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Headscratchers: Future Diary
  • I'm a bit surprised nobody else has brought this up, but COME ON, DEUS! I'm sure Yuki would have made a nice God had he not gotten all depressed after Yuno died, and Kurusu was pretty cool before his [1] happened, but he also decided to enter into the game a terrorist, a serial killer, a cult leader, and YUNO, for God's sake! What if one of them had become God?
    • A small part of the reason Deus is hosting this game is for entertainment. It's not far fetched to believe he could easily pick a god based on the most sanctimonious human on the planet; he just wants to play a fun game. Also, the post-credits scenes at the end of every episode shows that Mur Mur is the one recruiting the players, and her desire for excitement is stronger than Deus'. Now, whether they were chosen by Deus after all is unknown, but still.
  • When Yuno and Yuki had sex, Yuno said that it was her first time. But this is the second time she entered the game, what about the first world Yuki? Did she have sex with him (which means that she lied about her virginity) or she killed him before they could have sex in the first world ?
    • When she is about to be raped by the cultists she screams about wanting her first time to be with Yukki, proving that she hadn't had sex with the 1st world Yukki.
    • I think we will never know the truth. For all we know, her scream could be part of the facade she put on the whole series to make sure what happened in the last game would happen again.
    • Yuno called Yuki Amano-kun in the first world, all the way up until she time jumped. After she kills her second self she says something along the lines of "I'll finally get to see him again...Amano-kun... no, Yuki..." I don't know, but it seems to me like they didn't have as close of a relationship the first time around? I could be wrong. I really do think it was her first time though.
    • They do have close relationship in the first world, but they didn't have sex.
    • Self induced amnesia? If I recall correctly, Yuno had her memories erased on entering the second world in order to keep from altering things too much I think.
  • How, in the name of all things supernatural and uncanny, did Yuno find out that the tomato in the salad the 5th made was poisoned? I've always thought that she knew because it's happened once in the past, but now that it's been revealed that the past situation was different, that explanation doesn't make sense anymore.
    • Even if past events were different, the fact that the 5th is a diary user remained the same, which means Yuno already knew that he was planning something. So I guess she was properly paranoid and just made a lucky guess?
      • The official explanation is that the weight was off in the tomatoes from when she washed them to when they were about to eat them. This appears strange, yes, but when you factor in she was on her guard all day it makes perfect sense. Of course she would notice even the slight change and react as if it was the worst possible thing. A combination of luck, paranoia, and skill.
    • Maybe her Yuki senses were tingling?
  • If the terrorist bomber is supposed to try and avoid detection, why has she filed her teeth down to points? Its great for intimidation, yeah, but makes blending in kinda difficult.
    • Well, she is insane. And missing an eye. Hell, look at her first outfit - blending in probably isn't so high on her agenda.
      • It takes some looking into, but there is something of a parallel side-story with her at the focus. They explain the fashion code a bit (She just likes it, which is something that surprises herself a bit), and as for the teeth... it's a art style thing, when she is more calm later in the volumes, she lacks many of the fangs and pointed teeth unless she expressions are a bit lively.
  • How did the first one to die (i.e. the 3rd) manage to survive long enough to become a contestant if he kept a diary of his crimes on a cell phone, where it could have easily been remotely accessed by law enforcement officials?
    • Magic cell phone. Also, how/why would they remotely access the diary of a random teacher?
      • Ah, but the policeman did say the teacher had already been a suspect in the serial killings for some time. Given that, it wouldn't have been random at all.
      • But it could have been a prepaid cellphone, or a cellphone that has no access to the internet. It would make sense that a serial killer would be careful enough to do that.
    • The anime just adds to this problem. Apparently, even 3rd himself considered a phone cataloging his exploits much too dangerous to allow its continued existence.
  • If Yuki paid close enough attention to events around him that he could keep an accurate detailed diary of what he sees, how did he not notice that Yuno was stalking him closely enough to keep a diary down to every tenth minute interval?
    • Too busy wallowing in self-pity?
    • She is just that good?
    • Why pay attention to a person who goes to your school, is in your class, and lives relatively close to you? It's not like they would be a Stalker with a Crush just because they may have a few coincidences enabling them to around you.
