Headscratchers / Heroes Elle

So the Company just lets Elle walk away, after she had "Outlived her usefulness?".
Considering how utterly ruthless and amoral the Company is often portrayed (especially the assorted crap they do to their own employees in the Graphic Novels), it's strange they would simply allow Elle (who has very flashy powers and is proven to be unstable) to walk away and start a new life. You'd think she'd be the first person Angela would want to feed to Sylar.
  • Right, because Sylar taking Elle's power worked so great the last time he tried it.
    • They could have tranqed Elle first.

So, Elle's electrical power is out of control.
In that case, why did they take a plane in the first place? It would be simply fraught with danger. I understand the writers wanting to put in a scene where Claire helps her with the built-up charge, but it's still a silly way to go about things.
  • What makes this really jarring is the fact that it's one of a very few times they show people using planes as a mode of transportation. The rest of the time, everyone can travel from coast to coast simply by driving; since it's so easy, you'd think they could have done it.

How did Elle survive that?
Metal bar to the face. Still conscious? Highly doubtful.
  • Her electrical powers act as a mild protective field against metal objects, via electromagnetic repulsion? */No Prize*