homicidal. Leading them on a jog through a man-eating plant jungle? What's the point?
    • Some Hunters will end up doing this for a living. Also, they need to weed out the homicidal candidates (except for Hisoka, obv.) because being a Hunter means massive, almost above-the-law power.
    • When you look at all the things and people they have gone through after the exam, what would be the point of giving a hunter lisence to someone who can't deal with a measily man-eating plant. They would be dead on their first job.
    • This actually becomes a plot point much later on, as some of the higher ranking hunters want to reform the Hunter exams to prevent unnecessary deaths.
  • What in blazes is wrong with Yoshihiro Togashi and his absurdly long breaks? If he doesn't want to draw manga anymore, why doesn't he just say so? He can afford to retire, as he has already achieved celebrity status among manga artists, won the Tezuka Prize, and is one of the handful of illustrators actually getting a large income. It would certainly be better than futilely waiting for a story that the author doesn't want to finish.
    • I don't think that's the issue. He wants to keep doing Hx H, that's obvious. He's just lazy and already pretty well-off. Here's the thing, with YYH, he was 25 and single, he had all the time in the world to dedicate to his career (even if it all went to crap after the Dark Tournament, but I digress). Today? He's 46 with a wife and 2 kids. I think it's a combination of general laziness, wanting to spend more time with his family, spending more time developing the story, and being a bit burnt out on the whole weekly grind (Which means about 5 full-fledged pages a day). I've also heard he travels a lot, which can hinder progress. Also there's the thing about his health (EVERY. SINGLE. MANGAKA. HAS. HEALTH. ISSUES. It's tough work schedule and involved a lot of sitting for hours on end and rapid hand motions, and eye strains etc.). Also, he may to taking advantage of the fact that his editors will ALWAYS welcome him back with open arms.
      • Also the fact that due to some experiences in the pass he has decided to everything on his own.
      • Well, whatever it was, he's pretty much over it, it appears.
  • How can Shalnark be a licensed Hunter if everyone who comes from Meteor City(like the rest of the Genei Ryodan) aren't registered anywhere?
    • Only the original six members (Chrollo/Kuroro, Feitan, Franklin, Machi, Nobunaga, Pakunoda, and Uvogin.) came from meteor city.
    • His DNA wasn't on file (remember, he was one of the fake corpses the Mafia got their hands on) meaning that he is from Meteor City. As for the hunter license: he could have stolen it or registered under an assumed identity.
    • She materializes a revolver, she could only shot 6 bullets (which she said is the same number as the founding members). She is a founding member herself yet is not taking a bullet, throwing the number off, given that Shalnark is the smartest member so that may be the possibility she picked him.
    • He is a thief after all he probably stole it. Considering his ability he could have made the original owner tell him everything about it's use.
    • Most likely, they just give the Hunter License at the end of the exam to everyone who finishes regardless of personal records. I think that each License is tied to the user's nen-signature/nen-thumbprint (even if they're not nen-capable yet, they can still give one off). This would explain why Hunter perks are unusable to anyone except the original carrier, yet Illumi could use "Gittarackur's" license for his assignment. They don't need personal records because that signature/thumbprint is all the proof they need of your identity. You can see that Shalnark is officially licensed and obtained it legitimately as he was required to vote for the 13th chairman—otherwise, they wouldn't have given him the obligation.
  • When Killua returns from Greed Island to do the Hunter Exam for the second time, why does he knock out Zepile? That guy helped them get enough money to get to greed island and got Gon enough money to get his hunter license back.
    • He probably wanted to be back ASAP, and even one contestant could risk a second round. Nothing is lost by failing the Hunter Exam, so Zepile could always try again next time.
    • Killua also apologized to Zepile, recognizing him immediately and doing a quick knock-out. Killua likely figured Zepile wouldn't take it so hard and will try again later. Zepile is capable enough to have reached the exam, and he isn't dead (as far as we know).
  • How the characters manage to see anything in the middle of the night, in a pitch black forest, during the prelude to the first Hunter Exam.
    • It's a shonen manga, you can just chalk it up to Charles Atlas Superpower.
    • Leorio stayed behind and Kurapika followed Gon, who's spend most of his life in the wild.
    • Kurapika and Gon are both established as having more-than-human senses before that, in the manga at least. And at one point in the old anime Gon explained that the path to his home in Whale Island got really dark at night.
  • The hunter exam is incredibly risky and we see applicants being killed left and right, and not just because it's a special year with creepy people like Hisoka and Illumi attending, but also because of random obstacles like monsters, or animals, or whatever they are supposed to be. So basically, most aren't anywhere near the level that it takes to actually become a hunter. Did they actually survive a previous attempt? I'm inclined to believe that they actually were rookies and just not important enough to mention, but there's nothing in canon to back it up (the manga and all the adaptations kinda are kinda mashed in my head, but I think it was stated somewhere that there were only about 20 rookies that time.)
