"No, Peetah."
"Peetah, no."

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* The big question here is... Who drove the car that killed Brian?
** This was actually asked at SDCC 2014... Seth MacFarlane had admitted he didn't give much thought about if they should reveal the sonofabitch's identity but he supposedly jokingly claim that it was a sonofabitch who did it... JUSTIN BIEBER!
* Why hasn't Roberta Tubbs appeared in any episodes that do a crossover with TheClevelandShow?
** Actually, she was seen in one crossover episode, from behind for a split second.
* If Quagmire was in the navy, how come he's not in uniform at the Naval Ball in "Quagmire's Dad?"
* Why does Lois have the thicker accent? Her parents sound English, but her accent is thicker than mud, whereas Peter's barely given an accent at all.
** Lois' parents sound English to you? I'm English and I really hope I don't sound like them.
*** The bigger question is, "Why are Lois and Peter the only characters with a Rhode Island accent, when that's where the entire cast lives?"
** Lois' parents are ''not'' English. Lois' parents have a New England accent, specifically an upper-class Ivy League accent; this is because they are millionaires who live in Newport. The fact that Lois herself has a very thick lower-class Rhode Island (-ish, the lady doing her sounds like she keeps mixing Long Island in there, but whatever) accent can probably be fanwanked to her being a rebellious kid who broke away from her parents' crowd and learned to [[{{Music/Pulp}} talk like/live with/sleep with common people.]] Not unlike a lot of teenagers in the UK who put on a fake Cockney to be cool, after all. The non-fanwank real reason is probably that the original character concept for Peter and Lois was that they'd be a heavily stereotyped lower-class Rhode Island couple, and Lois' blue-blood origins were a plot point introduced later on in the process.
** Also, the range of accents across Peter's social group isn't that remarkable. Having actually lived in Rhode Island, I can tell you that the stereotypical blue-collar thick Rhode Island accent isn't something you hear all the time, it's something you tend to have to listen for. Just like everywhere else, there's a growing number of people of all classes and backgrounds whose regional accents have receded thanks to TV. (And while it's true Cleveland's accent isn't straight Rhode Island, it's a pretty good attempt at an exaggerated version of the mixture of Southern and Northeastern intonations you hear in African-American communities in New England.)
*** And we now know that Cleveland is a Virginia native, which explains why his accent isn't Rhode Island.
*** Though his voice actor, Mike Henry stated that the inspiration for Cleveland's voice was from a Marylander he knew. Speaking as a fellow native of Maryland (less than an hour from Baltimore) the accent exists, but in small doses (see John Waters's old movies like ''Hairspray'' for examples).
** Probably at least partly because Peter's voice is based on a real person where Lois' isn't.
*** No, Lois' voice is based on one of the actresses' (Alex Borstein's) cousins.
* How did Brian, a seven year old dog, have a thirteen year old child?
** RuleOfFunny.
** [[{{Handwave}} Those were dog years]]. The ''real'' question is how he could've had an entirely ''human'' child, despite having said in a previous episode that he's the wrong species for that (I believe ''Road to Rhode Island'').
*** [[{{WMG/FamilyGuy}} He was lying.]]
** It would've probably been a funny episode if they'd made Brian's child 4-5 years old (suitable for Brian's age) and gone from there (I find I could overlook the genetics part of the equation fairly easily).
*** But the {{Handwave}} they had and Brian's comeback to Stewie was supposed to be the joke here. I for one thought it was pretty funny.
** [[ContinuityNod Brian probably stumbled into Stewie's time machine and didn't want to admit it.]]
** Because Dylan is only 1 year old. It's in dog years, you see.
** Wait, if Dylan ages in dog years, [[FridgeHorror then that means his entire life will be accelerated to the point that he'll be an old man when he's thirteen, if he even lives that long.]] DownerEnding, much?
** Come to think of it, didn't Carter Pewterschmidt's greyhound Seabreeze have a litter of human-headed puppies, fathered by Ted Turner? Seems dogs on ''Family Guy'' have rather amazing reproductive abilities.
* In "He's Too Sexy For His Fat", Peter falls into a tank of lard and empties the whole tank to his stomach, yet, he is only his regular size in the end. How?
