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Headscratchers: Game Grumps
  • How did Jon reset the game in their Super Mario Land one-off?
    • Pressing a set of certain buttons at once causes the Super Game Boy to reset. It's a staple of Game Boy systems.
  • In the video advertising the new Grump shirts as well as the Steam Train shirts, where was that filmed?
    • Either Arin's house (the couch!) or Ross's house where Steam Train itself takes place.
  • Does Ross sing his part in the Steam Train intro? It sounds like Arin, and no one knows if Ross can sing or not (whereas every other member of the team can, as Arin, Danny, and Jon all have experience singing).
    • Ross has no singing part in the Steam Train intro. Just the 'now we gotta play them all' and the 'choo choo'.
  • Why did they not warn us that this major change to the channel was happening, with the introduction of Dan and Ross and the departure of Jon? They always do things in advance anyway so every video we see is gameplay footage from two weeks prior (notice the time stamps in the Sonic 06 videos when they save their game), so wouldn't it make sense to warn us ahead of time that Jon has to leave, and then introduce Dan and Ross as two fellow players who will also do videos, the former of which accompanying Arin in Jon's absence, and finally, why not put the Steam Train show onto another channel?
    • There's evidence that shows that Steam Train was supposed to be a surprise for the viewers after the Game Grumps channel hit one million subscribers. The announcement video on Ross's channel features Jon, so he was obviously still around when they were organizing it. The Steam group for Steam Train, which was made by Ross months ago, also links to its own channel (steamtrainshow). The channel even says "where Steam Train should have gone," so the show was probably kept on the Game Grumps channel to make up for Jon leaving. Jon's departure seems like it happened very suddenly, so Dan may have just had to step up to the plate and take Jon's place to make sure Game Grumps could go on.
  • What WAS Jon doing in Part 86 of Sonic 06...?
  • Why do they criticize New Super Mario Bros Wii's Bubble feature for being babyish when Kirby Super Star had a feature that functioned near-identically? —Quarma
    • My guess is... Nostalgia Filter... That's probably why. Or because only Kirby's allies can do that, and Kirby himself can't, and making your buddy teleport to you does not mean they skip through a hard part... Like I said. Nostalgia Filter or because the game mechanics are different enough to be criticized in one game and not another... —Dingo Walley
      • But the mechanic is barely different. Yes, you can't really use Kirby's Partner Warp to skip much... but you can't really do that with NSMBWii's bubble either. You can only go as far as the other player has gone, just like how Kirby's partner can only go as far as Kirby. They do the same thing but Kirby's feature is only barely different, so it just seems very hypocritical to decide it's for babies in a modern game while it's just a minor note in a classic game. —Quarma
      • They barely use the warp feature in Kirby, it's largely optional, whereas in New Super Mario Bros. you are forced to use it if you die. This added to the fact that you can pick up lives very easily and the fact that the bubble button is right by the D-Pad, making it a suicide button if you press it accidentally, and you can see their disapproval. Whereas in Kirby, yeah, you can warp to where your partner is, but if you die, you die. The partner doesn't just respawn immediately after death, you actually have to go through the effort of finding an enemy to copy and then giving it to your partner, not to mention the fact that if Kirby dies that's it, coupled with the fact that lives aren't so easy to pick up, the Grumps maintain a steady four live average throughout their Kirby playthroughs, whereas in NSMB their life count may very well be over twenty. —Zero No Kamen
      • Well, then, Nostalgia Filter. The end. —Dingo Walley
    • Kirby has never been taken seriously as a hard-core platformer. It's always been meant to be fun with a low learning curve. Mario, on the other hand, used to be genuinely challenging. Ego and Jon are being critical because of the rampant Sequel Decay that is plaguing the series, while Kirby remains true to form. - Totema
    • Kirby has had that feature in all of his classic-style games that support co-op. With Mario, it's new. Space Jumping isn't uncommon. I'd say it's because it makes it too easy to respawn after death, and if both players are in the bubbles at the same time, it acts as a suicide button. What's more, the A button is right in between the buttons and the D-Pad, leading to performing the action more than necessary. - HalberdStopCrashing
  • Any ideas on why they seem to hate Skyward Sword but like Twilight Princess? For some reason I expected these guys to love the game that tries something new but hate the game that was just more of the same (especially if the NSMB Wii videos are anything to go by). —Eternal Rain
    • In retrospect, what's more baffling is why Egoraptor seems to hate Ocarina of Time. I understand he doesn't want to go into lest he spoils his Sequelitis, but he won't even acknowledge it as a great game. When Jon called it one of the best game ever, he said that completely ruined his credibility, and his only discernible reason for saying so thus far seems to be Hype Backlash, similar to those people who says FFVI is better than VII.
