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Headscratchers: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show
  • Of all places to hide, why on Earth did Eddy choose his brother's place?!
    • There are a variety of reasons: Most of the time the older brother helps the younger sibling (Ed helps Sarah) so he could've thought that maybe he wasn't that much of a jerk (after all, they were trying to kill, Ed, and Edd), maybe Eddy thought now that his brother's an adult that he'd be more responsible (Eddy should know by now that Adults Are Useless), he had no other alternatives (the only one I can think of is the Kankers, and we know how this would end), you don't think rationally when there's an angry mob on your tail and calling the parents/the police would probably mean that they would've had to have confess and face consequences anyway. There's also the theory that he knew how the bastard would've reacted and planned a Wounded Gazelle Gambit.
  • Why does everyone in the movie just...give up at the end? I mean, clearly, whatever Noodle Incident happened before the beginning must've been in Moral Event Horizon territory. Rolf has a freaking bite out of his side, arm, and head, and Jonny started out with a beartrap on his head. And everyone was willing to chase them around just to either get revenge or to watch them get pulverized. Yet, when they find Eddy's brother and he hits him a few times (which is very minor considering the kind of insane slapstick that happens to these characters on a regular basis) and Eddy reveals he made up everything about his brother, they suddenly all cheer for the Eds and become their best friends. Why? Nothing even happened to Ed or Edd, so how come Eddy getting a minor comeuppance suddenly makes everyone forget everything that happened?
    • Being humiliated in front of everyone you know after hamming up your brother as a cool guy that loves and respects you is a 'minor comeuppance'? I mean, the guy's a grown man, if he still gets his kicks out of bullying kids, there's reason to believe he's a jerkass. Plus, Eddy finally swallowed his pride and admitted how pathetic he was. The kids never really had a problem with the Eds aside from them being so obnoxious.
      • Which is all very well and good, but I still can't help but notice that, compared with some of the crap that Eddy's been through and then just brushed off throughout the series, what his brother did was really minor. It seemed more like normal, brotherly picking, exaggerated to fit with the fact that everyone in this universe is Made of Iron.
    • It wasn't Played for Laughs like everything else in the entire show. The difference here is that it wasn't funny, and Eddy's Brother had absolutely no intent to stop. Anyone else who beats up someone in this show stops after they've had their fill, Eddy's brother was enjoying himself beating Eddy up and clearly had no intention of stopping. What got them wasn't the fact that Eddy got beat up, it was the fact they realized why Eddy was like he was. Think about it, Eddy's Brother outright said he'd done this same thing to Eddy all the time back home and loved it. And back then, his parents were probably the only ones who'd stop him, if they knew at all, meaning we just saw the tip of the iceburg. And we don't know how strong Eddy's Brother was, considering Rolf, the only one who really knew him and the strongest character in the show (except maybe the Kankers) was outright terrified of the guy, Eddy's brother is probably stronger than him and thus the strongest person to beat up Eddy. This would mean that the abuse he dealt out to him hurt much more than what happened before. So it wasn't just that Eddy's brother beat him up, it's because Eddy's brother took pride in doing that every day they lived together, and probably much worse. In other words, the kids experienced in-universe Fridge Horror and realized what Eddy's childhood was like. As for letting Edd and Ed off the hook? Edd stood up to Eddy's brother, something they were all too terrified to do until afterwards, and got slammed into the ground for it. They probably respected him because of that. Ed took Eddy's brother down, likewise respect, and he's too dumb to know better, they probably didn't hold that against him.
    • Basically, they all realized that nothing Eddy did to them, regardless of severity, was really his fault (plus, they may have finally figured out that it was an accident, as far as we know). Also, as stated, they realized what Eddy's childhood was really like, and then they saw his friends STAND UP to his brother, even when they themselves were unable to. They saw the Eds finally defeat the reason they were such jerks to everybody. Let's also not forget that they weren't exactly well-adjusted adults. They were not-entirely-emotionally-stable kids who had stayed up all night, hadn't eaten since the day before, and had been through a lot. At the very least, they were thinking, "Y'know what? I'm tired, I'm hungry, I just want to go home, I'm just gonna forget about this." Either way, treating the Eds like heroes would be the only logical decision in their minds. Whether that sticks or not, though, is up in the air.
