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Headscratchers: Fright Night (2011)
  • He broke the windows to let the sunlight inside the house from the inside... wouldn't it have made more sense to break them before entering the house, or at least go back outside to do so?
    • Probably. But the guy's hardly an expert at this stuff.
    • Breaking windows? While outside? In broad daylight where the whole street can see what's going on?
      • Well, it's not like they wouldn't hear it anyway...
  • Charley's relationship with Amy was a big headscratcher for me. Was I the only one who thought the movie was setting her up as a shallow figure and Charley was actually going to end up with Doris the go-go dancer? That's not the important issue though. Late in the movie, she says "I always knew you were a dweeb". So ... why did she not date Charley when he was outwardly a dweeb? She waited for him to ditch his friends and hang out with the popular kids, which is a complete Jerkass thing to do.
    • I figured she meant that as, despite him being a dweeb, she waited for him to gather up the courage to ask her out, regardless of their social statuses. Charley just chose to hang with the popular kids and leave Ed and Adam after he started dating Amy.
      • Still, would've been nice of her to tell him this earlier, as the only reason he stopped hanging out with Ed was because he thought that if he did, Amy would dump him.
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