Headscratchers / Galilei Donna

  • I don't care how much power those two guys have as the owners of the only major energy provider. You can't just put three girls, two of them minors at that, on the international wanted list without anyone batting an eye. I wouldn't mind so much if it were an alternate reality, but this is clearly our world in the near-future!
    • If it helps, Hocchi DID attack police HQ with an armored mecha, and the middle daughter did body slam the police chief. Really, all the police has to do is to publicize those facts while withholding the motive, and keep their mouths shut about the heir apparent of the energy conglomerate being there. They would also keep their mouths shut about him trying to kill the Ferrari sisters, even if they knew, simply because Robert thinks nothing of killing people IN THE POLICE STATION, let alone going after the cop's families.
      • Looks like that's exactly what they did in episode 11.
  • In the final episode, Roberto shot and killed his father in plain sight WHY? Was there any logical reason for that? Seriously.
    • He doesn't want his father to suffer for all the crimes. Hence, killing him and taking all the blame and punishment for himself.
  • How the heck was Roberto able to kill all those people in the hospital, when others had so many chances of taking him down? At one point Roberto even walks up to Cicinho, right in front of Cicinho's armed men, who don't even try to shoot him. C'mon!