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Will knowing Kurt

  • There's something about the beginning of this episode that Just Bugs Me. It shows Will already knowing Kurt's name before he's in Glee club. Now, you could say that Kurt is also in Will's Spanish class, but it was seen in Grilled Cheesus that Kurt takes French, not Spanish. So, the question is why would Will notice a student who isn't in his class, at least enough to know his name...And still not see that he's being thrown in a dumpster!?!?!
    • Kurt could be taking both classes(if his schedule allows it) or he switched to french on the second season. And several episodes have hinted that Will knows about the bullying, but doesn't do anything about it.
    • In Ballads, Kurt is seen ogling Finn while they are in class together—with Shue as the teacher. Either he was taking Spanish that year, or he was in a study hall—in both cases, he's in Shue's class.
  • When Will comes home to his wife's pregnancy announcement, she is holding two glasses of wine. I know she wasn't really pregnant, but surely she wouldn't be stupid enough to risk breaking the facade.
    • She's holding two wine glasses. They don't necessarily have wine in them. And even if they did, she'd hardly be the first mom to be who had the occasional glass of wine. I cracked open a bottle of sparkling cider to announce the conception of my second child.
    • Also,at the time she genuinely thought she was pregnant...

  • If Acafellas didn't give Shuester enough time for Glee, how did coach Ken have time for Football?
    • Will was probably working most on the Acafellas, booking gigs, planning set lists, etc, while the others only had to show up for practice every day.



  • She was the one that come up with the story that Kurt was a football player. Was she trying to destroy the Glee club? Or did she actually want to help? She has being portrayed as too stupid for either story to fit the character. Plus, she looked happy with dancing...
    • Brittany is that special mix of dumb and sweet. She's smart enough to come up with a mildly believable lie, but too stupid to be genuinely mean.
    • Tina was the one who blurted out "football", Brittany just ran with it.
    • Heather Morris has said in various interviews that it wasn't until the fifth or sixth episode that Brittany really started being "a dumb blonde." Originally HeMo was brought in solely because she was such an awesome dancer and then they decided to flesh her character out a little. So, in that scene, she's not dumb because... she's not dumb yet.

  • The fact that Puck believed what Quinn said about Mr Schue discriminating against the minority students, including him for being Jewish, despite the fact that Rachel is Jewish too.
    • He's going to side with the pretty popular girl that he has a thing for (and has slept with) and not with the teacher of the club that he gets teased for being in.
    • Wouldn't Sue have already known if Brittany was half-Dutch; but even without that knowledge, wouldn't she have known Brittany was bisexual anyway, as apparently it's common knowledge and she's one of the influential (I.e. with lines) cheerleaders? To be fair, the only member of the glee club who technically isn't a minority is Finn - when you count the black kids as Lima is actually a black majority town. Then Finn points out that he comes from a very broken home.
  • Two OB-GY Ns in a city if 30,000 people? Even if you discount the pre-pubescent and the post-menopausal, you're looking at anywhere between 8,000 and 10,000 patients between them all of whom need to see their doctor once a year for a pap smear, so they're seeing anywhere between 11 and 16 patients a day just for that not to mention delivering the 400+ children born every year and all the pre-natal care the mothers need. Those guys must never sleep.
    • Pap smears can be done by nurse practitioners, and N Ps and G Ps can do a lot of the regular checkups and so on. The OB/GYN would really be most needed for delivery, and no one has mentioned midwives. It's not that far outside the realm of possibility.



The conflict of the episode was based around Will's glee rehearsals and Ken's football practices interfering. So would it really have killed Will to just move his rehearsal's to a different day and avoid the whole thing altogether?
  • Maybe Ken already has football practice on those days, or Will and the other members can't do rehearsals on other days/times.
  • It's pretty obvious that Ken did this solely to get back at Will, since Emma likes Will a lot more than Ken.
  • I don't know about all high schools, but most (if not all) of the ones in my area have sports practices everyday, right after school. If McKinley were the same sort, having glee after school on any day would cause conflicting schedules.
    • My school gives all students on teams one day a week that they're exempt from practice so they can do other extracurriculars. Ken may have simply decided he's not going to make Thursday one of those days. What I want to know is why this matters, since they seem to practice in school all day anyway...



