Headscratchers / Dreamgirls

  • I just don't see how the cover version of "Cadillac Car" should be considered as The Moral Substitute. Would anybody care to explain please?
    • When white "artists" covered black artists, they were seen as Mighty Whitey, which in a sense bore Unfortunate Implications in that they "cleaned up" the dirty images associated with Rock and Roll (rooted in black American culture) and "did it better" for the masses.
  • This film is apparently hated, unless people are talking about another film by the same name. I don't see why it is though; it doesn't look bad, and I remember it getting a lot of praise on release.
    • Hated by who? To my knowledge, the movie had a generally positive reception by critics and moviegoers, and it was up for several Oscars. Unless you're talking about anime and sci-fi fans, in which case an adapted musical about 60's R&B singers is probably not their cup of tea to begin with.
    • The movie was hated by many fans of the stage musical because many of the songs were cut out and replaced with dialog.