    • She probably made it a point to not be too obvious about it, since that kind of defeats the purpose of stalking (I think). She'd know the route to his house, and the short-cuts, and anything to hide behind should he turn her way. At best, he could've just wound up occasionally writing down, "Ran into Gasai Yuno today. How unusual," in his diary.
  • If Yuno's diary keeps working at night, when they are far separated, and the diaries replicate what they WOULD have done had they not had the magic diary, does that mean that before the Game started, she camped out just outside Yuki's house every night keeping an eye on him? If so, how the hell did he not notice?
    • ...I got nothing.
    • Oblivious to Love cranked Up to Eleven, perhaps? Yuki seems to be pretty much coasting through life prior to the plot hitting; sure, he people-watches, but assumes he's too dull and uninteresting for anyone to be returning the favor. Plus, Rule Of Paranoia Fuel probably applies...
    • Obviously, the diaries are exaggerations of their original observations. Do you think Yuki would really have sat up after being killed in Ch1 and written "Caught by serial killer and killed"?
    Serial Killer got me! Ow! He just stabbed me...that smarts...
  • Why does everyone keep saying that the diary holders are insane? Granted, I only read the regular series, but I haven't seen anything truly disturbing from anyone besides Yuno.
    • Yeah. Nothing crazy at all about a serial killer, a terrorist bomber, the prophetess of a self-proclaimed Religion of Evil, a guy who thinks he's a Hero of Justice but actually is just a vigilante nutcase, the Tykebomb, the cop who betrayed his principles, the group of orphans trying to make their foster mother figure God whether she wants it or not and killing in the process (and the mother herself, who kills for her little darlings because they want her to), a mayor who wants his citizens to become a master race like Hitler wanted, gaining nigh-omniscience as a byproduct of it, a man manically in love with his dogs, neglecting anything else for them... Nothing crazy at all!
    • I think, to put it a little more clearly, everyone is crazy, but most are just crazy in slightly more subtle ways than Yuno is. To put things mildly, every contestant is unbalanced, but Yuno has already fallen off the tightrope and is bouncing giddily on the trampoline below.
    • It seems the only sane diary holders besides Yuki are the 7th.
      • It could be argued that the the 7th are crazy for each other, and in a way that stretches way beyond being a loving couple. And Yuki... with the help of Yuno and the scenarios he's put into, Yuki eventually cracks and/or shatters mentally under the strain of the game..
  • Marco's second diary, the one that predicts the enemy's next attack, would be highly inconvenient in real life. Holding and reading a diary during a fight can distract the fighter. And unless the holder can read an entry in less than 0.5 second, there's no way he'll have the time to react to the enemy's attack. Plus, the 7th's diaries would also be useless during a fight, because it takes even more time to talk out loud. Of course, the same goes for Yukiteru and Yuno's diaries. Also, it bothers me how random teenagers are so much stronger (Yuno) and smarter (Akise) than well-trained policeman (Nishijima). There's something wrong with the local security. Heck, even the orphans are better guards than the police. Then, there's the fact that Yukiteru managed to survive the infinite numbers of bombs. Even though not all the bombs were fatal, some of them made buildings explode. However, none of them had ceilings crash on the characters... There's so many problems with the law of physic in that world. However, I shouldn't expect too much science from a shounen manga.
    • Yes, all very improbable breaks from reality. One would almost need a Deus Ex Machina to explain things.
    • Yuno's already played the game before, you can expect she's got a load of experience and knowledge regarding combat and stuff. Akise's smart because he was designated as an observer. There are loads of people that are stronger than your average policeman. Also, the physics there isn't as wonky as you think... it's perfectly possible to avoid a lot of bombs, and any rubble that might come down.
    • Well, the diary entries are all written ahead of time so unless the future changes Marcos Fighting Diary kicks butt. He could just plan all his moves days before an attack!
    • I just assumed that he recorded his notes on the fight immediately after the fight. Since that's well within the ninety day limit, it would still show up in the diary.

  • If the Yuno from this reality is dead, then doesn't that mean that, as of Chapter 51, Yuki has won?
    • Nope. The Yuno from this reality was never the 2nd to begin with, the previous Yuno killed her and took her place before the game started, and so did become the legitimate 2nd. Which presents an interesting solution to Yuno's dilemma...if she had let the current Yuno become the 2nd, she could have killed her, either immediately or when everyone else was dead, depends on how the diaries work, taken her place, and that could lead to Current-Yukiteru becoming god, with Previous-Yuno still being alive.
