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Headscratchers: How I Became Yours

  • Why would someone decide to piece a letter back together if it was torn to pieces? Hell, why didn't Mai throw the pieces/letters out, or, hell, burn them, instead of just apparently keeping them in her room somewhere?
    • Apparently Mai was keeping letters that were mandated by Fire Nation law to go through to Zuko, so it makes some sense that Iroh would go to the trouble to put them back together. Why Mai didn't burn the letters, no clue at all.
  • Something that just bugs me about the sequel that just bugs me: If the author's intent was to create a Fix Fic to hook up Zuko and Katara, Azula and Sokka, and Toph and Aang—all while making Mai as evil as possible—then why would she have said pairings killed off in the sequel? Unless she plans on some epic twist where it turns out they're actually alive, or just hiding as some sort of test of courage for their children, or their children bring them back from the spirit world like how Azula was brought back...there's something about this that just doesn't bode.
    • Maybe it's following what the Legend of Korra is doing.
    • But she started writing this before Legend of Korra was announced...
    • There's a difference between making a Time Skip so large that virtually all of the original cast except for Katara has died of old age, if not other causes, and killing off the pairings before they reach middle age.
    • Either she thought it would be suitably dramatic, or she had planned on some sort of Deus ex Machina way to bring them back, presumably after the kids killed Mai and Sho.
  • Something about the sequel has been nagging at me (perhaps a separate JBM page is in order?): If the boy of Zutara is aiming to be fire lord, why is he a waterbender?
  • Does anyone know where this comic can be found? Anywhere at all?
  • Why was Sho in only one chapter? I mean, here's this Bad Ass villain, complete with muscles out the wazoo, awesome ninja skillz that allow him to do a flip when Sokka was only allowed to stand en guarde, and the ability to pull off Villain Teleportation...and she doesn't use him again until the sequel. Come on! This guy needs a sympathetic backstory and more Draco in Leather Pants than you can shake a leg at! And Diaz calls herself an ''Avatar'' fan...
    • Ensemble Darkhorse my friend. The author didn't care about him enough to feature him more. Hopefully, he'll play a bigger role in the sequel.
  • So Mai causes Katara to miscarry by sending her poisoned fruit. Ron the Death Eater treatment aside, how exactly is that supposed to work? I can buy Azula nearly dying from a poisoned-laced knife, but how exactly would she accomplish poisoning fruit to induce a miscarriage? And Katara was what, five or six months along when it happened? Would it somehow trigger premature labour or placental abruption, or...or...I don't know, something?
    • Was it explicitly poison that caused the miscarriage? In the real world, some drugs are known to be linked to increased likelihood of miscarriage. There are probably some that are strong enough to guarantee miscarriage, as long as you're not overly concerned about the health of the mother. The author might have gotten the name of the poison wrong, but it's not an unbelievable scenario.
    • Even if we could buy that, would that kind of poison be found or discovered at that point in the source material's setting and for that particular purpose? And in a kid's show, they certainly wouldn't be bringing up THAT.
      • Women have been using various herbs to induce abortions for centuries, for the exact same reasons why women have abortions today. Hell, there's evidence that the silphium plant went extinct because of sheer overuse of its contraceptive properties. All Mai had to do was find a plant with said properties, lace the fruit with it, and there you go.
      • It's not as common as miscarrying during the early months but it is possible for a woman to miscarry at six months(actually because the baby would've been mostly developed by six months,Katara had a stillbirth not a miscarrige)and can be caused by several things including the mother ingesting certain drugs or being exposed to certain toxins(I actually stumbled upon a news blurb about a doctor who tried to secretly give his mistress a miscarrige by spiking her drinks with crushed up methotrexate,a drug used for treating Cancer and rheumatoid arthritis)so it's not that far fetched. Okay Katara miscarrying immidiately after taking one bite is but at least the symptoms(pain and vaginal bleeding)were correct.
  • How can Azula feel remorse for crimes she doesn't even remember? As far as she knows, Sokka is just a lunatic screaming at random bystanders.
  • I know this comic isn't very faithful to canon, but why was Ozai executed? Zuko's last scene with him had the implication that he would be in prison for the rest of his life, and he's still alive in The Promise.
    • Apparently this version of Zuko's a lot more violent than his canon counterpart. He did shove his wife to the floor for the grave sin of hiding letters from his mistress.
    • Given that Aang went through all that trouble to not kill Ozai, having him executed would be a big slap in the face.

  • Where did Ursa come from? She just kind of pops up out nowhere.

  • Who was running the Fire nation while Zuko was hanging around Toph's estate and Mai was off making evil plans?

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