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Headscratchers: El Tigre
  • If Maria is fine with Manny fighting crime, why can't she take Rodolfo back?
    • I assume one of four things: 1) Her feelings for him may have just faded with time. 2) Being Rodolfo's wife was too stressful and despite her openness to Manny's heroism she just doesn't want to live like that anymore (meaning, living in constant fear and worry over her loved ones getting pummeled by supervillians ). 3) She doesn't see Manny fight crime on the daily basis like she did Rodolfo so her anxiety attacks aren't triggered as much. 4) She's (unintentionally I'm sure) a hypocrite. *shrugs* I haven't seen Maria's debut episode in a while so my memory's a little fuzzy.
  • While we're on the subject of Maria, when she divorced Rodolfo, why didn't she try to take Manny with her? After all, it was his dangerous double life as a superhero that led her to leave him in the first place. Wouldn't the safety of her then-rather young son bother her just as much as seeing her husband in danger constantly?
    • To keep him from being a superhero would have meant permanently serpentining him from the belt. Basically saying to him that he can't do anything fun. Like the ultimate version of the No fun parent. Since she was fine with him fighting crime, it would be easier to let him stay with his father and be trained so he doesn't, say, accidentally kill himself in a heroic battle by, say, clawing his own head off. Or MST3K Mantra
    • I always sort of saw it mainly as Maria not wanting to hurt Rodolfo anymore than she already had by the initial break-up/divorce (seriously, imagine Rodolfo, being Rodolfo, losing both the love of his life AND his son while under the impression that it was his fault…). But then, it also could have been possible that she simply acknowledged that Manny was pretty much bounded to a similar fate due to his status as a Rivera and did not want to take that right away from him.
      • Also, Maria wanted to make a new life for herself afterword as a traveling mariachi artist…pretty sure it would not have been simple raising a child on her own AND pursuing said career/other hobbies at the same time…
  • The reason why Zoey Aves and her family's evil is rather......implausible. I mean, the only reason Zoey's family is evil is because it just happens to run in the family. I've noticed that most villains are that way due to a cruel past, not "family business." Being a hero or villain is based on how you see the world, it isn't like a job like running a family restaurant. Besides, why is Zoey all "Vendetta!" when she's the who caused all this crap for Frida in preschool?
    • In regards to that last part, see Never My Fault.
      • Or, this might answer it (in regards to the Never My Fault). Supposedly, Manny and Zoe met way back in preschool and became best friends. About a year or so later, Manny met Frida in detention and befriended her, eventually leading to him abandoning Zoe (or the two girls forced him to choose one...I don't know what happened) and causing the rivalry between the girls. If this really is true, then it raises questions as into why Zoe's mom, who supposedly teaches at the school, did not know of this nor tried to keep her daughter away from Manny.
    • They ARE Mexican.....American......maybe.......The culture is supposed to be big on family, essentially yes IT DOES RUN IN THE FAMILY, it's practically a family business the Rivera are the odd ducks of the it seems to be evil and good skip a generation except for El Tigres's obviously put a strain on their relationships as well.
    • A lot of the villains in this show come from villainous families. Even if they have cruel pasts, like Dr. Chipotle Jr. having his father imprisoned, they're still "evil" because they were raised that way. Think about it, you're raised with your parents beliefs and teachings. If they're being supported by their parents into being a crazy super villain, they're going to do it. The Aves family seems to handle heartbreak poorly, it's as common in their family as the villainous outlook. Whether they were raised with that mindset or it's in their genes, they have these things in common.
  • So is Manny's hand real or fake, cause when El Tigre uses his hook there's a chain attach to his "hand"
    • I'm pretty sure that his hand is real, but maybe it becomes mechanical when he transforms into El Tigre? It looks like his costume gives him some slight physical changes, like the functioning cat ears and tail. His hands could change with the transformation as well.
  • Manny's friendship with Frida Suarez doesn't make much sense. She seems like a little monster with few redeeming qualities. Manny practically has to force her to feel guilty about their shady exploits. I wouldn't have a problem with her character, except that Manny has to act out of character in order to keep her as a friend, and it goes against some of the show's themes. He calls a giant BS when his mom tries to make friends with the supervillains, and he seems drawn to noble people. For a show that's all about good, evil, and Manny doing the thing, Frida's questionable morals are never called out on.
    • One of Manny's biggest character flaws is that he doesn't stand up for himself: look at the first episode with Sergio. He accidentally insults him, but rather than apologize, he starts uneasily laughing with everyone else. He's really too anxious about what people think of him.
    • Manny is often tempted by the excitement of being a supervillain. And Frida, with her Chaotic Neutral personality, provides him with an excuse to act that way. That said, however, there have been plenty of times where Frida has shown that she cares about Manny.
    • While there seems to be not much of a question that Frida likes Manny, what bugs me is how she encourages him to do wrong, and actually didn't care that he could have taken over the world and enslaved the human race. Hell, in the alternate ending she even ruled with him!
    • Also, don't go thinking that Manny is a little angel either; though he may have a bit more of a conscious and a sense of concern than Frida he still has been known to have his nasty moments without her influence (i.e. Tricking Black Cuervo into thinking he genuinely liked her when he was really just stealing information on her family's plans).
    • In "Stinking Badges", it is shown that Frida does have SOME standards when it comes to underhandedness, trickery and deceit, particularly pertaining to her father Police Chief Suarez. It's one of the few times in the show she honestly feels guilty about using/deceiving someone to get ahead or look better than others. It's ironic, though, because it was in fact Manny's idea to give Frida credit for his supervillain captures.
  • the thing that confuses me is that if the original El Tigre is the oldest rivera and Dark Leopard ( who I assume is his son) was alive in the aztec /mesoamerican period, then what era does the original El Tigre represent? his costume compared to his first two decedents (Dark Leopard and Golden Leon) looks very modern ( if we were to assume that he was he was in mesoamerica and did not migrate from another part of the world where his costume would make more sense ).
  • This isn't much of a headscratcter as it is something that I've been wondering about: Where exactly are Sergio's parents? Last time I checked he moved to Miracle City from somewhere and lives in that farm-like house presumably alone...
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