    • Is this canon, or speculation? If this Yuno wasn't a diary-holder, then why did she have a Future Diary?
    • "This Yuno" = the dead Yuno. "Previous Yuno" = the one we see in the story. Previous-Yuno has a future diary because she kept her one from her original world, and has an additional one that was granted when she began participating in the game in the current world.
      • Again, where does it state this? Isn't it just as likely that Yuno killed this universe's Yuno after she was given a Future Diary?
      • I haven't had the time to find the exact chapter yet (I'll have the time tomorrow, no point in making an argument without evidence if the evidence is easy enough to find.) Anyway, if I'm recalling it right, the flashback shows This Universe's Yuno (dead one) stalking Yuki, and throwing a makeshift spear at another girl (which hits the teacher who would become 3rd). You see Deus and Murumuru talking about how these three people will become 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (the game hadn't started yet) If I'm remembering it right, Previous-Universe-Yuno kills This-Universe-Yuno quite soon after this incident. As well, the 3 corpses in Yuno's house are already quite well decomposed by the time Yuki sees them, which isn't that long after the game starts. Finally, if Previous-Universe-Yuno had killed This-Universe-Yuno after This-Universe-Yuno had begun the game, then why is This-Universe-2nd-Diary tuned to the future of Previous-Universe-Yuno, and why would it still work at all? Why wouldn't it somehow notify or be noticed by Deus that its owner had been killed? We've never seen diaries transfer possession to the one who killed them, like some weird crossover with Highlander might do. And I'm quite sure the diaries are intelligent and observant enough to be able to tell the difference between the two, who are for practical intents and purposes two different, unique people, with different histories, despite sharing a background up to a certain point and having identical DNA, somewhat like how identical twins have different fingerprints and retinal patterns and memories.
      • Yeah, I'm gonna need to see the actual chapter you're summarizing, because I don't recall that at all. Also, the 10th, as well as the alternate universes (Paradox, Mosaic), show that diary ownership is quite transferable. Furthermore, if what you're saying is true, then that would mean Alternate Yuno was the owner of BOTH diaries . . . except the one that was destroyed referred to Yuki as "Amano" and not "Yuki". The diaries are entered based upon what Yuno's future self would say, but Alternate Yuno never called him Amano - in the flashback with Yuki going out with another girl, that Yuno ALWAYS called him Amano.
      • Your arguments are excellent; as well, I haven't read Mosaic or Paradox. I concede the argument, you have persuaded me.
      • Anyway, the exact chapter of the murder is 53.
      • The Yukki-2 is God of Universe B while Yuno-1 would be God of Universe A is still a plausible idea since the 9th is still alive.
      • Actually, the point about Minene is also a bit confusing. Because if Minene is still alive, then just how did Yukiteru win the second world's game? It isn't even like Minene died at least once, because we get to see her short flashback of Deus intervening with her death at the vault. Did the Ninth somehow forfeit the chance to win by breaking her diary? Or, what...even...just what happened at that point, seriously!? Did Deus open small path to the past to stop her from before she broke her diary while Muru Muru wasn't looking, and just drop her in the Hall of Causality where she waited until Muru Muru declared Yuno to be God again!? Although I guess the second option isn't very likely since she isn't seen using her diary after that.
  • Whenever anyone sees Yuki's darts, they immediately lose whatever reflexes/survival instinct they were famed to have. To elaborate:
    • I know that the 3rd isn't the brightest of the bunch (or the most sane), but a dart isn't exactly a bullet. If he survived the 9th's bombs, why couldn't he dodge a small dart? Also, in Mosaics, it's revealed that he wears a bullet-proof vest. Why not move his hand out of the way and let the dart hit his chest?
    • The 9th herself. Ok, she actually MOVED her arm too. Except, she moved it in the complete opposite direction. If YOU had a dart flying towards you, would you prefer that it hit your, say, arm, and poked a healable hole, or your EYE?
      • Actually, in the first world, she did just that. Though in her position, she was more likely to move her right arm to the right than to the left because the extension of the arm feels more natural that way, and she had to react quickly on a split-second decision.
