It really bugs me they keep on letting Keith live despite the fact that they've killed bad guys before and Keith is the biggest monster in the strip. It's like letting the Joker live - you've got the moral highground, but not really because he keeps on escaping and murdering people.
* They had Keith at their mercy. Do you advocate that dangerous criminals be summarily executed when not a threat? Besides, unlike the Joker, Keith has never escaped their custody before; he's never had to ''be'' in custody before.
** It depends on if he's permanently stolen the powers of the wizards in the Order of the Dragon. If yes, then they probably should have killed him - letting a sociopath with godlike magical powers live is just plain stupid. If no, then there's not as much justification.
*** No, no it doesn't. You don't execute a surrendered combatant, and you don't summarily execute a surrendered criminal, whatever resources they have at their disposal. His powers aren't really "godlike"; if they can restrain the chiclets, they can restrain him. The heroes have never killed anyone who wasn't actively on the attack.
**** For those reading this who are curious: [[ guess whose]] [[ time ran out]]?