* Why does Disney Channel interrupt shows with commercial breaks when they don't air any actual commercials (just promos)? If you're not going to use the space to make money, why not just run the show uninterrupted?
## Most shows these days are filmed with commercial breaks in mind these days anyways. Disney puts its promos in there instead.
## Promotions for other shows and Disney stuff still count as advertisement.
## When a lot of these shows get syndicated there will be actual commercials involved.
** The Disney Channel is on basic cable. This means that unlike HBO or Showtime, they make very little money from subscriptions. Most basic cable stations make their profits from advertising. Disney doesn't allow other advertisers on their station, but they do get to advertise all of their own productions. The entire point of Disney Channel is the ads. If it costs X dollars to advertise a movie during a half hour program, then all Disney has to do is make a TV show that costs less than X to produce. Then their "profit" is in saved advertising dollars.
** This: "(Brand Name) is a Proud Sponsor of Disney Channel." It counts, despite the channel's "No Ads" policy. (''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy8z9gpMOH8 was once a Disney Channel Proud Sponsor]]).
** Also the reason why there's no ads is for the channel to make more short segments like ''Disney 365'', ''Radio Disney Total Access'', and more.
* Exactly what was the point of changing Playhouse Disney's name to Disney Junior? Aside from changing the interstitial segments between the shows, there's no difference.
** Likely to make it more easily used in foreign markets; 'Playhouse' would have to be translated on their foreign outlets, which wouldn't allow the branding by continent most kid's channels prefer to make marketing much easier and cheaper. 'Junior'= young kid, so someone in Russia understands that as much as an American or Malaysian.
** [[FollowTheLeader To make it more of a Nick Junior Counterpart]].
*** Does that mean that there will be a Cartoon Network Junior?
*** There was a CN educational block called Tickle U. It didn't really last long.
* Why does Disney Junior start at 4:00 in the morning? Is anyone in the block's target audience actually awake at that time? This is another reason why they should not have dropped the overnight cartoon block.
** Some kids are awake at that time. For example, my brothers always wake up at 3 AM. When Mom can't get them to go back to sleep, she plops them down to watch Disney Junior. SOME kids are awake, apparently enough to keep Disney Junior airing at 4 AM.
* Just recently it made me wonder: Why does Disney Channel don't air shows with a TV-Y7-FV rating? The only one that got through was one part of a two parter premiere of ''Series/AaronStone'' and ''WesternAnimation/TronUprising''. They didn't even did this when Disney still had ''PowerRangers''. ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' and ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong'' got aired, but I don't know if they had that rating. Is Disney that afraid to show violence in their channel?!
** If I recall, ''Kim Possible'' and ''American Dragon Jake Long'' were rated TV-G...
** Looks like it's here- Series/KCUndercover is rated TV-Y7-FV, the first Disney Channel Original Series to have it. However, many believe that show should go to Disney XD for that reason.
* Why doesn't Disney Channel do shows about Grade Schoolers ala ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}''? I mean for the entirety of the channel's lifespan, they haven't done a single show about life as a Grade School kid (live-action wise). Most of the channel's shows and original movies are mostly set in HighSchool, with the nearest one to said level being Middle School. The nearest we got for kids in Grade School is ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody'' and ''ANTFarm'' (since the 3 main kids are at Grade 5 to Grade 6 age), but it's still set in High School level. Not to mention their competitor have already beaten them to a punch with ''Series/NickyRickyDickyAndDawn''...
** It's a weird choice, but I imagine it has to do with giving the characters freedom. High school characters can go around without adult supervision and get into crazy situations and it wouldn't be too weird. High schoolers can take up jobs, drive cars, go more places, and have more opportunities. Not saying I agree with the choice, I'm just explaining it.
** Most kids' channels are guilty of the same. Another part of that decision is that young kids have a tendency to think older kids and teenagers are automatically cooler, so of course they're going to watch a show with an automatically-cool teenager trying to be even cooler. Teen actors also tend to have more experience and skill with acting than younger actors do, and it's not very common for creators to cast women [=VAs=] as children in animated shows anymore.
* This one's for another DC outside of the US: Why does Filipinos have to share a feed with Malaysia? I mean come on, we see promos and contests that are only ''open to Malaysia and Singapore viewers of the channel'' (So Syok Holidays!- ''Seriously?! at the Pinoy children's eyes?'') and they show us Malaysian shows there like ''Bola Kampung'', ''Upin and Ipin'' (fortunately, there were dubbed in English for the sake of understanding) but to show us a live-action Malaysian KidCom in Bahasa Malaysia language- subbed in English instead of dubbed on the channel- THIS IS INFURIATING! Why won't Disney-ABC Cable Networks give us a "For the Philippines" only feed of the channel? The Philippines is not like Malaysia. Not to mention some "That should not be there" shows like ''TotallySpies'' which should be on Creator/CartoonNetwork Philippines, some DC shows having some missing scenes (due that this feed is based on the UK feed of the channel), and out of the 4 Youth channels, only 3 (the aforementioned CN, {{Nickelodeon}} and Creator/{{Animax}}) have their own Philippine feeds, but none for DC. Disney-ABC Cable Networks International, please tell DC Asia to ''stop force feeding us Malaysian content on Filipino throats...''
* It's a bit of a headscratcher why they took so long to create a 24/7 network for their preschool-targeted shows in the United States. Playhouse Disney had been airing as a 24/7 network in a number of non-U.S. markets for years and with networks like NickJr (originally Noggin), Creator/PBSKids Sprout and {{Qubo}} having been around in the United States for so long, one would think Disney would have wanted a piece of that pie sooner.
* On the basis of the show's ships- why almost all the shows have the fans wanting the blonde sidekick with the lead boy instead of the lead girl (who in most cases is a brunette or a black- haired one)? See: Lilly and Oliver, Olive and Fletcher, etc. The only exceptions are Lizzie and Gordo, Phil and Keely, Cody and Bailey, as well as Austin and Ally themselves.