Headscratchers / Disney's Anne Frank

     The Ninja Mystery 
  • Okay, what happened to the ninja clan midway through? I mean they were in the Busby Berkeley Number sequence in the showers, but we never saw then after that.
    • I didn't see any ninjas. Then again, ninjas are masters of stealth, so I doubt anybody would, unless they were a ninja. Are you a ninja?
     Script Shopping 
  • Why didn't Harlan Ellison go to another studio with his original script? Or the second version with the one musical number sung by Nazi BRIAN BLESSED?
     The Nolstalgia Chick 
  • How did the Nostalgia Chick even hear about this movie? I thought all the copies of it were either destroyed or locked away in places nobody could access.
     Little Orphan Lukas 
  • How does that little orphan they found on the streets (I think his name might have been Lukas) know a Hebrew prayer?
     Jurrasic Mengele 
  • How can Josef Mengele reference Jurassic Park, if that movie is released 4 years later after this one?
    • The development crew must have heard it was in production. Or they were spoofing the book. It was the joke about the fat nerd Nazi shutting down the power, right? The movie's not too different from the book, so they could do that scene alright.
     The Stunt Man 
  • How did that guy do that thing?
    • It's difficult to explain in text, but perfectly possible as shown by a professional stunt man here. Click the "Next" button for a step-by-step breakdown that actually references the movie.
    • That above pic is broken. Here's a replacement link.
     The Mystery of Mengele's Race 
  • Josef Mengele has picture of his parents etched into his chest. But it is revealed in the movie that he is actually an angel. So... how does he has parents, then? Was that a picture of God or what?
    • It's sot of implied that he was born a human and later became an angel, but out of context that lines sounds as if he's having a seizure.
     The Dress Dilemma 
     Crazy Molly 
  • What was going through Molly Ringwald's mind when she was doing the line readings? There's no way she could've taken this seriously.
     Real or Fake Disney Movie 
  • Okay, is this REALLY a Disney movie? I mean, no one has ever heard of it, there are no clips or pictures anywhere on the web...
    • No. It's just for fun.
     Anne Frank: The Musical 
  • In a movie that's an hour and 35 minutes long... Why is 47 minutes of it singing?!
    • It's a Disney movie. What did you expect?
     Sigmund Freud? 
  • Alright, so why is there a background character in some of the public scenes who looks literally identical to Sigmund Freud as he appeared in Don Bluth's Anastasia? It's literally the same character design, outfit and everything. Was this on purpose? Is it really supposed to be him? It seems like an odd coincidence.