    • The first part of Satotzu's test was just running in a tunnel, many failed to do just that. It's possible that many of the ones that died in the second half of the first test and the second attempt at the second test just failed on a very early and yet not lethal part the previous year's exam. The sushi test wasn't life threatening either.
  • How did Killua recognize Zeno's Dragon Dive? Since its a nen attack he couldn't have seen when he was kid since it would be invisible. So it means that he saw the attack after he learned nen, but the places he went to after learning nen was Yorkshin,Greed Island, then the Chimera Ant Island. So when did he meet Zeno?
    • Perhaps Zeno or Silva had told Killua about what he's capable of, and Killua recognized Dragon Drive based on his descriptions.
    • Dragon Dive is a pretty obvious/physically visible attack, isn't it? Perhaps Killua has seen it before, but without the Nen aura.
      • It's also a Transformation ability, and i'm fairly sure that if you haven't learned Nen everything from emission and transformation is invisible.
  • Is Risky Dice time-based or event-based? If it's time-based, what prevents people from stockpiling Risky Dice (we see Gon do it, so it's possible), then using Risky Dice on Risky Dice and Return between missions that require it to get as many of them over with before the initial Risky Dice loses its effect?
    • It seems to be event based. There was a part where Gensuru kidnapped a player and made him roll Risky Dice. The player used Lottery once to get a random card and when he got the wrong one they didn't make him use another Lottery which seems to indicate that Risky Dice is event based.
  • Ok, so after each Exam, those people who made it through and became new Hunters are let out into the world, but the Hunters Association sends people after them to make sure they all learn Nen. Ok, but why are the levels of teaching so absurdly different? Kurapika is able to perform a full Hatsu after the Heavens Arena arc, while Gon and Killua only got as far as Ren and Gyo, and Leorio was only taught Ten. In fact, Leorio was lied to by his teacher, since he mistakenly believes Ten and Nen to be synonymous. This puts Kurapika's combat power head and shoulders above the rest of the main characters. Why weren't all of them given the same level of teaching that Kurapika recieved?
    • Actually, there may be a bit of Fridge Brilliance to it. It's all about resolve; Kurapika's end goal is to defeat the Ryodan and get the scarlet eyes, he NEEDS Nen for that first one and if resolve was money, he'd be swimming in it like an anthropomorphic duck. Killua and Gon also learned Nen, but not to the extent of Kurapika, because Nen is not completely necessary for their goal, Gon wants to find his father and Killua just wants to tag along. They are also Nen prodigies. Now if you look at Leorio, he has one goal, to become a doctor by gaining a lot of money, there is absolutely no Nen training necessary for this goal. Now look at it from the perspective of their teachers. Kurapika basically forced her teacher to divulge information, Wing taught Gon and Killua because otherwise they would have been killed in the Heavenly Tower and while we haven't seen Leorios teacher one can assume that he sensed the lack of resolve in him and just trained him in Ten to get rid of him. You can also see it as the teachers holding back the Nen knowledge to see how much their students want it.
    • Kurapika also was hasty, Gon and Killua weren't in any rush to learn hatsu, in fact Gon only asked Wing for tips and ideas when they wanted to take the test to go to Greed Island. There's also the fact that Kurapika has an understanding of it and it's helped by his scarlet eyes but he doesn't have the same level of skill and mastery that Gon and Killua have.
  • This may be built upon a misunderstanding, but it always bothered me that In a world practically run by mobsters and mercenaries (no matter how wacky those mercenaries may be) how are we suppose to view the Phantom Troupe as the Big Bad of the series? So far they've only done one real evil thing in the series and even there it seems like the world is largely fine with it, I mean the eyes of the Kurata are so for a high price in a well publicized market event for bigwigs to buy, and the main conflict of that whole arc was pretty much about one group of people trying to steal back what another group of people stole back after they stole them from another group of people so it's not like they are immoral par the world they live in. Hell if Kurapika died no one would care at all about the genocide of an entire ethnic group. It's not even like this is used to further Kurapika's character or how F'd up this world is we're just suppose to know these guys are bad because they did that, which seems a little like lazy writing on Togashi's part.
    • I wouldn't peg them as the Big Bad, they may have started in that role for the York Shin arc, but they were more Anti-Heroes (loosely) in the Chimera Arc. Even then, having them as the big bad doesn't mean they have to be the cliche shonen big bads that want to destroy the world. Kurapika has a personal vendetta against them and Gon, Killua and Leorio are with him. So to the group the Ryodan are the designated villains by way of the other 3 not having their own villain(s), Hisoka excluded.
