Headscratchers: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  • How did Duke get an alligator tail on him if he was drunk and on drugs the whole time?
    • Same as for the half of a plastic bull with high heels in/on the toilet; it's Vegas, they have unlimited credit, so everything is a phone call away.
  • Why does Dr. Gonzo always say "As your attorney, I advise you to..." before suggesting something incredibly foolish, risky or dangerous? To keep Duke out of trouble of course, by putting the responsibility all on Gonzo who can legal-bullshit his way into and out of anything.
    • As his actual attorney he pretty much has legal say for any of Duke's actions. It's pretty much him letting Duke off the leash when he asks for advice on certain matters. He also knows the legal loopholes so he may know how to get them both out of trouble.
      • Which is remarkably true to life. Oscar Acosta's legal career was marked by a mixture of political activism and Refuge in Audacity — he supposedly set a judge's lawn on fire with kerosene the night before facing him in court, and remained confident that no one would ever believe it was him.