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  • Okay, so Windows Movie Maker is not a great bit of software, and I'm happy that I have Final Cut for my original projects and fanvids when I'm in the mood, but you know what? WMM is not the reason your video sucks! If you really cared about making something that would be enjoyable for others to watch, then you'd put in some effort! Having Sony Vegas will not instantly give you talent or a knack for editing, so stop placing the blame on a bit of programming.
    • This Sony Vegas user has been tempted to try her hand at a really epic vid with Window Movie Maker, just to prove to everyone that it can be done.
    • One of my favorite video makers is a Windows Movie Maker user. Here's just one of her videos.
    • Whom is part of a studio, dedicated to proving that Windows Movie Maker is not a bad program.
    • Agreed. Vegas is only a tool so there are bad videos made with it. When WMM is used well, it's done very well.
    • Personally, I don't use any effect other than speed up/slow down and a bit of grayscale. I'm just a simple guy with simple needs. I really enjoy watching my own videos, and apparantly there are a few others who do, and that's good enough for me. Pretty much the only issue I have with WMM is the crashing and how I couldn't "finish movie" if I have too many clips. Took me a painful while to figure that out, and it still cause one of two ugly breaks in the audio.
    Todd in the Shadows: Like, using real editing software is like using a fine-tipped paintbrush; Windows Movie Maker is like using a bowling pin.
  • Why does everyone hate AMVS so much there are quite a few great ones
    • For my part, I don't hate the medium so much as I hate the community surrounding it. And by "the community surrounding it" I mean animemusicvideos.org (all letters left intentionally lowercase out of scorn and disrespect). I've made one or two myself and it's a fun process, but the elitism and bullshit spewing forth from that site (which fancies itself the end-all be-all of AMVs, to the point that they want to catalog every last one in existence) really takes the enjoyment out of it. I've often contemplated prefacing my videos with "I hereby revoke any and all permission for this video to be cataloged by animemusicvideos.org. All other sites are welcome." Just to antagonize them. I'd say it was petty but they deserve it for the way they treat newcomers and anybody who doesn't do things their way.
      • Now I think you're just over-exaggerating the rudeness of the community. It has its fair share of elitist and BS spewers, but it also has a large amount of reasonable people as well.
    • Simple reason, actually: Sturgeon's Law + Stereotype.
  • Why is it that on most MEPs (Multi-editor project) you can find on Youtube, WMM is blacklisted? No, seriously, it's usually a requirement that you don't use Windows Movie Maker.
    • Because to many people on the internet, accessible + easy-to-use + lacking many usual bells and whistles that you don't necessarily need anyway = horrible program.
    • Some are an attempt to fulfill a specific goal, which may require Vegas or some more advanced programs. Others want all of the parts to match the basic YouTube dimensions (which can be done in WMM, but it requires plugins and enhancements). Still others are working in fandoms where the clips almost certainly have subtitles (Kingdom Hearts comes to mind) and want those cropped out; again, possible in WMM but only with enhancements. Still others are just elitists.
    • While we're complaining about collaborations, is anyone tired of them all together? Especially the ones where 10+ people, with different styles, don't talk the project over with their fellow vidders, making the finished project look completely jarring.
    • Mostly it is incredibly annoying that Sony Vegas and other "advanced" editors seems to think they have some right over a particular style or even, editing as a whole. Perhaps WMM is blacklisted so easily, because their memory of the program reminds them so easily of their worst videos that they were in no hurry to make better.
  • Now in recent days there seems to be a lack of any sort of video editing that requires..flow. Dubstep is flying around the internet like a plague and all editors seem to be catching on, downloading some truly terrible add-ons for their advanced programs and trying to use as many as possible in the same 30 seconds.
    • And more to the point, sometimes it is not even possible to see the clips or fandoms they have used. Instead you will be blinded.
  • Why is there so many Dragon Ball Z Amv's set to the song 'Bodies' by Drowning Pool? Why can't fans simply say "Oh, that song has been done a few times already. Lemme find another song instead." rather than post the video, adding to the MASSIVE pile of videos with that song in it, being unoriginal? I understand it's a great song, and it fits the show well, but there are other songs out there that can do the same thing.
    • People want to make them themselves.
    • It is as unoriginal as, saying, drawing or sculpting the Greek pantheon. Everyone does it in their own way.
  • Why can so few people make a good music video using a video source of something besides anime? Sturgeon's Law certainly also applies to the anime side of things, too, but god damn. What annoys me worse is when they try and excuse the quality by saying video games/live-action/what have you is somehow harder to use. There's definitely a different editing style required, but it's not harder by any means.
    • Because those 'other' things lack a massively large, dedicated fanbase.
      • Exactly. This Troper finds machinima to be a pain in the butt because of the amount of modification and literal sequence breaking you have to use to get your shots. However, fanvids have been done since the early 70's - well before digital editing equipment was available. All of the fanvids I did in college were done on VHS editing equipment in a TV lab, and I'm having to carve out time to re-do them all in digital editing.
    • There are a lot of cartoon-based videos popping up lately, especially with Furry Fandom movies (The Lion King, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Lady and the Tramp, Oliver & Company, Bambi, Balto, Cats Don't Dance, etc)
    • Huh? Do you even watch anything besides anime? Here (live-action) and here (video game) and examples of hundreds of music videos in two fandoms that aren't even particularly massive. Here (May I) and here (Love The Way You Lie) and a couple examples of videos I liked very much from said two fandoms off the top of my head.