  • Now, from what I can recall, Greed Island is intended for Hunters only (though I'm sure other nen-enabled people have gotten in, as there seems to be more players than registered Hunters). Every Hunter is supposed to vote in the elections for th 13th chairman. However, not everyone on Greed Island can leave. Far from it. Chances are there are a number of Hunters (more than 5% of the world's Hunters, I'd bet, looking at the sheer number of players) who cannot leave Greed Island and thus cannot come to the Hunters Association HQ building to cast their votes. So what happens in cases like these? Do the election task force people come to Greed Island with special permission (I'm guessing Ging is a task force member and thus can get special permission) and allow them to cast absentee ballots?
    • There's probably an in-game event. Probably something that spawns Voting Ballots in every major city and lets every Hunter in the game vote.
    • I'd always presumed the game on Greed Island was set up to have only one winner (or team of winners). Gon, Killua and Biscuit won, and Dwun gave them the prize. I think that after that, the game was over, and everyone left — presumably with free 'Leave's or open access to the dock. The alternative — keeping the game open indefinitely and giving permanent prizes to all the other eventual winners — seems utterly impractical. (It's also worth noting that Dwun, List and Razor were all seen in the voting montage in volume 30, so at minimum Greed Island would have been understaffed at that point. And we also saw several of the other players there.)

  • The googling-for-a-location segment in the movie. How many mountains with perfectly round holes in them does Hx Hverse have?!
    • Apparently a lot.

  • How was Kite reborn as a Chimera Ant? He was killed by Nerfpitou while the Queen was still active, but his body wasn't fed to the queen, it was reanimated by Pitou — and then Knov and Morel captured his reanimated body using Shoot's nen ability. In fact, Kite's reanimated corpse was still "available" by the time Gon finally had his rematch with Pitou. So when did Kite get eaten by the Queen and reincarnated as a Chimera Ant offspring? Or did something else happen that I'm completely missing? Kite being the reborn baby ant doesn't make sense because he hadn't been eaten yet when the baby was born.
    • The Queen didn't eat the whole body, just the brain. Neferpitou told the king that the "tastiest" part of a human is their brain and the tastiest humans are nen-users. So, while she wanted to keep Kite as a training dummy she didn't need a brain for that.
      • That's not entirely impossible, though it's never explicitly stated. On the one hand, removing his brain while leaving his eyes both still attached as well as functional, seems both very difficult and very unlikely, simply due to the nature of the connection between the two. On the other hand, Nen.
  • From the Greed Island arc. Genthru aka the "Bomber" makes this big event of explaining his powers and that explaining said powers is the key to activating them. So why is the guy who was blown up at the beginning of the arc in order to introduce the bomber not running around telling people who the bomber is instead of just standing around. Furthermore, if the powers of all three "Bombers" are the same and the single person they are pretending to be is so notorious how has no one figured out the identity of any of them and that there is more than one bomber.
    • Explanation of the powers was only necessary for the time bombs. He was obviously around and used small bombs on the guy that only require touch.
      • But it was in the middle of a freaking town and furthermore Genthru says that "Little Flower" isn't strong enough to kill someone the way that guy was killed.
  • Can anyone fully explain how this whole Dark Continent politics thing is occurring? Over the recent chapters I'm more and more confused about WHY anyone is doing anything; especially the Zodiac, who in one chapter are meant to stop Beyond, and then several chapters later seem to want Leorio and Kurapika to join them on this voyage. Similarly, Pariston and Ging are looking to go, but I think it's implied they're a third group? Can anyone give me as concise an answer as possible?

  • The Miniature Rose. How does humanity still exist in any meaningful fashion? It's a Fantastic Nuke that's cheap to mass-produce, delivers a lethal bioweapon explicitly stated to be perfect for making long chains of victims due to how long it takes for symptoms more serious than a nosebleed to show up, and is small enough to implant in someone's chest cavity on a deadman's switch detonator. 80% of the countries in the world refused to ban it because then they wouldn't be able to use the ones they already have. Even disregarding that there's implied to be a worse version, how has this "poor man's" version alone not resulted in a combination of politics and terrorism entirely wiping out humanity? Why is 99% of the world so terrified of calamities from the Dark Continent, but only 20% of it is concerned about these things?
    • How come none of the bunch of people who were standing next to Pouf when he collapsed and died got infected?
  • During the last round of the Hunter Exam, how come it was declared that Gon would be disqualified if Leorio or Kurapika interfered with his fight with Hanzo, but when Killua killed the person Leorio was going to fight, Killua was disqualified and Leorio passed?

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