Stuttering: a real disability (when it's not fake). Shyness severe enough that the shybie alters her speech patters for several years: no disability there. (And I doubt it's because shyness doesn't work that way.)
  • I don't understand what you're getting at. Are you just saying that Tina doesn't really have a disability? In that case, yes, that was the point of her scene with Artie at the end of "Wheels". Nobody who knows she's faking the stutter has claimed that it still counts as a disability.
    • The above-above troper is saying that Tina does have a problem: Shyness, in a level that she would drive people away for years, rather than deal with them.
    • Ah, now I get it. Well, yes, Tina clearly has some pretty serious issues. But extreme shyness is a psychological problem, not a physical disability. You could argue that the distinction isn't that important, but Artie obviously feels differently.
  • Was I the only one annoyed at Artie for getting so mad at Tina? I mean, she admitted to being so painfully shy that she faked a stutter so she wouldn't have to talk to people. To me, that is certainly a disability. I get that Tina was dishonest, but I still think Artie overreacted. Plus, he implies that he was only interested in her because they both had disabilities. He seemed pretty shallow to me when he dropped all his affection for her purely because she didn't have a stutter.
    • I have loathed Artie ever since this episode for that (although all the hints that he's a sexist pig since have helped sustain that loathing). Well, for that on top of the whole episode. He somehow twisted every conversation they had that episode around to her stutter even though it was obvious that she wasn't cool with that, and I was all set for the episode to end with him somehow learning a lesson about treating her that way when he'd hate it if somebody acted the same way about his disability, and then that's the ending we get instead?
    • Ditto, re: Artie bringing it up all the time. I can sympathize with his anger (a lot) but the way he treated Tina when he thought she had a condition was NOT cool.
    • He kept bringing up her stutter because he thought that it was genuine and that she would be able to understand how he feels. Both of them being the only disabled members of Glee club would have made him feel that he wasn't so alone and that there waas someone who could empathise with him. He resets the fact that he's in a wheelchair - getting used to it and being okay with it are two different things. He wants to be able to walk, but that's impossible for him. The fact that she could stop stuttering whenever she wanted to whilst he's stuck in his chair for the rest of his life...of course he was right to be angry, especially since she shared this nugget of information right after she kissed him. And before you go on about howhe kept bringing up the stutter, she DID ask him how he ended up in the chair in the first place, which is an incredibly personal thing to ask. He was okay with answering, even going as far as to blurt out something he shouldn't have (sorry Artie, as cute as you are, I did NOT needto know about your penis), but for all she knew he could have gotten offended an refused to answer. He answered her because he wanted her to understand him more because he felt they could relate, so that's another reason to be angry at her - while he was incredibly honest with her about his disability, she was lying about even having one.
    • But Tina opened up and confessed to him that she was faking it. She hadn't done it before(or after) with any other character. So yeah, she was lying , but not particularly to Artie. You can not accuse Tina of not being honest with him at that point. She could have very easily continue the lying, but chose to be honest about it.
  • He was upset because faking a disability to receive special treatment is incredibly offensive to actual disabled people. He thought that she understood what it was like for him and she didn't. She may empathize, but not really understand.
    • Yeah, because she only pretended to stutter in order to reap the social benefits and be cool. She stuttered specifically not to get special treatment.
    • I don't see the distinction. Faking a disability to repel people is just as selfish as faking one to get people to like you. She's still benefiting, because people pushing her away was exactly what she wanted.
    • That's exactly what's offensive about it, though. Granted, Tina had to overcome her shyness, but unlike Artie she had the ability to stop the discrimination that comes with having a disability. Artie doesn't have that privilege. Now, I think Artie can be a huge jerk to Tina and don't even get me started on season two, but he had every right to be upset with her in "Wheels".
  • For the record, there's something called Social Anxiety Disorder though it's hardly anything like what Tina might have. More than just shyness, this would certainly be a mental disability though this one thinks that it's little much for Glee.
  • How on Earth could Will afford to buy 11 good quality wheelchairs? Unless they each cost less than $10, it adds up to a substantial amount. And, why didn't he use that money to contribute to the bus fund? And, why, for that matter, would any institution that uses wheelchairs sell so many of them so cheap? Do they expect never to encounter disabled people again? Did a bunch of wheelchair-bound people die of a horrible, communicable disease that might have infected their chairs?
    • Maybe they were rented? Not that it makes the cost any better, mind you, but it's a possibility.
    • I remember them being donated by a local organization.

Kurt labeling the keys on the piano

  • While testing his range, Kurt places colored tape on the piano keys, indicating the notes, with a star on the "high F." In Ballads, he's shown to be pretty proficient at playing the piano.
    • Maybe he wanted to emphasise his goal, as seen by putting a gold star on the high F.
    • Also for the audience's convenience. If it had been just a shot of Kurt singing apparently random notes, it might have come off as something of a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment for most viewers, i.e. those less familiar with music. This way, people could tell that he was testing if he could hit the note, and also know which note actually was the high F (by counting the keys the marked and the respective notes he sung).