    • It's one thing for kids to beat each other up. It's awful, but that's one thing. It's entirely another for a grown adult to harm a child, especially when that child is coming to them for help and when asked to stop, threatens to take away the protection the child was seeking. For me, that was the big sticking point, that not only was Eddy's Brother horribly abusive and had been all of Eddy's childhood, but as an adult, when given the opportunity, will gladly start hurting him again with the promise of no consequences. (remember when he asked if anyone knew Eddy was there?) And not just that, he hurts Edd when he stands up to him, showing that this is not just brother rough housing. He's more than willing to beat on a kid he's just met. (also, depending on your views on Would Not Hit a Girl / Would Hit a Girl, the fact that he thought he was beating on a little girl might just add to the evidence that he's a scumbag)
  • Out of curiosity, there's more than a few kids on the Cul-de-sac who are actively terrified of Eddy's Brother, namely Rolf and Kevin. So, why is it in the movie they're so shocked to see how abusive he is to Eddy? Wouldn't they know if he was that bad to begin with?
    • They might not have known he was abusive to Eddy. Throughout that episode, Eddy made his brother out to be someone who would stand up for him and pound any kid who bothered him. Obviously, that was wrong and we learn Eddy merely made those things up to gain respect (and possibly hide his own fear of his brother).
      • I feel like if the kids had got to Eddy, then he might have had a "nobody hits him but me", kind of moment, where he's abusive, but he's the only one allowed to do it.
      • Bullying other kids is being a jerk, but beating up your brother is crossing the line. He's old enough that he knows better and would be arrested. He only got out of it because his parents wanted it kept hidden.
    • I always thought Kevin was just afraid of losing his social status.
      • In "Pass it on Ed", it's pretty heavily implied that Eddy's Brother used to pick on Kevin when he was around, which was probably because of Eddy- Eddy mentions that people "respected" him when he was with his Brother, so it seems likely that, abusive or no, Eddy's Brother probably would have beat up Kevin if he caught Kevin attacking Eddy.
    • Kevin was afraid Eddy's Brother would beat him up for picking on Eddy; as for Rolf, appearently Eddy's Brother did something to his chickens.
  • Why exactly May and Marie were holding Lee back when Eddy's brother was beating Eddy? It feels weird, considering that Kankers' wrath is comparable to the natural disaster (the episode with the ship in a bottle, anyone?), so beating up one guy shouldn't be that much of a problem for them.
    • Maybe it's because they were still worried that Eddy's Brother would beat up Lee, since the pain Eddy's Brother caused to Eddy looks a lot worse than the pain the Kankers themselves cause to others. I mean the Kankers are teenagers while Eddy's Brother is a grown man and they too can get seriously hurt. Plus, even Rolf feared Eddy's Brother. That may be why they gave him his just desserts when he was more vulnerable (knocked out cold).
    • Let's not forget the fact that these are teenage girls and there's a likely possibility of Eddy's Brother raping Lee.
  • Why did EB started beating the shit outta Eddy in front of everyone? I mean, there were ten witnesses, did he sincerely expect to get away scot-free?
    • Yes. He was a big, tough guy. They were all kids who were scared stiff. Heck, Double D tried calling him out, that didn't go well.
      • Plus they probably wouldn't want to call the police, if they did the cops would probably wonder why they're all about one-hundred miles away from home and call their parents.
  • Assuming Eddy's Brother works at the amusement park so he can torture children, he's bound to have done this many times before. How is it that he was not arrested or apparently even punished prior to the movie?

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