Headscratchers / Freddi Fish

  • In the third game, why are the golden pipes hidden? Nadine the narwhal's the only one who explains why - she wanted to cover up her mistakes. However, the other characters only explain why they stole the conch shell. What's the point of using it for something if you don't have the golden pipes?
    • For Gill, it may be because that way, they couldn't find the pipes in time for the festival so people would still go to the carnival. For Claw, the other bullies may have either dared Claw to hide the pipes as well (it would explain the flashlight, or maybe they took the pipes themselves and hid them. For Horst, the pipes would've made the conch difficult to use as a hearing aid for his granny. And for Pierre, the conch shell may have looked better as a fashion accessory without the pipes. In fact, Rosie is the only one who may not have a good reason why she'd get rid of the pipes.