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Headscratchers: FusionFall
  • So, the reason Coop can't just use the MEGAS is because it's trapped with Fusion Matter. Okay, okay, I'll go with that. This is where my problem comes in. In a side mission, it's mentioned that the Glorft fought off the Fusion Spawn before. The MEGAS has proven itself capable of taking on a considerably large amount of the Glorft at once. So, how did the fusion spawn get MEGAS covered in that much fusion matter to begin with? Heck, why didn't Coop just go up there as soon as the planet showed up, and punch it to bits? They've taken on bigger.
    • Most likely his attempt at punching it what's lodged it in fusion matter. Coop probably tried smashing it and the fuse realized they couldn't stop MEGAS by fighting so they lodged around him. Coop barley escaped.
    • According to the short prequel manga that can be found on the site's main page Coop was too busy playing video games to notice until it was too late.
  • Where's Goo? Imaginary energy is stated as being Fuse's weakness, and nobody has more than Goo.
    • Probably they didn't want to overload her. The fuse could easily keep making more to keep up with her and overload her brain, the same reason they probably haven't tried it with Mac. Plus we know once Goo's energys out it can't be stopped and when that much is released.... well let's just say the fuse would be the least of our problems.
  • Why isn't this shit a Cartoon yet? I really hate how they haven't done a show about this yet.
    • I REALLY want there to be a cartoon about this to, BUT! there is one major reason that would be very difficult: voice actors. They got all of the several shows voice actors to record, say, a few lines each for the game. But a show (which would probably last quite a few seasons) would require rounding up ALL of those voice actors again, most of whom have probably moved on to other projects, and getting them to stick with the show for the entirety of it's run. However, if they were ever able to bypass this and get all the right VA's (or good enough sound alikes) the potential for a Fusion Fall show would be AMAZING.
    • Personally, I'm glad there isn't one. I don't trust CN with there own properties anymore.
    • Hey, I could see Toonami do it. It could have swears!
  • Why aren't there any Total Drama Island characters?!?
    • Because Cartoon Network doesn't actually own Total Drama Island.
    • And they would contribute nothing.
      • That's not true, they'd be no less useful than the cast of Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
      • The Eds are merchants, right? But seriously, it's more like: Ed, Edd and Eddy's been on TV for a while, and most of its watchers now are adolescents. They're more into action games than most of the kids watching Total Drama Island. It's my guess anyway. Alternately: The three are already huge on the Cartoon Network universe, having appeared on Powerpuff Girls and Kids Next Door. Players would eventually like to know where the hell were they in the game if the weren't there.
    • It could also be because of the fact that a large amount of Cartoon Network fans do not like this show. Back when this game still had forums, the users made it clear that they didn't want to see even a glimpse of them in the game. So TDI is in the same boat as The Problem Solverz.
  • Am I the only one who wishes this were a one player console game, where you could update every time they changed something?
    • Same
  • How old are the KND? Younger Than They Look, almost thirteen, or what?
  • Well, the Puffs are 13, so it's possible
  • So, the guides. We've got Ben, Mojo, and Dexter. All three super-powerful in their own right, their respective shows are all in the action genre; basically, it makes sense that if you're training kids to be fighters, they'd be the guides. Then we've got... Edd. Who, for the record, was the weakest of the main cast of his own show, which was comedy, not action. Why not, say, one of the KND as a guide? They're a huge part of the game, but no characters are actually guides. Or maybe a serious fighter, like Samurai Jack? It just kind of baffles me as to why Edd, of all people, would be chosen for a guide when there are so many more action-oriented characters that would fit the bill so much better.
    • When it comes to Cartoon Network crossovers, the Kids Next Door tend to suffer Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.
    • Thematic reasons, clearly enough. Not all of the shows involved are action oriented, and it makes sense to have one of the guides represent that portion of Cartoon Network.
    • At the very least, Edd's really intelligent and good at making plans.
  • The people who draw the characters for 'Fusion Fall' are unable to draw animal characters(Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner's A Monkey, Regular Show, etc). So what this troper doesn't understand is.....why don't they just hire people who can draw animal characters for the game?
  • Johnny isn't a Cartoon Network original. What gives?
  • Does anyone else find it annoying how the game disregards the continuity of a lot of these shows? Ben and Rex are supposed to be from separate dimensions, Finn & Jake live in a post-apocalyptic future, and, hell, Numbuh One shouldn't even be on Earth anymore. I mean, is this like the Ultimate Universe Cartoon Network, or what?
    • Adventure Time as well as Ben 10 have a multiverse, so we could assume it is part of said multiverse
      • ...It's a crossover game dude. They're allowed to take liberities with the canon of each their shows, and besides, by that logic the game shouldn't even be happening in the first place.
  • Wonky animals cut Lazlo & Gym Partner. Fair enough, but what kept Adam from Gym Partner (who is a human) out of the game?
    • Because it hasn't updated its main game in ages......
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