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Headscratchers: Film Cow
  • Anyone know what on earth is going on with the blog at Before the journal posts were rare and only by Jason Steele, and usually on the topic of his videos. Now there's a "KittyAmy96" who's been writing Wangst filled posts nearly every week, and only one post by Jason for the first time in 5 months. Is KittyAmy somebody he knows? A relative, or someone who helps out on his videos? Or is this some new way of his continuing to screw with our minds?
    • Possible clue: On the Secret Agent Bob channel, there's a short message saying "Cats are pretty cool. The ocelot is my favorite cat." This "KittyAmy96" is quite the cat fan, to the point of thinking she's a cat in a human body.
    • Current consensus among the forum-goers is that KittyAmy96 is a mind screw until proven otherwise.
    • At least Steele posts more often again now. We only have to face her maybe once every few months.
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