    • The 6th. She got hit because the diary was too heavy to hold up, right? So why doesn't she just DROP it? If her scroll is in a heap on the ground, I doubt a dart would be able to do much to it. She has so many followers too, that if Yuki misses that one chance, they're definitely dead. Instead, she stares dumbly and holds her scroll up to form one large open target for the dart to hit...
      • The problem wasn't that the diary was too heavy, the problem was that she forgot that she had no right hand. This is perfectly understandable, as she didn't get enough time to get used to the idea of only having one hand. Her first instinct seemed to be to protect the diary by folding it and covering it with her body, but she couldn't fold it and it was too late to drop it by the time she realized this.
    • Ever play dodgeball against someone really good? Oh sure, you can criticize someone's actions or reflexes as an observer, but having something actually thrown at you is a different story. You made a comment that darts "aren't bullets", but that's not doing either justice. You'll never even see a bullet, so dodging it reactively is out of the question. Something small like a dart, however, you may be able to see, but only for less than a second.
      • A number of these characters are portrayed as having superhuman ability. Yuno, deflecting 7th's throwing knives, outrunning explosions. Minene being able to notice the dart at all, 3rd, 11th, 7th, and many of them reacting to one another. 6th, 8th, and a few other exceptions.
  • If the 11th's diary can see the diary of alternate-universe users (which makes sense, considering that he could see Yuno's in the 2nd world), then why didn't the Mayor #2 read her diary at the beginning of the game the way that Mayor #3's did?
    • Yuno's diary predicts what happens to Yuki. If it was someone else who off'd him, even if it was Yuno, no record would be made in Yuno's "Yukiteru Diary". That's assuming his Watcher Diary could even detect the First World Diary considering that, mere monents after Yuno's arrival, she gets another one with the exact same name and code (2nd). Plenty of reasons, esspecially considering Yuno seems to arrive literally at the beginning of the Survival game.
    • Yes, but she didn't use that diary except in one specific instance. Yuno #1's diary always referred to Yukiteru as "Yuki"; Yuno #2's diary (and presumably Yuno #1's before the game ended) referred to him as "Amano". Hell, if anything, that just proves my point further—why weren't there TWO diaries with slightly different entries? And also, the Watcher Diary of Mayor #3, had no trouble picking up Yuno #1's diary instantly after she arrived.
    • Yes, but it was still labelled "2nd". The Watcher Diary labells the ones as who they belong to. Seeing as there would be two "2nd" diaries, it may only of picked up the one that was in use. Think of it like a computer file. If you try to name something the exact same thing, the new one will supercede the old. Furthermore, the diary that 3rd world 11th read was "1st", i.e. Yukki's. Not Yuno's, so the above point still stands. Plus, what you have to remember was that this is two years (or something) before the game had a chance to start, and it wasn't instantly. He only seemed to check it when there was suddenly a big shift in time and space. Getting back to my earlier point, two years ago there was only the 1th's Watcher diary. It stands to reason he would detect it when a new diary popped up reading "1st", when the others presumably hadn't activated yet or at the very least, weren't in use (you can see them circling in the background).
      • Very well, sir or madam. You have convinced me.
  • If Yuno's parents were so bad, to the point they drove her to become who she became in the first place... why the hell are they there for her and caring and all of that in the third world? Doesn't that contradict the whole being ridiculously abusive and keeping her in a cage thing a bit?
    • Implied that her dad was never 'bad', just too busy with work to notice that his wife was slowly going insane, possibly some mental sickness. So in the third world they noticed that problem soon enough (similiar to the 4th's son, who got saved because his sickness was noticed earlier) and Yuno Gasai never got subjected to that abuse. Slightly subverted in that aspect because Yuno still would become crazy and yandere, if you realize that the 3rd Yuno holds memories of all the shit the 1st Yuno went through...
      • It's not subverted, because several years have passed since the death of 1st World Yuno. Having the memories of a different person, even if it's yourself from an alternate universe, does not necessarily alter your personality to be just like that person. 3rd World Yuno managed to avoid going through all the suffering 1st World Yuno did. And even with 1st World Yuno's memories, 3rd World Yuno still had several years to reflect upon them, and now that her family is much better than before and now has a healthy school life with friends since then, it's more likely that 3rd World Yuno will avoid becoming psychotic, especially now that she has 2nd World Yukiteru with her and they don't have to go through the survival game.
