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Headscratchers: Finding Nemo
  • One of the supporting cast has an allergy to water. So he sneezes. Was I the only one who was scratching their head after that?
  • Why is there light inside a whale?
  • Not that Nemo or Marlin would have known this, but the fishermen would have just thrown Dory back once they pulled up that net.
    • Possibly.
    • She'd be dead by then.
    • And they wanted to save all those other fish as well, y'know.
    • And, most importantly, they didn't know that she would be thrown back.
    • Maybe they wanted to save everyone later? Others were also fish,
  • What does a vegetarian shark eat?
    • They weren't vegetarian. They're more than willing to eat dolphins. Also, nothing is said of non-fish aquatic animals, such as crabs and octopodes. And lastly, they're apparently not very good at keeping their oath.
      • Although to be fair, that's only because one of them got the scent of blood — the others seemed okay.
      • They were supposed to bring a buddy, and one of the shark's 'buddies' ended up a skeleton between his teeth...
    • Plancton, that's what whale sharks eat.
  • It appears that every fish in the movie has eyelids. Why?
    • Most Writers Are Human.
    • And it would look too freaky (for a kids movie at least) if the majority of the cast never blinked.
      • Especially during the scenes where they're sleeping.
    • Also, it's a movie with talking fish in it. So really, eyelids are the least of your worries.
    • It is kind of surprising they kept the incidental blinking. Imagine all the extra work on those poor animators!
  • How old is Dory? I always thought she was like teenage aged but now that I'm older she seems almost Marlin's age.
    • Well, considering lifespan and all, she probably went ahead...oh my...
      • The 2015 sequel is called Finding Dory, so unless it's zombie Dory, we're good.
    • The actress who voiced Dory is almost the age of the actor who voiced Marlin. Not that that necessarily means anything.
  • Shouldn't that pufferfish, umm, Bloat, right? Shouldn't he have popped that bag? I don't know if those spikes are actually sharp at all (but I think they are?) but pufferfish suck up water so they can inflate in the first place, so he would have pretty much inhaled the bag.
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they sell non-lethal types of puffers for doctor's offices and households? Also, judging by how much water was in the bag, he might've suffocated himself in the attempt.
      • Pufferfish are only deadly if eaten, and their spines aren't very sharp or stiff enough to pop a plastic bag.
      • Bloat is a porcupine fish, not the poisonous puffer.
    • The holes would have been tiny, several orders of magnitude too small for him to swim through.
    • Also, the end credits imply them to have escaped those bags anyway.
  • Were Marlin and Dory meant to be just friends or is there some sort of text behind the subtext?
    • Hmm... I never really got the vibe that it was more than friendship.
    • I can never see those two as more than just friends.
    • Well, we do have this little exchange from one point where Marlin tries to (politely) tell Dory to leave, because her scatterbrained nature is causing him delays in his quest to find Nemo:
    Dory: (Tearing) You... you mean you don't... like me? (Cries)
    Marlin: No, of course I like you, it's because I like you I don't want to be with you... it's a... complicated emotion... Don't cry, I like you...
  • How come every aquatic animal from octopi to fish to pelicans to turtles speak the same language but whales apparently don't? A fish to mammal isn't any more different than a fish to a reptile, or a fish to a bird, or a fish to a cephalopod (ok, they're obviously not all the same, but you get the point).
    • They do. They just speak it veeeeerrrrrrry slooooooooowwwwwwly.
  • Quick point: Those fish bags at the end of the film wouldn't have floated above the water .... Being filled with H 2 Oc, gravity would have had the bags mostly or completely underwater. Obviously, this would have been less funny to humans (air breathing and claustrophobic and all), but it still drives me nuts.
    • There's still room for buoyancy with the air in the bag, though, so it wouldn't have sank. It'd just have floated at a slightly lower elevation.
    • Ever gotten a fish from the store, and let the bag float in the tank? (you're supposed btw, it lets the temp adjust and has less chance of putting the fish into shock) The bags do float.
  • The fullscreen version of the film: Near the end of the movie, a female patient can be seen in the dentist's waiting room, and said patient is actually revealed to have long, thin legs. In the fullscreen version, her legs are always visible, especially when she first enters the waiting room, causing the fish to mistake her for Darla. Does anyone notice her legs in the fullscreen version?
    • The fish knew Darla was coming that day, so when they heard the door open, they thought it was her.
    • I said the patient's legs, not the fish mistaking her for Darla.
  • Why would the dentist put a bag of water in the trash can?
    • This is the same guy that thought he was saving Nemo when he took him away from Marlin. The writers probably dropped him the Idiot Ball.
    • In his defense, he didn't know any better. All he saw was a disabled fish in a very, very dangerous environment; it's no secret that in nature, the weak perish easily, so from his perspective, Nemo was living on borrowed time before a predator eventually got him. It's not like he saw Nemo safe and secured in coral and decided to get him out anyway.
    • This is what may have happened if Nigel didn't show up then and there: the dentist would place the bag containing the "dead" Nemo in the garbage, get Darla's checkup over with, then once she was out of the dentist's chair and back in the waiting room (to probably wait for her mom to pick her up), he'd take the bag out of the garbage can and to the bathroom, where Nemo would be flushed down the toilet. Hopefully the kid could play dead long enough to have this happen.
  • How come the sea turtles never seemed to have any concern about resurfacing to breathe? They can hold their breath for long, but not THAT long.
