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Headscratchers: Earth Maiden Arjuna
  • Why, oh why, can Chris not explain anything to Juna/Arjuna? For pity's sake, she's got a powerful weapons, she's told directly she must destroy the Raaja or they'll destroy the planet, that her task is to save the Earth, that she's the Avatar of Time and (if I recall correctly) a warrior for Nature, yet when she thinks that this, somehow, means that she's supposed to, oh, I don't know, um... destroy the Raaja, Chris takes her to task for not realizing that he was being metaphorical, despite her having exactly nothing in her background or education that would lead her to think that?
    • I kind of got the weird feeling that his telepathy wasn't actually "words" as such, and could be interpreted in different ways. Any way, I think the point was for her to realize that "destruction" and "rebirth" can be synonymous (hence Avatar of Time), and that the Raaja were basically the planet's immune response, destructive in purpose in order to repair (I keep thinking of neutrophils, go figure). Or Chris is really just an evil manipulative Jerk Ass. Either one.
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