      • Well, he won't acknowledge it as a great game because he doesn't consider it to be one. He hasn't fully explained it, but he doesn't consider it a great game because he did not enjoy it. Though based on how he talks about Lo Z games, he seems to mainly dislike specific Lo Z games based on how direct and/or predictable they are, while he prefers it when Lo Z is mostly an adventure he has to figure out on his own. For example, he complains when a Lo Z game is "Oh, the item you got in the dungeon? It's actually the weakness of the dungeon boss," while he likes it when a dungeon just gives you neat shit without the specific motivation of giving you a boss's weakness. —Quarma
    • My guess is probably similar to Egoraptor's comparison of the early 2D Zeldas and Ocarina Of Time, in that Twilight Princess had many places to explore outside of the main story, but in Skyward Sword, the world felt smaller, because generally, after you've left a location for the last time in Skyward Sword's story, there's really no reason to go back. Say Twilight Princess is a Disney Land, where, yeah, you're on a tour, but it doesn't take you to every attraction, allowing you to check out what you weren't shown during the tour afterwards. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, you're taken through every attraction of each area spread out among multiple visits, so, at the end, you've pretty much seen everything there is to see. The fact that Twilight Princess at least has a motion-less version of the game could help a bit. —Chris Highwind
    • Or perhaps because Skyward Sword is essentially everything Egoraptor has talked and complained about in all of his episodes of Sequelitis. There's a lot of manipulative time wasting (Episode 1: Castlevania vs Castlevania 2), the game hand holds you and chimes in with things you can already see for yourself or things you already know (Egoraptor uses Roll in Episode 2: Mega Man vs Mega Man X to illustrate games pointing out things you already discern for yourself, funnily enough Fi is literally a robot just like Roll), there's a lot of unnecessary and non-essential gameplay elements, like 'Dowsing' for example (an example was given in Sequelitis 3: Castlevania IV). Egoraptor said that a sequel is supposed to enhance and improve upon elements of the original game. Skyward Sword just doesn't do that. It's got a really beautiful art style and nice music but aside from that it's nothing new. All the changes that were made were made for the worse, not better. The worlds are smaller and involve you doing a hundred pointless things before you can even get to the dungeon. The design of them and the fact that you return to Skyloft after every dungeon is completed suggests that it belongs in a platform game like Mario rather than Zelda, which has built itself on having big open worlds and exploration. Nothing in the game is truly original (The frame is a basic rehasing of Wind Waker, as is the idea of 'purifying' The Master Sword, the trials are basically the Twilight segments of Twilight Princess, the motion controls are Wii Sports Resort, the flying and Skyloft are Mario Galaxy and every other mechanic is unchanged from the N64 days). All this is supported by a rather weak story that didn't really need to be told featuring characters that were relatively flat and a conclusion that eliminated all character motivation whatsoever (Link wants to rescue Zelda because she's the Goddess reincarnate and he's her chosen hero. Basically he 'has to'. Ganondorf does evil not because he wanted better circumstances for himself, like he claims overtly in Wind Waker and is implied in prior iterations, but because he's pure evil reincarnate and because he 'has to'). As contrast, while Twilight Princess didn't really change much at all, and it features a fair amount of its own time wasting and pointless elements, in the very least it didn't try to change what wasn't broken. Of course, this is all my opinion and probably clashes with the Grumps in certain places, but that's exactly why I think they hate Skyward Sword. A Sequelitis or JonTron episode on the game would be, in the very least, interesting. —Zero No Kamen
  • I understand that some games, they just gave up on (like Castlevania 3 or Zombies Ate My Neighbors), but what happened to the games that just haven't gotten any new episodes, like Pokemon Emerald? My theory is that Pokemon Emerald may have ended prematurely because it took them the length of the Goof Troop playthrough just to get the first badge and they sounded like they were going insane in the last video. And what about Animal Crossing? —Chris Highwind
    • Animal Crossing might just be on hold due to them wanting to get Castlevania and Zombies Ate My Neighbors out of the way and shorten their list of "in-progress" games. Pokemon Emerald... I dunno. I think you might be right about that. - Quarma
      • Pokemon was probably scrapped when Jon just legitimately stopped having fun with the game.
      • Either way, if they haven't played Animal Crossing since the last episode, they might have to do a bit of weed-pulling when they get back to it.