** There's only so many calories you can absorb at once no matter how much fat you eat. Most of that fat probably trickled straight through his digestive system, unabsorbed ([[FridgeHorror yep, let's run that thought through our heads a while]]).
* Also from "He's Too Sexy For His Fat", when Peter gets a liposuction, why does he still have a double chin?
** It magically turned the unattractive fatty double chin into an attractive bony cleft chin, thanks to the magic of stylized simplistic art.
** Remember, first came the liposuction (which didn't really affect his face much) - then came the extensive plastic surgery, butt implants, and stuff like that to turn him into a beautiful person.
*** And I'm pretty sure you can't get liposuction to your face.
**** Yes, you can.
** Because those are his testicles, you see.
* The episode where Peter returns from being stranded on a deserted island and comes back home to find Lois is married to Brian (''Perfect Castaway''). Even if you ignore the fact that somehow, Lois was allowed to marry a dog, there must be some strange law in Quahog that states that even when your dead husband proves not to be dead... Well, there may be a ''few'' things.
** Lois' marriage to Brian is not annulled when Peter returns. Lois and Brian remained married and Peter was...
*** Well, ''what'' exactly? If he's not dead, he should still be married to Lois. If not, then how can Lois remain married to Brian without divorcing Peter? And, at the end of the show, it appeared as though Lois and Brian simply "broke up" rather than getting a divorce and Peter and Lois were back together without having to get remarried. And, yes, I know it's a cartoon, but that episode drives me ''nuts!''
*** Think of it in terms of the paper work. Peter and Lois marry, say something until "death does them part". A marriage certificate is filed. Years later, Peter is presumed dead, a death certificate is filed, the marriage certificate has a stamp put on it that says "death did them part". Lois marries Brian. New marriage certificate. Peter comes back so he can go have a stamp put on his death certificate that says "whoops" ''but'' when it comes to the marriage certificates Peter just can't have a stamp that says "whoops" on those by himself. They need Lois (since she is in both certificates) to say "I want the old certificate re-issued and the new marriage annulled." Note - annulled, not divorced because I could imagine having your old husband come back from the dead may be ground for an annulment rather than a divorce. Of course, all these bits of paper don't determine what the people (and dog) involved actually do. Lois can start having freaky dressed-up-as-Grimace-and-The-Hamburglar-sex with Peter in the bedroom and send Brian to the kennel whenever she likes, since she owns the house.
**** Doesn't Peter technically own the house (if the ending of ''Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater'' was anything to go by)?
*** Since Peter wasn't dead, he and Lois are still married and Lois' marriage to Brian was invalid. Simple as that.
**** Being declared legally dead is as good as being actually dead with regards to paperwork, otherwise there'd be absolutely no reason to ever declare someone legally dead in their absence, instead of just waiting to see if they turn up. Peter and Lois' marriage ended when Peter died. Lois remarried, as she was legally a widow. When Peter turned up again, it was up to Lois what she would do; she could either stay married to Brian without any complications, or she can have the marriage annulled or divorce Brian. Whether she then has to remarry Peter depends on whether she went for a divorce or annulment.
*** People remarrying after a spouse is presumed dead is stuff that can and does happen in real life, you know. We may need to WikiMagic up a professor of legislative history to figure out the details, but there's no reason to treat this as a bizarro-world thing.
*** Annulment would have been simple. They never consecrated the marriage. Had it gone on one more day though...
** Speaking of that episode, who was the third person in Lois and Brian's hotel room? It was too fat to be Quagmire. Cleveland?
*** Creator/AlfredHitchcock. It's a parody of the opener to ''Series/AlfredHitchcockPresents''.
* Whatever happened to the tank?
** It was [[TransformersAnimated Blitzwing]]. Let's just leave it at that.
*** Well, they ''do'' live in the same Universe as Transformers...
* In the episode where Peter meets Jesus, Jesus tells him the true religion is a mixture of voodoo and Methodist. What would that even be?
** Awesome.
*** No that was ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. Jesus said all religions were pretty much crap anyways, at least during ''Family Goy''.