  • About chapter 59: was this even necessary for Yukiteru and Yuno to bother with concluding the game (by killing one of them) at this point? The whole point of the game was to select a new god before Deus's death to prevent the destruction of the world. But by the chapter 59 the 2nd world had already been destroyed and the new god would have to start creating a new world from the scratch - and neither Yukiteru nor Yuno had any intention to do so anyway. So, instead of Yukiteru telling Yuno to kill him and become a god of the 2nd world, couldn't they simply leave the game unresolved and forget about it, adopt new identities, move to a different town and live in the 3rd world together?
    • It was necessary because while the 2nd world had already been destroyed, the 3rd world was still heading towards destruction. The 3rd world's Deus was also dying.
      • Neither Yukiteru nor Yuno seemed to care much about the 3rd world's fate while making their decisions (Yukiteru only wanted to save 3rd world Yuno from being killed by the 1st world one, other than that he just wanted Yuno to kill him; and Yuno, if she got her way, would probably ultimately leave the 3rd world after winning the game, dooming it to destruction anyway). And even if they had cared, it's not that 1st Yuno or 2nd Yukiteru in particular would have to become 3rd world's god for it to survive. As far as they knew at the beginning of chapter 59, they had 2 years before the start of the game in this world and the end of the 3rd world to think of something. Of course, in this time they might have even found out that the game was cancelled altogether and that Deus would have to find other way to choose his successor, whom he ended up hand-picking anyway.
        I guess my main point is this: at the very least Yukiteru and Yuno could have waited for some time to see how their actions affected the 3rd world and the future of other (would-be) diary owners before making any decisions, instead of deciding that one of them had to die right there and then.
      • I think the main idea is: Yukki wanted to save the second world, so he wanted to die so Yuno would survive and fix it. Yuno killed herself so that Yukki would choose to stay alive instead of trying to kill himself, which kept Yukki alive, but because he was depressed, he didn't try to save the second world at all. So in other words, they both screwed up.
  • Episode 6 - Why is Deus watching Yuki on the toilet?
  • Why, in the manga, when the friends of Yukiteru were trapped in the room being filled with concrete, were they not hurt after wading hip deep in it? For those who don't know, touching wet concrete, especially non-Quikcrete, will rip your skin off worse than any glue. Going waste deep would be extremely painful.
  • In the chapter 44 of the manga how exactly did Yukiteru's trick with using his diary to find out the password to the vault work? I mean, it is established that diary will also record false predictions based on its owner misunderstandings... but in this case there was no misunderstanding, Yukiteru lied about planning to escape with Minene even though he was never actually going to do that, and his diary was fooled anyway?
    • That's because if they chose this escape path they would've got the password, the secretary didn't lie. Even though it can get misinformation, if the future info is correct it doesn't matter if he never planned on doing it. Besides, it was only a temporary future, once he got the password the future changed.
  • If Deus was rooting for Yukiteru to win anyway, why did he bother having the Survival Game? Why not just make Yukiteru the new God from the start? According to the Third World, he could have just done that.
    • Rooting for and actually showing you're worthy are two different things. To Deus, even if he thinks of you as his favorite, you still need prove that you have what it takes. His partnership with John Bacchus in building the Future Diaries made it the opportunity to test Yukiteru out. 3rd World Deus saw the effort of both 2nd World Yukiteru and Yuno's actions when they came to the 3rd World, which made them worthy to be his successors.
  • It's barely referenced, but Yuno is apparently a very popular girl at her school. How is this possible when we only ever see her with Yukiteru? Also, if she's so popular, how is it that Yukiteru just so happened to be the only one to give her a compliment (or say something nice to her) after she killed her parents? No one else happened to do that prior?
    • Poor writing, and a bad case of telling, not showing. However, she is seen being complimented by boys but she laughs it off because Yuki is the only man she strives for.
    • Also, she's only seen with Yuki because she doesn't give a damn about anyone else. The third world shows her with a group of friends, yes, but even then she doesn't seem to be too concerned with them.
