Headscratchers / ESPN

  • Why do they show an animation not unlike their World Cup intro every time they wrap up their coverage of it? That seems kind of counter-intuitive.
    • This is two years later, but I think that's a FIFA requirement. Note that ESPN ran two different intros; the one at the very start of the broadcast is a FIFA thing.
    • ^ The NFL does the same thing with all of its games, ESPN or otherwise, so that's probably the case.
      • These both are correct. In the former, it is a FIFA construct. In fact, in other countries, there are versions of the intro and outro that feature brief ads. For the NFL one, it's produced by ESPN under NFL direction, just like FOX, CBS and NBC.
  • Why the hell do they need an hour-long special just to hear LeBron James say "next year, I'll by playing for Opposing Sports Team ? That can't take more than 15 seconds
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