Defying Gravity diva-off

  • Defying Gravity is a duet in Wicked. Why would they need to have a "diva-off" to decide who sings a duet? Rachel or Kurt could have sung either part, and it would have saved time, probably.
    • If they did the version (which they did) from Idina Menzel's album. This would probably be done in order to conserve time in their setlist for other songs. Also, because the duet does not have equal parts (e.g. Elphaba's part is longer/more impressive than Glinda's). They would want to have a diva-off to see who got which part.
  • Why do they transpose it down a key or two? Hitting the G sharp would have been much more impressive than just an F. It's not as though neither actor/actress can hit it.
  • Does anyone else notice that Rachel's part is actually lower than Kurt's? So... Kurt sang higher than her anyway. He would've already hit the F OR Rachel never hit it at all. It's kind of unfair.


  • How in the hell is Quinn's due date "around spring break" when she was only a few weeks in when we found out about it (so presumably sometime in September/October)? Does Ohio have a spring break in late April/early May?
    • Well, some places do start school in early August, while others have later spring breaks. It's a stretch, but still altogether possible.
    • My high school always tried to line up spring break with Easter so people won't skip school for the holiday. As a result, we could have spring break anytime from early April to mid May.

New Directions is disqualified for accepting the mattresses. They can't return them because Will used one. So why doesn't Will pay for that mattress, and return all the other ones?
  • Someone might remember the Will-Figgins-Sue conversation a little better, but I think Will tried to make that exact suggestion (I'll pay for the used one!) only to have Figgins cut him off with something that sounded conclusive. A lot of amateur athletic associations do have scary strict rules regarding competitive eligibility, vis a vis endorsements and other commercial enterprises. So I suppose on some level I can buy what happened. I don't buy that it would happen identically in the real world, but insofar as it doesn't set off my complete bullshit alarm, I can accept it as a dramatic device.
    • Will suggested to return all the mattresses. Since one was used, it couldn't be returned. So why can't you just pay for the one mattress you've used, and return the other mattresses?
Also, why does being disqualified from competition prevent Will from actually seeing the show as an audience member?
  • It may not have, but with all the various red tape that's been involved for the rule books, he may have decided not to run the risk of someone deciding his very appearance there would disqualify the group. Besides, from the story perspective, he needed to be at McKinley to give Finn the inspiration for the last minute save and let him borrow his car.
  • Matresses are bad, but the Vocal Adrenaline all being give giant 4x4s is OK?
    • Vocal Adrenaline doesn't have Sue Sylvester pulling loopholes against them. Some people would consider gifts as payment, some wouldn't, and Sue makes sure Figgins considers them as payment
    • Doesn't Shelby says that SHE gave Vocal Adrenaline the 4x4s as gifts, not anyone else?
    • They were from the booster club. Because they didn't come from a specific performance as payment, they would not be considered to be payment sufficient enough to disqualify.

  • So exactly none of the recognizable black students from the show are in the Black Student Union? Not Mercedes or Matt or Azimio? I mean, obviously, participation isn't compulsory but none of them were interested?
    • It may come as a shock, but maybe the characters feel like talking about stuff beyond being black. Plus it wouldn't be nearly as fun or full of potential for exciting high school related plot lines like the cheerios or sports teams.
      • 'maybe the characters feel like talking about stuff beyond being black.' Oh my, that's hilarious.

  • I don't understand why they needed a new number for sectionals. They've done HOW MANY big numbers? Why couldn't they do Keep Holding On or True Colors or Lean on Me or even Push It or Last Name? Doing Keep Holding On or True Colors or adapting one of the others would have been much easier than thinking of a whole NEW number...
    • The real answer, of course, is that it was much more dramatic. If I had to come up with some silly Fan Wank explanation, I would point out that just about every episode we've seen so far included Will saying some version of, "Guys, we've done great so far, but sectionals is coming up in [insert painfully slow moving figure here.] We need to step it up!" So the kids are probably conditioned to think everything they've done so far is inadequate to the majesty and glory of Sectionals (TM).
    • I thought the whole point of the contest in "Wheels" was because they were doing Defying Gravity for sectionals...
    • * shrug* They do repeat Somebody to Love because it was "a real crowd pleaser." Maybe they didn't think the other songs they did were audience orientated. Most of the songs they had done were for themselves (usually with big deep end of episode messages about them as people) and the ones they performed for crowds weren't exactly the best for the situation (Push it was aimed at horny school kids, Last name was a 1 person song which they had already done one of in a Show CHOIR competition. Finn and Puck had done some of the Acafellas songs but the rest of the group hadn't and they're more boyband renditions anyway).
    • Which is more interesting from a viewer's standpoint? Watching them sing something new, or watching something you saw a month ago? They draw viewers in with new musical numbers, not having them practice singing the same songs over and over again. I wonder how the writers are going to get around this for later episodes.
    • Also, some of the big numbers seem to have taken place entirely inside a character's head, or used to represent the general feeling of the glee club without using the usual dialogue and character actions.

