Headscratchers / Hellgate: London

  • Loads and loads of loading, and it's NEVER DONE! It'll take all your RAM, VRAM, and then chew up your HD grabbing and raping your virtual memory long after the goddamn map is already loaded. Doesn't matter what your specs are, there ain't no resources this bitch won't hog. Even if you load from a clean boot and shut down all your TSR's, it may lock up just getting you into the game. There's an obvious memory hole, as the game shuts down clean when you forcehack the executable tree, but if you close it from within the application, it's still grinding your system and gobbling CPU and HD until you reboot completely. When it doesn't randomly shit itself, it actually multitasks well and still runs smoothly, but it's still one of the most spastic pieces of software I've ever seen. Those of you making excuses for the Obvious Beta label should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.
    • I have never, ever, had ANY of the problems you describe.
      • Probably because most of the info on these pages refer to the original game as it came out - which was pretty flawed. Since it's rebirth, 99.99% of all the problems are fixed AND the game is totally FREE. Beat that shit. it can be downloaded at t3fun.com as Hellgate London Global. DAMN good game now!
  • That guy who you fought in his head...was he saying "Real men cut their own heads off with sticks"?
  • How come no one ever figured out the Big Bad was who it was, considering the extensive knowledge in demonology and the large number of Cabalists present around? Could they not see him among them?
    • And how did he get into the subway stations without any hassle? Aren't they supposed to be warded against his ilk, and even if the wards weren't powerful enough for something like him, shouldn't at least an alarm of sorts have gone off?