Headscratchers / Heroes Niki Jessica And Tracy

So, apparently Nikki, Tracy, and someone named Barbara are triplets...
Have the writers forgotten that Nikki already had a twin sister? If Nikki was one of a set of triplets given up for adoption to separate families, then where the heck did the original Jessica come from?
  • Word of God says that Jessica is two years older than Nikki. So she would not be the third triplet.
  • And seriously, identical triplets? I can't decide if that's better or worse than identical cousins.
  • Like identical twins, identical triplets do happen. The real headscratcher is wondering why, if Abilities are genetically determined, Nikki and Tracy (who should share identical DNA) exhibited entirely different powers.
    • Their powers are artificial. Formula powers work somewhat different than real ones.

Why didn't Abby Collins (aka The Money woman from Homeland Security) get Tracy out of Nathan's clutches right away?

Granting that a certain amount of legalese probably has to dealt with in this kind of situation in Real Life and granting that certain allowances have to be made to keep Nathan from being brought down this early in the Season... you come across a woman being chained up and tortured, you get her unchained and get her out of there. She was Nathan's boss. She could easily have pulled rank, ordered the soldiers to unchain Tracy and then gotten her out of there to get charges filed. So why did she leave to go get the paperwork to shut down the whole operation first, leaving the helpless and - as far as she was concerned - completely innocent woman alone with her captors, giving them time enough to kill Tracy to hide the evidence or relocate her somewhere else? Awful Lawful?
  • God, yes. That was almost a Tear Jerker—she says she's determined to help her, and walks out of the room, while Tracy's still crying out pitifully for her.
  • While yes, Abby could have done the things you say, she would have been a complete moron to do so. She is in a building (or on a floor at least) where everyone believes in, and agrees with, the treatment of a prisoner. She's not going to get anywhere ordering the release of the prisoner. No one would seriously listen to her. Not without a written order, and an acceptance of the order by Nathan (or, more likely, Danko). What other option would she have? Free the prisoner herself? She would not make it farther than the exit of that room. And not only would they take down Tracy fast, they would have her arrested for aiding a prisoner's escape (cameras showing her loosening the restraints). Eventually, she may have gotten released (Tracy wouldn't, she'd have 'disappeared' by then), but it would have likely taken days. Whereas, she can leave, go to her office, get the documents she needs, and be back within hours to help Tracy.

How does Tracy-Imprisoned go to the bathroom?
Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Same way regular Tracy does, it comes out frozen.

Why did Tracy murder that security guard when she escaped?
Holding him captive with her freezing powers is understandable, but killing him? Didn't she feel extremely guilty when she accidentally killed a much more annoying news reporter? it seems like the writers just broke her character so Danko could prove his point
  • Honestly, this troper wants to add what she did in the What an Idiot! section. She could have WAITED 2 or 3 hours for Homeland Security to shut Nathan down and for her to escape, but no. She decided to take a chance and use the Shmuck Bait that Danko placed for her KNOWING FULLY WELL WHAT IT WAS, killing a security guard in front of Abby Collins, and wasted any chance of her getting out and stopping Nathan. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.

How did Tracy get back to The Company base in New York so quickly?
In "It's Coming", she was with Arthur's team in California. This week, in "The Eclipse, Part One", we only see her briefly in Angela's office in New York, making a call to Arthur about where Nathan is going and asking where she should go next. Thing is, Nathan and Peter left for Haiti straight from the Company base. So the most obvious solution - Nathan gave her a lift and told her his plans - doesn't work.
  • You'd also think, if she's playing double agent, she'd have more sense than to contact her real boss inside the Company's base, in the boss's office.