Figgins in "Sectionals"

  • Principal Figgins tells Will that he can coach Glee club again after finding out about Sue's leaking of the set list, and told him he phoned up the Governing board and set the record straight. HOW? Will was banned from coaching the Glee club for sleeping on a mattress that was considered payment for the glee kids services, it had nothing to do with Sue!
    • I felt that what he was actually referring to was the mattress incident. He called them and set the record straight about THAT. Which is hwy he could then coach again. But maybe I was alone in that interpretation.
    • The fact still remains that Will broke the rules, he slept on a mattress which was considered accepting payment, he didn't do anything to nullify it, the rule was still broken.
    • Will was only "banned" from sectionals as he accepted the payment from the mattress he used. He can coach at school as much as he wants to, and they'll probably hand-wave the whole thing when they reach regionals.

Proud Mary? Really?

  • I know Emma addresses this in the episode, but wouldn't the audience, or even the judges, find it really weird that Jane Addams Academy did a musical number IN WHEELCHAIRS when there's only one competing school with a wheelchair-bound member? It seems logical for them to come to the conclusion that something is off. If anything, it would've been infinitely more believable if they did the Proud Mary number, but without wheelchairs.

    Bad Reputation 

Run Joey Run

  • So why exactly were Puck, Jesse, and Finn so upset about "Run Joey Run"? She used an artistic license for a music video. All that happened was that there were other guys in general in the video. No kissing, or hugging, just... being there. Kurt and Quinn danced together a few times when she dated Finn, no one freaked out about that. This doesn't seem to be very different. Using their logic they might as well have been furious at Sandy for shooting Rachel in the video.
    • Because she lied to all three of them about the intent of the video, she told Puck it would help him get his reputation back, she probably told Jesse it was because he's her boyfriend and it would be fun and romantic, and most likely told Finn it was just for the Glee club project and she needed him because he is just the best singer ever. All of this was a blatant lie, the true purpose behind the entire thing, as stated by Finn, was to make Rachel look better by enditing the video to make it look like she had three guys after her. If she had told them from the beginning that all three of them would be involved they would most likely be okay with it, but once again she went behind someone's back with her own agenda for the primary purpose of making herself look like some uber-diva. This is behavior she was supposed to have grown out of at sectionals.
      • But... even if that was the reason for the three guys... it really doesn't come out as "three guys wanting the girl" it's more like "the director couldn't decide which of the three was better and left the three"
      • But that's just it, all it was was "three guys in a music video with a girl." There's only one scene where the guys are even in the same room as Rachel in the video, and all it is is just leaning over her. Compare it to some of their saucier dance numbers before and their reaction is pretty out of left field.
    • I can understand Jesse being kind of upset of not being told about "sharing" his girlfriend with other two guys. Finn and Puck, however, have no claim, as Puck pretty much used Rachel in the same way before, and Finn break up with her in the first place.
      • Puck didn't seem to care about that, though. He just said that the video was lame (which it was).
      • Actually, Puck seems to be mad at being used instead of being the one that uses. And It wasn't lame. It was Narmtastic. Beyondtheimpossible.
    • There's no reason to "freak out" about Kurt dancing with Quinn because he's gay. Also don't they switch it around a bit as Quinn has also done a bit of dancing in more than one song with Artie IIRC.
      • Exactly. So if what was going on in the music video was just as innocent as if it was Kurt, if not more so, why freak out at all? Who knew high school boys get all huffy about (gasp!) a guy singing next to a girl in a music project!
      • I thought exactly the same thing. Nobody I knew in high school would have reacted that way, especially the theatrical kids who would understanding the idea of "acting". But I've also heard several Glee fangirls claim they would freak out if their boyfriend was in that video playing another girl's boyfriend and [briefly] holding her (gasp!), so apparently some teenagers are that ridiculous.
      • Using that same logic, why wouldn't Rachel tell the truth and come clean with the plan? If it was no big deal and all.
      • Because Rachel really isn't all that smart.
  • It's only purpose was to lead up to "Total Eclipse of the Heart", but the writers were too chicken to make her do anything actually bad. If she had actually made a "slutty girl singer" video things would have made a lot more sense, or at least a song that actually features multiple men going after one girl. It was just really bad writing, especially when Finn had to basically explain to the audience why they were all mad. I'm pretty sure the actor didn't even understand what he was saying.
  • At the end of Rachel's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" number, all the Glee club members leave as if they're disappointed that she would do something that under-handed. This includes Artie... whom Rachel approached to help her produce the video and should have known full well what was going on.
    • Exactly, what did Artie even get to do? Nothing. She approached him for help and then left him out of the loop.
      • He is member of the AV club, he probably MADE the video. Rachel doesn't have the skills to do video editing and Artie is her only connection to the club.