  • What exactly can God do? Apparently Yuno isn't that strong since she was killed by a mere knife stabbing into her heart (that's something that should kill a person, but not a God(dess)). God has no body enhancements apparently. He/She can't bring back the dead. From what I've seen, God in this show has Telekinesis and Flight. He/She can also create things, but the extent of such a power isn't explored.
    • Apparently, a lot of things from if you look at Deus more closely. Arguably, Yuno is just a young God(dess), not really experienced in being able to do the many things Deus can, and to her it doesn't matter; if she can't be with Yukki, then being a God(dess) is worthless to her. We can only guess that she's only knows a few tricks of being a God(dess) but not exactly experienced enough to figure out the other abilities. Blame Deus for being too lazy to leave an instruction manual for his successor.
  • By the time that they're in the Third World, do they even have to fight anymore? The Survival Game is over apparently. The Third World wont be destroyed if Yuki, Yuno and Minene are alive (as we see from Minene and Yukiteru being alive in the end). Why doesn't Yuno just try to live happily with Yuki there? Why did she have to fly around trying to kill her Third World self and having another temporary love with him?
    • In a way, yes, the fighting between Yukki and Yuno had to continue and conclude. The Survival Game is not over until one person is left standing (there is no surrender or forfeiting), meaning that the 2nd World can't return to its original state unless there's a clear victor to take the role of its God of Time & Space. Second, despite her feelings for Yukki, Yuno also feels that she doesnít deserve to be happy after all of the bad stuff she did. Itís a contradicting nature, but thatís people for you. Sheís lost in her own despair and insanity that she wants to die, but feels that itís better for Yukki kill her instead of killing herself; retribution, perhaps? But because he refuses to do so, she thinks the only thing left to do is do the same thing in the Third World and hope the Yukiteru in that world would hopefully kill her. Again, crazy people donít really think straight. Third, from a story-telling perspective, even if they can try to live together in the Third World, it doesnít change anything in the grand scheme of things; the Third Worldís Survival Game would still happen, meaning that 3rd World Yunoís life would still suck, everyone involve will still die and the world will eventually near its destruction. There needed to be a strong enough interference from another world to affect the 3rd World enough to change the fates of the Diary Users and for 3rd World Deus to rethink things for a successor.

  • Why didn't Yuno just take Yuki to the First World after the two of them were the only ones remaining in the Survival Game? She had every reason to do that instead of repeat the Survival Game in other worlds. Think about it. Why would she rather kill him and go back to start it over than take him to an already destroyed universe where they could be alone together for eternity. Makes no sense to me.
    • Well, now that you mention it, why the hell didn't she think of that? But then, Yuno's not exactly in her right mind anyway. But on the other hand, who knows; maybe to her, it wouldn't be the same if he never got any of the memories she had with Yuki from the First World. The reason Thrid-World-Yuno gets First-World-Yuno's memories is because the latter already became a god, though it's possible she could have taken to a bit of memory-tampering with 2nd-world-Yuki. Still though, you've got a really good point.
    • Answer is the because 1) Even if she could bring Yuki back to the 1st World with him, there would be nothing left for them. From what people don't realize is that Yuki and Yuno both need to people to interact together with. Yuno has no problem with Yuki being with certain people as long as they're aware that Yuki loves only her. Even if she could use her powers to rebuild the universe, they still cannot bring back their loved ones, which means that Yuki can't get his friends and parents back. And 2) Yuno wants to die. Even though she's been insane throughout the whole story, she's still torn up with guilt over having 1st-World Yuki die and not being able to save him, as well as feeling guilty over deceiving 2nd-World Yuki and making him betray his friends. She simply wants to die, and in her warped mind, she only wants Yuki to do it.

  • Let's talk about 7th they are two people, Deus allowed this (it may not have been his idea but he didnít stop it) so why don't Yuki and Yuno ask to be treated as one contestant? Or give Yuno some minor position in Yuki's domain like Mur Mur? I mean when they were the last two in the first world (and Yuno was sane-ish) what's to stop them from making a deal with Deus?
    • Because 7th is still one diary user, even though they're two people. And despite all of Deus' flaws, he's still a big stickler for the rules. Yuki and Yuno are different diary users, combining them would be a violation of the rules. Which means that yeah, 7th kind of hit the jackpot with their diary.
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