Headscratchers / Heroes Kaito

When the figure in the hoodie came after Kaito Nakamura, he said, "out of all of them, I never thought it would be you."
Recent Word of God tells us that the figure was actually Adam Monroe... who wanted to unleash plagues upon the world, and had been fighting against Kaito (as well as his allies, Bob and Charles Deveraux) for the past several years. Why would Kaito expect anyone except Adam to be the one?
  • Because Adam's supposed to be locked up. I imagine he thought he'd be killed by an Adam goon, rather than Adam himself.
    • Also, given the numerous years The Company's been destroying lives, and given the numerous enemies within The Company Kaito must've made (Mama Petrelli, doesn't seem particularly enamoured with him, and I don't think Maury was incapacitated at that point, if I remember correctly), Adam seems positively unpredictable in comparison.
      • Strange, a lot of people got the impression that Angela Petrelli and Kaito Nakamura were very close, to judge by comments on internet forums, even suggesting that she might have had a love affair with him. When Angela found the ripped up photo with the symbol scrawled over her own picture, she went straight to Kaito.
      • The love affair thing is actually canonical; there's a scene in season 2 where Angela's being interrogated about Kaito's death and she's asked if she'd ever slept with him, and she responds "Not for years" or something like that.

Why doesn't Kaito Nakamura believe in changing destiny, given that he was recently involved in averting the fate of the entire city of New York?
  • Because Kaito never saw the New York explosion happen, so it was easier for him to ignore the implications of stopping it from going off - when he saw his own funeral and what his own personal timeline held, he realised how living would disturb the future. Alternatively, he just wants to die and be with his wife, and now that he knows his son is a superhero and his daughter is a brilliant businesswoman he doesn't have to worry about that aspect of the future.
    • He never saw his own funeral.
      • Yes he did.
      • No, he didn't. Hiro only told Kaito that he had just come from his funeral. The funeral they went to was that of Hiro's mother 17 years before.
  • Regarding that brilliant businesswoman daughter, why was Hiro in charge of the company at the start of Season 3?