Run Joey Run casting

Wouldn't Finn, Jesse, and Puck even get the tiniest hint that they were being triple-cast if Rachel only got them to film a third of Joey's part?

  • Perhaps she got them to film the whole thing and just split it up when the editing came along.
    • Agreed. Each of the three sang and filmed the entire thing, then Rachel and Artie edited bits of it together. What I never got was how they didn't find out this was going on during shooting, unless Rachel bribed the production people and Sandy not to say anything. Which, of course, makes the whole "lie" even stupider.

The Glist

Why did anyone find the fact Quinn is at the very top of the list instead of someone like Puck, Santana or Brittany not suspicious? They are the most promiscuous people in the school and unless they count a teen pregnancy as the ultimate proof of promiscuity, it should have raised at least a disbelieving eyebrow. Even that, it still makes no sense considering Quinn had sex for one time and managed to get pregnant with that.


Puck's Pro-Mercedes Genre Shift

Mercedes says she and Puck can't be a thing because he's Top 40 and mysogynistic and she's R&B and doesn't want to be played for a fool. How does singing "The Lady is a Tramp" get her on his side, let alone convince her that he's dating material? I get that it originally made fun of the high-falutin' New Yawk prissiness, though I am surprised that Mercedes still took it as a compliment, but how is that any more than a half-baked, misguided, and in fact technically failed attempt at becoming (or at least showing appreciation for) her genre?
  • Mercedes obviously wanted an excuse/ to make difficult for Puck to "win" her. After Quinn talks with her, is very evidently she's delighted at "dating" Puck, even if he's just using her. What bothers me more is that she decides to both break up with Puck AND to leave the Cheerios. If she had left when the "problem" was her weight, it would have been a better message. Now she comes more as "ok, I had what i wanted, now i don't care about this shit anymore"

Fantasy number or not?

  • Kurt is wearing butch clothes in an attemt to bond with his father. He feels that he is failing and starts to sing Rosie's Turn, that then goes into a full-fledged fantasy-number where Kurt suddenly wears a Fabulous Outfit and sings in front of a gigant "Kurt"-billboard. Then his father interrups the song, the billboard dissapear and we go back to the real world... and Kurt is still wearing his Fabulous Outfit. That is just weird.
    • Both. Pretty much the same that happens in the madonna episode when the girls start singing and then they're suddenly on the auditorium, or the same when they did gaga. It started as a Kurt's internal struggle, then he decided to make a whole number of it and changed clothes. The only fantasy is the big "KURT" sign.

Removal of tonsils would do nothing to alter a person's singing ability.

Yes, Rachel thinking her singing is her only good point is bad, but any competent doctor would tell her this. Most geeks at school could tell her this. I'm sure there's a kid or two who does sing/has a loved one who sings who got their tonsils removed with no problem. Finn really should have been more worried about 1). her parents seemingly having no idea their daughter is in need of and refusing medical care, and 2). the doctor she's seeing is incompetent (assuming he didn't try to explain this off-screen). Then, he should worry about her weird mixture of low self-esteem and narcissism, later.
  • She seemed to understand that, if everything went well then she would be able to sing again, she was just worried about some sort of complication in the surgery which would ruin her singing voice.
  • As someone who had their tonsils removed a long time ago with no effect to my singing voice... this struck me as odd at first. But then it occured to me that any kind of surgery has its risks. It makes sense that a singer would be worried about complications from throat surgery. Look what happened to Julie Andrews and her amazing 4 octave voice thanks to a botched throat surgery

    Dream On 

Les Miserables Director

I think I can say with some certainty that the Schu/Bryan audition was by FAR the best that director got for ANY role in that play. WHY did he cast Schu as Val Jean and Bryan as a one-lined chorusmember? That makes no damn sense! It's not like there aren't other heavy male roles that need a strong singer in that show. Not Javert, as that requires a Baritone, but surely Marius, or at least Thenardier would have been better casting. Also, if Schu was trying to build Bryan's love of the arts back up by getting him performing again, why would he audition for the same role?
  • Rule of Funny
  • Rule of Drama
  • It's not that hard to believe, actually. Who shared this information first? SUE. The director was probably so excited about both performances that he couldn't shut his mouth, and Sue probably "asked" the director for Will to be Valjean and to give Bryan a crappy role. She knew it would devastate Bryan and it would likely cut the Glee Club. How she got it? Easy, she said she would take her laundry somewhere else, which is presumably a lot, and prestigious("The cheerios clean their stuff here!") kind of stuff. Notice that the director has no problem with Will and Bryan switching places.
  • I had the same reaction as the original questioner and eventually came up with the same rationale at the person above me. The only thing that gives me pause is the lack of a "Sue doing something cruel cutaway" showing her bullying the cleaner.
  • He didn't know he was auditioning for the same role, and by that time Bryan was already copycatting him.

