Headscratchers / Hero Factory

  • Not having read absolutely everything that there is in the manual, I base most of my knowledge on HF's main storyline on the cartoon series. And this fails to explain a very important character detail about their first Big Bad: Von Nebula. What is up with this character? He seeks revenge on Preston Stormer, even though he was the one that bailed out on his mission, and left Tresher and Stormer to die at the hands of the robot drone. Stormer saves the day, yet he feels guilt over what happened to Von Ness/Nebula? Why? How? Absolutely nothing points toward this whole fiasco being his fault. And why should he have any kind of bad feelings at all? He saved the city, defeated the drone and Tresher apparently got out alive. Also, why would Von Nebula be seeking revenge? Stormer broke the windshield of the jet he stole, but got away unharmed. What has Stormer done to him?
    • This I blame on the poor quality of the TV series story. The animations isn't that bad, but the story is just bland. I think I've had a buddy tell me about some fanfic he read that remade and expanded on the story (giving the villain a valid reason for his villainy among them), but he's never been able to find it again...
    • Here's my idea: Part of him knows he shouldn't have bailed, so he feels guilty about it. But he's too proud to admit it, even to himself, so he tells himself it's Stormer's fault. He's angry at himself, and he projects that onto Hero Factory in general, and Stormer in particular.
  • Why wasn't Breez made into a 3.0? It would make sense for her to become one. Firstly, she's green, to fit with the whole forest/jungle theme. Secondly, in-universe, she can talk to animals. Wouldn't that be useful where they're going? Do they have a limit for how many times a supporting character can become a canister set?
    • I've been wondering the same thing, but the only answer I could thing of is that since Breez is a side character at best, and she had already gotten a 2.0 figure, they decided to leave her out, no matter how much sense it would have made to make her part of the Savage Planet plot. Maybe they'll have a story reason for it, too, seeing as this is something that I'm sure even the writers must have thought of.
      • Well, now that the TV show has aired, I still don't know of any story reasons. It seemed like Breez got left out of the mission simply because she wasn't part of the opening scene at Hero Factory.
      • It's worth noting that her ability to talk to animals wouldn't really be necessary, since Scorpio, Waspix and Raw-Jaw can talk anyway.
  • In episode 2 of the TV show, Stormer can't leave the HQ to help his men because his core isn't charged, and Furno's occupying the recharging chamber. Huh? This giga-hugeass and important facility only has one of those? Don't they have like hundreds of Heroes who need recharging on a regular basis?
  • In Breakout, we find out that Rocka is part of the Hero Recon Team and was undercover during Savage Planet. Then why was he so inexperienced that it was annoying in Savage Planet?
    • Simple: He was a newer Hero designed for the sole purpose of being a Recon Team member. He's a robot, so it's not entirely out there for him to be built for that one specific purpose.
  • In Breakout, we learn that Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff is kept in the Hero Factory Villain Storage. The idiots! Why would you keep the active weapon of the most powerful villain you've ever faced in the same location where you store almost every villain you have ever captured? It's completely idiotic!
    • Because it's presumably the part of Hero Factory that has the highest security, and even inside the staff Von Nebula is technically a prisoner.
  • I have an issue with Von Nebula's backstory. If he was once a hero, then why doesn't he have a hero core?
  • WHY - THE FRICK - IS NOBODY IN THE STORY AN ORGANIC BEING? I understand why the Heroes are robots, but why are the people they are saving also robots? WHERE IS THIS GALAXY'S ORGANIC LIFE?!! Robots can be made by other robots, but who made the first robot? And why would robots live in cities like Makuhero or Antropolis? Robots aren't created just to live, robots are created with a specific function. How would living in a city - as a citizen who happens to be a robot, not as a robot that happens to be a citizen - serve that function? AND WHAT ARE THEY DOING MIMICKING ORGANIC LIFE WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE HUMANOIDS WHYYYYYYYYY
    • Quatros shows a lot of organic and semi-organic life. Similarly, if a fully-intelligent robot decides to start working on the other side of the galaxy, why should it's creator follow it? Very few parents would do so. Also, if an intelligent robot, perhaps one built for the function of providing company, decides to build another robot for it to provide company to, after a few generations of such things one the only discernable purpose such a robot would have is trigger the happiness/companionship circuits on other robots. Why they act and look human would in that case be a holdover from whatever species created them, although why said species would look humanoid is inexplicable.
      • ... Well. I come back and find this. The purpose of "triggering the happiness/companionship circuits" is extremely inspired. I'm jacking this for my novels.