      • And then they released a new Pokemon Emerald Episode! Rejoice! —Dingo Walley
      • At their panel in Comikaze 2012, Ego said they put Animal Crossing on hold because his fiancée basically played through the whole game after their initial recordings, so there's really nothing left for them to do. They may make new episodes later anyway, though. - Totema
      • And now that they're done with the first Castlevania, they're going back to the third one. - King Kaor
  • What's with the insistence on CRT televisions over flatscreens, even to the point of seeming somewhat snobbish about it? I know it's supposedly over lag, but I've never noticed any real difference between a CRT and a flatscreen of roughly-equal size. Is this an opinion that's a holdover from experiences with older flatscreens? Or some sort of hardcore gamer attitude? — PuppetChaos
    • It's just a thing you wouldn't really understand unless you actually cared about it. The average gamer can't tell the difference between a CRT and a flatscreen unless they're playing a rhythm game. — Quarma
      • Same reason an audiophile will tell you MP3/MP4 is a terrible format but most people can barely tell the difference between it and FLAC — Katana
      • LCDs/flatscreens have more latency (lag) than CRTs, which is why you don't want to play rhythm games on them, because the signal might reach the speakers before it reaches the display. With other games, however, the issue is really more of a personal preference; the CRT could have a warmer glow and softer picture, while the LCD has a sharper image and higher resolution.
      • With older games made in mind with the technology of the time (CR Ts) they play better. This is why you would want to play a NES, SNES, Gamecube, PS2 and any console before the modern ones on a CRT. They just look better and not all stretched out, also lag.
  • If Arin is supposed to be a ghost now, how did he wield a knife in the Spice World video (which takes place after the Rugrats in Paris video)?
    • Same way he's been able to hold a controller all this time: just because he's a ghost doesn't mean he can't interact with tangible objects.
  • Exactly how did the Family Feud game read off "C D Player" as "Model Car"? Is that some sort of programming oversight, or did that happen to be in the list of synonyms for "model car"?
    • My best guess is that the game recognized the letters "C" "A" and "R" in that order and that was apparently good enough.
    • Yeah, "car" is on the list of acceptable synonyms for "model car," and basically, as long as you have the right letters in the right order, it doesn't matter what else is between them. They could have put "C > $@A*(R" for all it mattered, and the game still would have read "C-A-R."
  • Are Jon and Arin still friends, or have they stopped talking after Jon left?
    • Why on Earth would they stop being friends?
      • Sorry. OP here. I don't watch all of Game Grumps' videos or pay constant attention to them, so all I heard was that Jon left the show very suddenly and has stated he will not return to it. I thought maybe he left because of a falling out with Arin or something, since I haven't heard anything else. I guess my question should have been "Why did Jon leave?" but I didn't want to look like some obsessed fan who didn't pay attention, and since I was more just curious about whether it was a falling out or not, I figured phrasing it that way would make it sound less...stupid, I guess.
      • Jon left so he could start focusing on his own channel again, given that Game Grumps took up so much of his time.
      • Jon stated on another Youtuber's livestream that there was a "better business opportunity" (loosely paraphrased) in New York, and wanted to take that opportunity.
      • Taking multiple sources into account, including streams, guest appearances on other shows, convention panels, photos, and actual hints in the Game Grumps episodes themselves, I've come to the conclusion that Jon's departure was a combination of 4 factors: 1) He loves New York, even though he's a California boy he's always had New York in his heart; 2) his girlfriend is in New York, so his love literally lies there; 3) he's a musical theatre fanatic and actually dreams of performing on Broadway; and 4) His fans harassed him constantly about not uploading episodes of (JonTron,) the show where he "came from", eventually it must have gotten to him (despite the fact that I was a JonTron fan first, I find their attempts short-sighted; if you want to see JonTron more, then why do you support a channel where he would only be able to upload a video once a month instead of every day?). I've also seen photographic evidence that proves Jon is still friends with Arin, Suzy, Barry, and Ross (they went to Six Flags Magic Mountain after he moved) and he did a Ninja Sex Party video with Dan, Brian, and most of the others, so he's friends with his replacement. Jon's high school buddy Jirard adores Arin, Dan, and the rest so there's all the evidence one needs to support the conclusion that it's not a bad break-up. The only sad part is that Jon decided to ask Arin to never mention him again on the show; I understand why, to distance JonTron from Game Grumps; but it still seems a little much.
      • Since Jon's departure from Game Grumps, there has been much speculation on the state of his and Arin's friendship. They are no longer on each other's buddy lists on YouTube, however they still follow each other on Twitter and are friends on Facebook. The two seem to avoid interacting online (at least in the public eye). Why would they do this if there was no falling out? One has to wonder. Then again, when asked at his Magfest 2014 panel if he Jon and Danny "hugged it out", Arin said yes. Then there is this tweet of a shirt signed by both Arin and Jon earlier in 2014, with Arin's and Jon's signatures referencing each other playfully. It's all so confusing. So far, no one but the grumps themselves know what's going down between the former partners. We can only hope that they are still on good terms.
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