Dream on - Les Mis

A little of the previous JBM but I understand Sue was being evil (and I loved Will, Bryan AND Sue in the scene where she revealed it) I have 3 JBM s (of varying degrees)

1) What would Will have done if he did get the role of Valjean? Would he have just abandoned Glee Club like that?

2) Yeah, I get that Sue was being evil and probably corrupted the Director, but couldn't we have gotten a little bit of Valjean/Javert to highlight the Will/Bryan Foe Yay? Like the previous JBM mentions, it's like no other male leads exist! Yeah, I know Bryan was copying Will to be a Jerk but he could be the Javert to Will's Valjean! It just fits!

3) Bryan has a reasonable point about showbiz being a hard business to get into. Yet just like that Will manages to get him a part? I know it's necessary for the show, but it still bugs me!
  • 1. He did get the role. He gave it up, explicitly to save the Glee Club. If Bryan hadn't been a diva, presumably Will would have kept the role and the Glee Club. He can do both. 2. They have, what, 43 minutes worth of actual airtime? 3. Will got Brian a part in a crummy Lima, Ohio production of Les Mis. That doesn't disprove Bryan's point at all.
    • Original poster here: 1. Will would teach Spanish all day, then coach Glee Club and then be in any performance, playing a severly demanding role? Sure, he could do all that, but it ain't recommended. 2. How long would it have taken Bryan to say he was auditioning for the role of Javert? They could still sing the same song, "Dream On". I just wanted them to acknowledge Javert existed and for Bryan to identify with him. 3. It still feels like a Hand Wave. Everything is fine by the end and none of the Glee members have taken onboard what Mr. Ryan said.
      • Sue did it. End of story. It was an amateur production, it's highly doubtful the director even knew what a soprano/baritone etc mean. He would only want moderately good singers...
  • If Brian was originally cast as a chorus member, then how was he able to suddenly play Valjean when Will stepped down? Wouldn't the theatre have taken one of the main cast members, since apparently they were so much better than Brian?
    • Sue manipulated the director to cast Brian as a chorus member. And Will didn't stepped down the role, he and Brian basically switched roles, but with him quitting.



I know it's a hairdresser's but what did it mean in this context?
  • It's a cheap and speedy haircut place for people who don't really about hair styling to get a quick, simple functional hair cut. To a fashion-conscious kid like Kurt, this would be a huge slam. The insult is lost on Karofsy because he is clearly a fan of Supercuts.

