Headscratchers / Dirty Dancing

  • How does Neil Kellerman know that there aren't any books in Johnny's room? It's not like he would have a reason to go there, right?
    • Obviously he sneaks into his room frequently to steal his underwear to smell at night... or the guy was just being condescending and assuming (probably rightly) that Johnny is not much of a reader and that that simply wasn't a believable excuse.
      • I prefer the first option.
      • I always thought it was because the management would do periodic checks of the employees rooms looking for contraband.
      • I think both options (condescending attitude, room checks) make sense.
  • Baby's father is a doctor. Why didn't she just refer Penny to him for either the abortion or someone who could do it properly? Admittedly, abortion was still illegal in many states at the time, but I find it highly unlikely that he wouldn't know someone who could take care of it.
    • Look at his reaction when he found out that was what Baby had used his money for—there's no way in hell he would've agreed to get involved if he'd known about the abortion thing from the beginning.
    • In addition, abortion was illegal in New York until 1970. Given that they had to have it done quickly and had no real way to travel because of time constraints, they couldn't try and go somewhere else.
    • In fact when Baby asks him for the money so she can give it to Penny he specifically asks her if the money is for anything illegal. Not to mention that living 30+ years after Roe v. Wade and seeing the attitudes that many people have toward LEGAL abortion I don't think it's reasonable to assume that Baby's father would have understood or been helpful (until Penny's life was in danger and he became bound by doctor/patient privilege).
    • In response to the question, I think everyone (including Baby) thought the guy they hired was a real doctor. It isn't until after he leaves that Johnny and Baby find out from Penny and Billy that the "doctor" had a dirty knife and a folding table.
  • It's Sunday morning, Labour Day weekend no less, when Baby makes her big revelation, which makes it early Sunday afternoon when Johnny finds her and gives her the news. How did they get the water glasses fingerprinted, sent to the FBI (to find out the culprits are wanted in three states), and get the results back so quick? Remember, this takes place in 1963, so there were no fax machines or electronic scanning devices. And seniors' fingerprints are harder to detect.
    • If they had had been doing so at local resorts, they'd have the fingerprint locally and could have just compared them then. After that they could have established their identifies and found out there were warrants out in other states (by phoning the FBI, who used to hold information about multiple-jurisdiction crimes before III existed). It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but if they were fingerprinting glasses, they probably were given a lead, not just fingerprinting random glasses.