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Headscratchers: Hellraiser
  • How do the Butterball Cenobite's glasses stay on? He has no ears!
    • They're probably a part of his face.
      • Pretty much. We are talking about sadomasochisic demons after all. They enjoy anything that causes severe pain, and fusing one's eyewear to their head would be pretty damn painful.

  • At the end of the first film, all the cenobites get sent back to hell. Except the Butterball, he gets crushed by some falling masonry. But he's a demon, it'll take more that a falling rock to kill him. Sure, it'll be painful but he can obviously deal with that. IDK, it just bugs me.
    • He's fine in the second movie, so getting "crushed" probably just resulted in him getting immediately de-summoned. Alternately, getting crushed kept him pinned him down while Kirsty kept going through each step of reversing the puzzle-box, and one of those steps teleported him back offscreen.
  • Why did the Cenobites try to welch on Kristy's deal in the first movie, when they were perfectly fine with sparing her in Hellseeker?
    • Because as the movies went on the Cenobites suffered an awful lot of character and motive decay, that's why.

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