Headscratchers / Gravity Rush

  • At the beginning, Kat is asked to go find the gravity cat. When the cat demonstrates its powers, it lifts Kat and a couple of bystanders into the air, then flings them. Kat is flung towards a building and safely lands, while the other two get flung roughly upwards into the sky...And we never see them land in any direction or come back down. At least, in the demo.
    • Actually, whoever is close enough when you find said cat get's lifted. If no one is nearby, it'll just be Kat.
      • It still makes me wonder—if the cat flings them upwards, what happens to them? I'm sure this is Offscreen Inertia happening to me here, but for all we know, within a few hours, they'll have left Earth's atmosphere.
      • Oh boy...
  • Why is D'Nelica evil? What's in it for him? He seemed to have some bigger plan in all this then amusement. Unless maybe he's Alias.
    • It seemed to be nothing more than a guy who wanted power. The ending seems to hint that he might know something more about the situation, but to find out what we'll have to hope there's a second game someday.
    • Nope, D'Nelica is The Ghost in Gravity Rush 2, and so we are completely in the dark about just how the hell his part in the The Stinger of the first game connects to the overall plot. Unless this is something revealed in the upcoming Raven DLC. The only thing this troper can understand about it is that D'Nelica ordered his loyalists underground to serve as support for Kat specifically because of his foreknowledge, but exactly what he knows and how he can communicate to such an extent with Nevi is still a complete mystery. Maybe he's also a self-exile from Eto?