**** How would Jesus know the truth about non-abrahamic religions?
***** Because he's ''Jesus?''
* In the "Airport '07" episode, two things get me: 1) When Quahog News 5 airs the tape of Peter's call for help, it's accompanied by a picture of him. Unless Peter's been in trouble ''that'' often, how did they know it was Peter's voice? 2) Hugh Hefner knows who Glenn Quagmire is?? They weren't introduced but Hef says "...and Glenn Quagmire is the best pilot I've ever known."
** For problem 1, look back to "Peter Griffin, Husband, Father... Brother?" For problem 2, Hugh Hefner is magic.
** Sigh, you kids. Hugh Hefner's speech is a parody of the movie ''{{Airplane}}'' Complete with the music.
*** Also, the whole scene was a tribute/parody of the many other movies (''Film/EdWood'' and ''Film/DodgeballATrueUnderdogStory'' come to mind) where a discouraged protagonist just happens to run into an idol, who gives them an inspiring pep-talk that leads them to go back and win the big game/the girl. Who better than the king of the Playboys to give an inspiring speech to a [[strike:player]] sex maniac like Quagmire?
**** ''TheWeddingSinger'' one with Billy Idol actually happens on an airplane.
** Glenn isn't much younger than Hugh. Glenn's been on the prowl since the 50's. It's safe to assume he and Hugh have crossed paths before. As for Peter, yes, he is in trouble that much. Besides, he's acquaintances or friends with every character with a name or moniker.
** By the way, I know it was all Peter's fault for getting him fired, but are we really supposed to feel sorry for Quagmire? Especially since in the same episode he's shown to be dealing in human trafficking?
*** AMillionIsAStatistic. Quagmire is an established character, those were a bunch of random girls who were never seen before or since.
** Another thing - why in the hell is ''Quagmire'' fired and blacklisted over Peter stealing fuel? If anything, wouldn't it be the people who were supposed to be filling the plane and those in charge of security who would be punished?
*** Because it is a pilot's responsibility to personally inspect their aircraft before take off to ensure that everything is in order. That means checking that it has fuel, all necessary maintenance has been performed, it is loaded properly, all the equipment in the cockpit works properly, etc. ''Quagmire'' taking off without checking that there was fuel in the plane is a sign of gross negligence on his part.
*** It's likely, though, that Quagmire ''had'' checked all that, and Peter just stole the fuel afterwards.
*** That isn't really as likely as you think. If you remember, Peter stole the fuel that was supposed to be going into the airplane while it was pumping. The two guys in charge left, he pulled the hose out and put it in his truck while the fuel that was meant for the plane was still running. If Quagmire checked before he took off, he would have noticed that the plane wasn't all the way filled due to being interrupted during the fueling process and we see that Peter never stuck the hose back in so the fuel gauge probably would have read the tank as being nearly empty. So Quagmire didn't check before flying.

* In the ''Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story'' three-parter, Peter gets a job doing a complaint segment on the news. After that, Stewie has his near-death experience and decides to start being nice, which leads to him becoming drunk and crashing the car through the Drunken Clam, which results in Peter being fired. Then at the end, Stewie does some time-traveling and eventually prevents his aforementioned near-death experience from ever happening. So that now means he never got in his drunk driving accident, and therefore Peter should still be working for the news. Am I the only one who has realized that plot hole?
** Perhaps Peter ended up losing his job in some equally bad way? That happening wouldn't surprise me.
** Yeah, but the three-parters meant to be a film made by the Griffin family in later years, according to the prologue and epilogue: ergo, nothing in it happened within the show's continuity with the possible exception of the events covered in the aforementioned intro-outro segments.
** Don't forget, {{Stat
* If Meg can go around town telling everyone that Brian is a Athiest in "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" then why doesn't she do the same method to expose her family for constantly abusing her?
** Quahog is a craphole town. Given that Joe, a policeman, knows to tell Lois "not Meg" when telling her to hold onto him like one of her children, she might know that all she made was an idle threat.
* In Welcome Back Carter Lois' parents are shown to have met and dated seemingly during the late forties/early fifties. If so, did they wait 15-20 years before they had children? Also, if they were in their twenties, then they should be older than they are in the show.
* Carol, Lois's sister, had a baby in "Emission Impossible"...and then we never saw it again. Where did it go?