The Move In

I'm leaving aside all of the OTHER stuff involved in the combining of the Hudson/Hummel households and bringing this up: WHY is moving in with the Hummels made a surprise for Finn? Carole should never have agreed to move in with someone without actually discussing it with Finn, in private, without either Hummel around to actually talk to him about it. When it is a major change in living arrangements, this is a conversation that NEEDS to happen, not just brushed aside. Yet somehow she does this and expects Finn to be cool with it, when he was just getting used to Carole and Burt dating. WHY?!
  • That and I don´t even understand why Finn was portrayed evil for not accepting Curt in his room. Curt went out of his way to make the room the most absurd place ever to live in, he didn´t even care from the first scene on if he would like to even have a say in that. Also it probably isn´t that great of an experience to live in a room together with some dude who a few episodes before obviously had a crush on you. For the cherry on the top Curts dad even had to give a speech about how disappointed he is about Finn because he can´t accept gays. It´s obviously two different things when you can´t accept to live with them on a planet or when you can´t accept to live with some creepy invasive ones in the same room.
    • First of all: Kurt, not "Curt". Second, it was Kurt's room not Finn's. And third: This has been addressed before, bottom line: They're both int he wrong for different reasons: Kurt really did have issues with Finn's personal space, but Finn really never did anything to establish boundaries(And no, looking uncomfortable or ignoring the problem is NOT asserting boundaries). Finn basically had lots of stuff going on, and instead of venting at the appropriate time, he just repressed it all until it exploded.It all ultimately falls into who you feels more empathy for.
      • Finn was just trying to be nice. It's not his fault Kurt is too stupid to take a hint. Besides, Kurt knew that Finn was straight, but pursued him and tried to change him anyway. Which makes Kurt rather selfish, and in a way, just as bad as the homophobes who oppress him (trying to make a straight man gayer is just as bad as trying to make a gay man straighter).
      • No, it's not.
      • That would be a valid response if Rachel weren't doing the same(pursuing Finn, when he was not interested, which Kurt did point out), and then Finn pursuing Rachel when she was in a relationship already, or the same with Quinn... Or Emma doing the same with Will, and then turning it around and Will being the one doing it... The message is "It's only wrong when gay guys do it"
      • Did you just equate perusing someone in a relationship with manipulating your crush's mother's love life so they can move in with said crush? I mean sure, Burt and Carole are happy together, but that's explicitly not the reason Kurt did it. If any other character pulled shit on this level, regardless of their gender or the gender of their crush, it'd still be an incredibly skeezy move, above and beyond flirting and pursuit.
      • Basically, this is what happened: Kurt slowly developed a crush on Finn, which then quickly escalated. He tried various ways to get his attention, some (granted) a bit skeevy. Finn NEVER SAID NO and, in fact, pretty much took advantage of the situation. He always asked Kurt for help with girl problems and with songs... And he never once acted in a manner to let Kurt know that he was genuinely uncomfortable with Kurt's attentions (would a look make you quit if you didn't know better). He continuously sent mixed signals Kurt's way and was off and on cruel and then begging for help. He abused Kurt's attention and he kind of used him as a constant reassurance that he was cool and goodlooking, which is wrong. And, again, HE NEVER SAID TO STOP. I can't stress this enough. Now the meddling in the love lives on Kurt's behalf was wrong, but at the same time I'm sure that he didn't introduce them expecting them to hit it off THAT much. He probably just wanted them to go on a few dates, get to know Finn better, and then they would separate. I doubt he wanted Finn to become his future stepbrother. After they did hit it off, he accepted it. The room thing was just Kurt being Kurt. He IS over-the-top and flamboyant. If Finn didn't like the look of the room, he could have put in some input (even just "I like plain brown walls" or something). And give Kurt credit — he had his own room, then gave it up to share it with Finn as well as redecorating it TWICE for the purpose of the move-in. Finn definitely had a lot on his plate and probably didn't realize his mixed signals, but to blow up like that and call somebody a fag with the purpose of HURTING them is just plain wrong. It was not a good situation, and neither is solely to blame, but, yes, Finn should have been a bad guy. Also, the red rubber shower curtain dress didn't really make up for it.
      • Putting aside the unfortunate implications of a non-answer meaning "yes" in a sexual situation. Trying to convince anyone to change their sexual orientation for your benefit is wrong!
      • It wasn't a non-answer. Finn repeatedly send "maybes" to Kurt. One of the very first interactions that they had, and even before Kurt was out of the closet was Finn thinking Kurt was asking him to prom. Finn reply wasn't "I'm straight", "I don't like you", "I'm not gay", or even "I'm not interested". It was basically "I already have a date, sorry", which is as ambiguous and non-assertive a reply as it can be.
      • What Finn said was clearly a joke. He never seriously meant to ask Kurt to the Prom. Even if Kurt misunderstood what Finn said, does that really justify trying to set Burt and Carole together?
  • To be fair to Carole, Finn has had a lot going on, and has show to be kind of self absorbed. It's not out of realm of possibility that she had tried to start the conversation before and he just went all "not now mom".
    • Well yeah...but you keep trying, or you make him sit down and listen. You don't spring something like that on a kid.
      • Well, we don't know how much time lapsed between Carol and Burt deciding to live together and them telling Finn. Kurt has a very good relationship with Burt, so it's very likely that they shared the news immediately, while Finn and his mom, for whatever reason, don't seem to have that same level of communication((This episode, when Burt had the heart attack, etc.)


Jesse in "Funk"

