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Headscratchers: Grunge Bands
Here's a section I created—and I probably didn't have the authority to—to talk about grunge bands. I don't really have a clear-cut definition, except to say that it's not necessarily limited to Seattle bands, but I'm sure if something's "not grunge," someone will berate you for it.

  • How come so many grunge album covers involve children? I'm not even talking about squick, I'm just... Nevermind, Siamese Dream, Purple... that theme really caught on.
  • Nirvana... so... you guys think Kurt killed himself?
  • When {{Soundgarden)) wanted to lampoon "hair metal," thus writing "Big Dumb Sex" why did they go with a funk-influenced sound?
    • Oh, and how come they're often referred to as a "heavy metal" band? Sure, I can see how some songs qualify ("Outshined," "A Room A Thousand Years Wide," "Hands All Over," "The Mailman"...) but others are too spacey and colorful, and the Down On The Upside album almost sounds more like '90s punk.
  • Alice-in-Chains... the song "Rooster" was about his father's tour of duty in Vietnam, right?
  • In Stone Temple Pilots' first album, why did Scott Weiland refer to himself by his last name and/or "the Blood?"
    • In the era of Anita Hill and Take Our Daughters To Work Day, did he really think "Sex Type Thing" would go over well?
    • When this troper saw the band live in 2001, I really wasn't expecting Weiland to get naked, so what was up with that?
    • Their original name... the one that shares the initials with the phrase Stone Temple Pilots... please tell me that they had some political beef with Ambassador Shirley Temple Black and that's why they chose it.
  • Finally, why was it called "grunge" in the first place?
    • A reporter asked Kurt Cobain that very question, to which he responded, "I have no idea."
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