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Is there any reason Funimation seems to be uploading ×××HOLiC to YouTube in reverse order?
  • So it shows up in their uploads in the right order?
    • That's what playlists are for, though.
Why does Funimation claim that School Rumble doesn't have any rumbles. When in fact it does have rumbles?
  • .... It doesn't?
    • By what definition does it not have rumbles? It has fights, it has small riots (or at least a small riot), it even has low-pitched clatter and gurgle sounds.
      • It has no earthquakes.
Question: Is it safe to say Funimation's monopoly over the NA anime market has ended? With the massive explosion of Sentai and Aniplex of America after all. (and Sentai use to be nothing!) Maybe I've just been looking at the wrong series, but is there any reason why Funimation's been dubbing the openings?
  • There are plenty of series where the openings aren't dubbed. For those that are, they presumably would like to have them broadcast on TV at some point (makes more money) and peoplenote  are more likely to watch something where the opening isn't in another language.
    • That doesn't explain how the OPs for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, among the most popular animes today and one of the only new ones running on television, are not dubbed in English.
    • I would understand this if FMA's opening/ending themes were written specifically for the show, but all ten themes are pop songs by established artists.
  • What is the point of releasing complete series in two parts, then releasing it again all in one package?
    • To scam more money from folks who Gotta Buy Them All.
    • Actually, it is a business strategy used by many industries. It is the same reason that game systems start out being very expensive at first and get cheaper over time- it isn't that they're getting cheaper to make, they're just expanding their potential customers by bringing down the price level (this continues sales as well over a long period of time).
  • Why do they post both the subs and dubs for some shows (ie Soul Eater, FMA, Ouran High School Host Club, and others) but only the subs or dubs for others? I don't think I'd mind as much if there were shows where they only uploaded the subs, but why go through the process of dubbing something if it's not popular enough to warrant both?
    • Your last question seems to ignore the fact that they make DVDs. I'm fairly certain that all their DVDs include both subtitles and dubs. No dub would kill most of their potential market, and subs are necessary for the hearing-impaired. So the only meaningful question here is: why do they only post a subset of their available options, which I can't answer, but my guess would be that they want to encourage people to buy the DVDs. Note that the Netflix streaming option generally only has the dub.
  • On a related note, why is it that so many series have subs for the whole thing, but only the first handful of episodes dubbed? I usually prefer subs, but some dubs I'm very fond of (I.E.: Slayers) are like this even though I'm pretty sure Funi's done dubbing the whole season already.
    • I recently noticed that (while Archive Binging on Ouran High School Host Club) the dubbed episodes were actually removed from their site and YouTube. I think they're trying to get us to buy the DVDs, but that's proved counterproductive in my case as I'm just watching the dub without their permission, their adds, or their box sets.
      • And what's worse is when they only put up the first few episodes dubbed and nothing else.
  • Is it just me or do ALL the Funi dub voices sound the same/monotone
    • It's just you.
    • No, I agree with this. Their biggest stars have distinctive voices, but most of the side-characters sound ill-cast and unmotivated/disinterested.
    • Any voice actor will explain this to you in public events like cons, when asked. Voice acting in itself is harder than regular acting because the viewer won't see you on-screen, so you must put all the work into your voice, and very few actors can do that well. Not to mention how there is usually no one who responds to your performance other than a director and ADR engineer across from you in a small booth- not much to go on. But Funimation brings in a tremendous amount of titles, which would make you think that would provide enough practice and experience for the lesser-known names.
    • And the "same" part: Funimation is located in Flower Mount, Texas, itself which is isolated entirely from other entertainment facets in parts of the States like Hollywood, or New York City. Also, the economy has left income from dubs so small, it barely covers a one-way flight just to get to Texas in order to record only a few lines. So... Isolation + low budget + tons and tons of shows + limited resources = using the same actors over and over and over again.
  • Did Funimation replace Toonami, or take over its niche?
    • What are you talking about? Toonami was a broadcasting block, not a licenser.
      • Not sure what he's talking about either- anime on CN is on [adult swim] now, which runs dubs from companies in California with the exception of Fullmetal Alchemist.
      • This question now has more relevance, now that Toonami has been resurrected and the two new shows they premiered during its launch were both Funimation titles. Funimation still does not "own" the block though.
  • Hey! The Funimation Channel is now off Verizon and Cablevision!! What the ***!?!??
  • OK, to make this story short- I recently discovered Steins;Gate through the AMV to Florence And The Machine's "No Light, No Light," after seeing it on JesuOtaku's Livestream. Wanting to give Funimation respect for dubbing it, but not having the money to order the DVD and ship it, I logged on to YouTube... and it tells me Funimation doesn't air it here in Ireland. Why? I know you can watch FMA there, but why would they cut off Steins;Gate to Irish people?
    • Different Japanese studios provide different rights.
  • The main page says something about Funimation and Yu-Gi-Oh...mind filling me in about what that is about?
  • Why are there only 12 episodes of Fairy Tail uploaded on Youtube? This is out of 175 and they were uploaded 2 years ago! Do you have to buy the DVD's? Gon on their website? This makes even less sense because plenty of series are uploaded from beginning to end.
  • Why are they so insistent on age restricting the anime SHUFFLE!? Whereas many series say you need to be 17, this show says you need to be 18 to watch it. The only reason for this is the insane amounts of Fanservice, but it's not much worse than a show like Sekirei, and there's hardly any violence in it.
  • I'm not sure whether this should go on this page or the page for Youtube, but there are a lot of videos of anime theme songs. And while the majority of theme seem to go unnoticed, I've found two exceptions. "Cosmic Love by Nana Mizuki (opening 1 Of Rosario+Vampire) and "Crossing Field" (Opening 1 of Sword Art Online) exist in multiple videos on Youtube, but every single one of them has been muted for copyright violations. While I understand that this is a legal action taken by the creators, why is it that most videos of other anime music have gone unnoticed? I don't have any real understanding of how these things work, but where else can I listen to the full versions of these songs?
  • Why, in the name of God, did FUNimation not only release the DBZ orange brick sets, but, after suffering from HEAVY backlash from the DBZ community members who care from what I understand, release the season set Blu-Rays!?! Have they not learned anything from before, or do they seriously think so little of their fans that they think we'll buy anything they put out like we're a bunch of sheep? Why is Kai the only release of DBZ to get a steady 4:3 release on either DVD or Blu-Ray? Is Toei forcing them to force the series into forced widescreen until they can go back & remaster the series themselves? Did stupid fans really think cropped widescreen was the best way for them to go about the releases of the show? What kind of remastering work went into the Blu-Rays anyways? The colors don't seem too natural, they seem like they painted over the colors with similar ones to remove grain, when grain actually preserves quality rather than removes it. If anyone can answer these questions, I'd love to read answers.