  • What the hell was his problem? Is he still mad over that stupid video from five episodes ago even though he's been perfectly fine since? I mean, I can understand if they wanted him just to be pure evil, but it was written and played out like she'd done something to upset him. Is there a scene we're missing?
  • Doubtful. Remember, he's basically the male equivalent of Rachel, only less used to not being listened to. It makes sense for him to throw a temper tantrum and quit the Glee club when he feels he's not being respected or treated right, even if he's being treated as just an equal. Sort of a reflection on Rachel's behavior when she used to walk out, only played for drama - because he's designated villain/False Romantic Lead and she's designated protagonist.
  • The only thing I can think of is that they spent so much of the series focusing on plots like Rachel/Finn and handing out a ridiculous Aesop each episode that the writers realized that there would be no real conflict at Regionals (Sectionals actually focused on the other performers at least, who looked like they actually wanted to win) so they turned Jesse into the designated villain (as the person above stated) and are trying to play it off like he's been Evil All Along. But yeah, it's completely ridiculous, I actually liked him as he made a refreshing change from the Rachel/Finn plot that's been shoved down our throats from the start.
  • He's the Paolo. No matter how sweet and perfect he was to Rachel, (Hell, last time we saw him he admited to liking her), the writers turned him evil to pair Rachel up with a main character.
    • It's not even that he so much "turned" evil at all. He did this for Shelby, grew to like Rachel, but in the end, he was always going to go back to Vocal Adrenaline. He even says that he loved her, he just ended up choosing VA over her. It's not like he did a 180 flip. He's remained rather true-to-character.
      • Going back to Vocal Adrenaline would make sense as far as his characterization is concerned. Going back for the reason he said he did, or egging Rachel in the parking lot has no excuse other than bad writing. Especially considering how he acted in the last episode, specifically saying, "I don't want her getting hurt." Egging her in the very next episode he appears in is a 180 turn, alright.
      • Reason he said was more or less a lie so he didn't have to say "I only joined ND because Shelby told me to". Egging Rachel in the park had more to do with the acceptance of VA then him personally having a vendetta against her. Still not that big of a 180.
      • Considering he said "I don't want her getting hurt" to Shelby, who knows the reason why he's there, the chances of it being a lie are pretty small. Maybe he wanted to be accepted, but I doubt that even he'd go along with egging a girlfriend he cared about. It just points to a lot of bad writing to me.
      • EPIC bad writing. Even if he wants to be accepted in VA again.... let's not forget he knows that they egged the daughter of their coach. In the same episode, Shelby is portrayed as a very reasonable and nice woman. She would be beyond pissed if she ever finds out.
      • I very much disagree. Jesse is a teenager — a popular one with a lot to lose at that. Peer pressure is a mind-bogglingly intense force for someone like that. "Break an egg on a loser or lose your spot in the choir, your identity as a popular kid, and possibly your shot at college" (it's possible for admission to be revoked if, for example, you have some serious infraction with the school, and VA clearly has a lot of pull at their school). He very clearly didn't want to do it and hated himself for it, but given the choice between "girl I like" and "everything else," the latter is arguably the much better choice even if it made him the villain here.
      • Still no. While yes, peer pressure is something every teen is... well, pressured to do, in no way that affects his position in VA: Shelby still has the shots, and by how we are talked about that group, she can easily change the ones that complain or give her trouble, not to mention is HIGHLY improbable she would approve of such juvenile tactics on the rivals. The only thing that he could possibly lose was "his identity as a popular kid" and nothing else.
  • I think besides the point mentioned above about him being a male Rachel, Jesse seemed very... familiar with that one girl in Vocal Adrenaline in the "Another one bites the dust" number among the other scenes when you see them together. I think that girl might have played a very big part in his turn.
  • Jesse's facial expression as Rachel is running to him implies that he doesn't want to go through with this and is dreading what's about to happen next. VA had basically given him the same ultimatum ND gave Rachel, only they were bigger bastards about it and forced him prove he didn't love her.
  • I just fan-wanked it to group pressure from VA. It kinda makes sense, they pressure him into doing it to make sure he's back on their team. But yeah, the writers could have portrayed it better.
  • I personally think that, in that bit, he was meant to be a sort of alternate version of Finn. Finn has always been peer-pressured into quitting Glee, but he normally always goes for glee in the end. This is showing a kind of alternative - what would happen if a guy like Finn gave in to that kind of peer pressure. Remember when Finn temporarily quit Glee to do football and he almost slushied Kurt? It's like that on a much bigger scale, really.

Vocal Adrenaline

Why were they still in their "Another One Bites The Dust" costumes during the egging even if it was at least two days later?
  • ... They'd just been at a dress rehearsal?


  • A somewhat more minor nitpick: given Shelby's experience of surrogate motherhood, wouldn't she be more likely to suggest an open adoption to Quinn and Puck?
    • Maybe offscreen they talked this over and they decided to keep it a closed one.
  • When talking to the kids, Will says "nine months ago, there were five of you in here." Um... how in the hell are we supposed to believe the entire show took nine months, and still managed to fit into the scope of a school year?
    • I don't know how it is in the US, but in Europe a school year is ten months.
    • Um, twelve months in a year, three month off in the summer. 12-3=9. And even that's being a little generous. The school year generally start the last full week of August and runs through the first few days of June so closer to 9 1/2 months.
    • Either way, it doesn't matter how long the school year lasts because going by this year's season, Regionals happens around March/April, or at the very least, not at the end of the school year. I would think realistically, they keep the timeline of competitions similar for each year. It's probably just another continuity error.
    • I certainly found it a bit of an obvious giveaway when last year's Regionals episode aired in June and this year's Regionals episode aired in March.
  • It's established in the episode "Funk" that Vocal Adrenaline's weakness is funk. So why didn't the New Directions do a funk number for Regionals?
    • Because Vocal Adrenaline wouldn't be doing a funk number to compare it to and New Directions ended up doing a better (or at least more what would be more pleasing to the judges) than if they had done a funk number.
    • Obviously they didn't please the judges, they LOST.
      • They couldn't have known that they would lose going into to it. I doubt they would have gone in with anything other than what they believed to be their best number. Clearly, they didn't think that funk was the best move for them.