    • We don't know how long they've been down there. Maybe not too long after their scene is over, they resurface.
  • If Marlin can't read the writing on the back of the scuba mask, how come Nemo knew the tank fish were talking about Darla when they tried Censorship by Spelling?
    • They were spelling her name in fish language, the scuba mask's writing was in English.
    • Either that or they also knew how to read. These are the same fish that were familiar with the dentist's work, maybe they also inadvertently learned how to read from him also.
    • Oh, they know how to read. It's just that Nemo shouldn't be able to, thus he shouldn't know what they're spelling. Fish language was a possibility I hadn't considered, though.
    • Marlin couldn't read the mask because it was upside down, but he didn't realize it(as he says "What do these markings mean?!", we see it from his point of view and he's looking at it upside down). If he was looking at it right side up, he probably could have read it.
    • Maybe Nemo just guessed from context? That's what I always thought, while Dory and the Tank Fish actually can read.
      • Also 'Dar' and 'D-A-R' sound pretty similar.
      • But that asks the question if "Darla" is spoken the same in fish language. If a human were to listen very closely, would he hear "Bloop gloop Darla bloop glug gloop"?
      • Sure, but the audience is hearing the English (or whatever language they're watching in) equivalent of the fish spelling. Just like words are translated by Translation Convention, the letters and arrangement thereof would be translated.
  • How does Marlin know who Moby-Dick is? (Inside the whale, he yells "Do I taste good, Moby?") Is Sandy Plankton also a literature expert?
    • Maybe Moby existed in this universe and is something of a legend.
    • It's also possible that escaped or released pet fish would have taught ocean dwellers about it. The fish in the dentist office know a lot about dental care, so it's not unreasonable to assume that a librarian's fish could have listened to a reading of Moby Dick before leaving the tank and teaching it to other fish.
  • When the tank fish think Darla is coming, Gil hides Nemo inside a barrel prop thingy. Why didn't they just have him stay there until Darla left?
    • Well, the kid they were reacting to turned out to not be Darla, so they all thought he was safe. Additionally, they had just woken up and hadn't had much time to think of a plan. With a little more time they would have just kept him there until Darla arrived and then left.
  • Why did the dentist decide to give Darla another fish as a present if she already proved she can't take care of one?
    • She probably threw a fit.
    • The dentist was already proven to be pretty dumb. He wears an invisible Idiot Ball.
    • Yeah. I mean, she clearly shakes the bag violently and he does nothing to stop her. He's not kinda an idiot. He's really an idiot.
    • She's also a year older, he may have expected her to be more mature.
    • He probably thinks tropical pet fish are the coolest hobby anyone could ever have. He really takes pretty good care of his tank of fish, from his POV. Maybe he's just one of those uncles who is terrible at coming up with gift ideas so he always gets the same thing over and over.
  • Did anyone else view Marlin as more on the Properly Paranoid side since Nemo swimming out to the boat got him lost in the first place?
    • Although Nemo only swam out to the boat in the first place because Marlin's obsessive need to make sure he was safe was getting out of control. Had Marlin just relaxed a bit, it probably wouldn't have happened. He's not wrong that the ocean's dangerous; he's wrong in that he's stifling Nemo rather than protecting him.
  • During the one little montage scene thing where various aquatic creatures are talking about Marlin, and his quest to find his son, there's a flock of seagulls talking about it. But in every other instance when there's a seagull on the screen...
    • They're speaking in translated seagull language? I also notice that they're female voices. Perhaps Women Are Wiser to the point that only female seagulls can say more than just "Mine!"?
      • This troper has noted that seagull calls can sound a lot like "Mine!"
    • I always thought those were albatrosses and not sea gulls (they're soaring rather than flapping their wings and appear to have rather large wings).
  • Given that it was sold in Australia, shouldn't the Aquascum 2003 have given the water temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?
    • Yes. Unless it was a cheap import.
  • The Aquascum 2003 scans the tank every five minutes. Every time it does, it announces the results with a computerized voice. Wouldn't that get really annoying really fast?
    • Maybe the scanning time can be adjusted and five minutes is just the default.
    • Maybe the voice is optional and Dr. Sherman hadn't finished reading through the manual.
  • Could somebody please explain something to me? On the main page, there's a Getting Crap Past the Radar entry regarding Deb introducing herself as, "Aunt Deb," then introducing her "sister" Flo (her reflection in the glass). Am I missing something here? How exactly is this a Getting Crap Past the Radar moment?
    • Aunt Flo is a common euphemism for menstruation.
      • Ah, okay. Yeah, being a dude, one of the only euphemisms I'm familiar with is, "On the rag." Now that it's been explained, I can't help but wonder if this was being looked into too deep; "Flo" is never actually refered to as Aunt Flo, not to mention Deb calls herself Aunt Deb, which is pretty common among people who assume responsibility of looking after a youngster, by usually saying, "Don't worry, Aunt/Uncle So-and-so will take care of you." Unless it's a Stealth Pun (which maybe it is, I dunno), I just think it's being looked into way too deep... as are a lot of things in animation.
  • How do they find their way back to the anemone at the end? If nothing else, the trip in the whale after being so lost they're going in circles should have completely messed up their ability to backtrack.
    • By now Marlin's pretty famous, so it might be hard to find some fans and ask for directions. And it's not as if they had much of a sense of how to get to their destination the first time.
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