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Headscratchers: Dino Attack RPG

  • Axle was supposedly brought to the LEGO planet due to a "teleport malfunction" which brings up a lot of questions. First, how exactly does a teleport malfunction cause a person to travel across multiple galaxies? Second, even if that were to happen, just what exactly are the odds that the person would just happen to land on their home planet. Third, why didn't the rest of the Rock Raiders try to take advantage of this? Wouldn't such a convenient malfunction be a good way to get home and send a rescue? After all, they did not know about the Dino Attack.
  • In the original Pirates RPG, Elizabeth was a privateer working for the Imperials. This is all well and good until you consider that that region is based on colonization in the late 17th and 18th centuries (though it does inherit some elements of the early 19th century). This was a period when women were seen as inferior, and were expected to do little more than stay at home, cook, and raise children. Now granted, there are real-life cases of ruthless female pirates, but typically women would never be allowed in the navy, so how exactly does a young woman become a privateer?
  • Granted, Paradox is a shady faction that does questionable Maelstrom experiments and isn't exactly trusted by the other Nexus Force factions, but at the end of the day, Paradox is still considered one of the good guys and its only true enemy is the Maelstrom. So, who would hire Trigger (who is essentially a hired gun as opposed to, say, a hired spy) to do work against Paradox, and why?
    • While the true identity of his employers is still unclear, one rational explanation could come right from Paradox's shady nature. Even if its utlimate goals are good, the way the organization could have worked might have made them a few enemies, if only in the form of conspiracy theorists speculating on what they've "really" been doing. We don't even know the exact nature of Trigger's jobs against Paradox, and they could have ranged from anything from breaking into their labs in order to steal information and/or sabotage experiments to attempting to destroy potential sources of the Maelstrom in order to prevent research from being conducted. In theory, this could pretty much have been any organization with a ton of money that either considered their actions morally or legally inacceptable (possibly wanting to shut them down, while they're ultimately good guys there's bound to be people who disagree), felt there was some form of profit to be gained from information and wanted it for their own purposes (so basically any multi-million dollar corporataion), or a combination of those two... or maybe even multiple ones.
  • In 2008, Hertz received a job in which he had to decode a message, which turned out to be about XERRD and the Dino Attack. Granted, events that would found XERRD were put into motion happened no later than 2008 (the year in which Dr. Einstein received the assignment to keep tabs on Dr. Rex), but the organization was not founded until 2009. The name XERRD came about as the result of a contest held among its members that year. Baron Typhonus was the true mastermind behind the Dino Attack, but he didn't think of it until Dr. Rex rediscovered old documents later that year. So, while it is plausible that the coded message could contain some early plans by Dr. Rex to defect from Paradox and form his own organization, how could the message contain XERRD's name or any information on the Dino Attack itself... at least a year before either was first conceived?
    • Considering the exact nature of the message is unclear, (Hertz only glimpsed random words that were taken out of context as it was decoded.) it could have been about any number of events relating to Dr. Rexís activities in 2008. Well Dr. Rex did not have access to the mutation serum in the year the message was written it still could contain his personal ambitions for an eventual Dino Attack, which at the time he was incapable of.
    • Itís also likely that even though XERRD was officially founded in 2009 Dr. Rex would need an extraordinary amount of time to gather the recourses to create such a powerful organization.He would have needed to recruit enough red shirts to run the numerous basses he would eventually construct. Even with the help of the Baran Typhonus in 2010 he would still have needed time before then to gather the thousands of guards and staff necessary.
    • In addition the money and materials that would be needed to construct the basses he built on Dino and Adventurersí island would take years to collect and it would several months for the builders to build them. Itís possible that the message that Hertz received could have been Dr. Rex appealing to his colleagues for money or sharing his eventual aspirations for a Dino Attack.
    • The creation of such a large and far-reaching origination in a matter of months is unlikely. It would have required years of planning. Chances are he came up with the idea earlier then 2008 but was incapable of actually starting XERRD and the Dino attack in till years latter when he came in contact with Baron Typhonus.
      • Sure, Dr. Rex could have planning to found XERRD as early as 2008, but that's not the Fridge Logic here. The problem is that the coded message somehow contained information on the Dino Attack itself. XERRD's original goal was completely unrelated to the Dino Attack until 2010; the organization was founded for scientific research, not for mutating dinosaurs. The Dino Attack was not Dr. Rex's idea; it was Baron Typhonus's idea, but Typhonus did not learn about the formula stolen by Dr. Rex until late 2009, since Dr. Rex had forgotten all about the formula until he accessed his old Alpha Team files. In summary: in 2008, the Dino Attack did not exist at all, not in plans, in concept, or even in thought. So the Fridge Logic here is: how could the coded message know about something that Baron Typhonus would plan... long before Baron Typhonus even thought about it in the first place?
    • Ultimately, as a result of this Fridge Logic, that guy from that show retconned this scene to take place in early 2010, thus removing the Fridge Logic.
  • Silencia Venomosa is a mysterious figure who has never been caught by the authorities, and the little evidence of her existence is a few blurry low-resolution stills from security feeds. How, then, did Dr. Glados's device scan Amanda's face and recognize her as Venomosa? Even with XERRD's technology, it's very unlikely that they could have been able to invent something to interpret such grainy photos to such a precise scanning device. This could have been easily Hand Waved since Walter Breen was one of Venomosa's employers, except Word of God made it an explicit point that Breen never met Venomosa face-to-face, so this clearly does not work either.
  • Dude was rejected by Dino Attack Team on the basis of having a stupid codename. Yet Dino Attack Team is also so desperate for troops that they'd be willing to hire Duke, Baldrick, Pyro, French Fries, Firecracker, and countless other lunatics who should belong in an asylum rather than on a team. What would be accomplished by rejecting Dude for his codename, then?
    • Part of the problem here is that this isn't some discrepancy between different writers, but one single writer. Atton Rand says that Dino Attack was desperate enough to hire Baldrick (i.e. beggars cannot be choosers), and yet states that Dude was rejected for no reason other than a stupid codename (i.e. beggars can be choosers). Uh... which Dino Attack Team are we talking about? These two depictions definitely seem mutually exclusive.
  • It's been established in-canon that Mutant Dinosaurs can't stand the cold, so the only logical place to build facilities to hold the entire population of the planet is... Antarctica? This is a bit odd when you consider that Antarctica is not the only location on the planet with a cold environment, plus it would be a very difficult region for the average person to get to, especially everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere. There are some good Northern Areas that would be easier to reach that in theory should have sufficiently cold climates, so why not also build facilities in say... the Arctic, or in Europe the Northern parts of Russia and maybe Siberia. If nothing else it would make Antarctica slightly less overpopulated, plus the northern regions have a greater abundance of wildlife (potential food sources should there be any shortage of reserves) and in those areas it may be easier to collect resources that can be used to make weapons, ammunition, and vehicles for that whole Dino Attack Team thing than it would be in the Antarctic.
    • There's nothing stating that Antarctica is the only refugee facility in the whole planet. In fact, December 21, 2010 even makes reference to an establishment at Mount Everest. I wouldn't be surprised if the old Polar Base used by the Arctic team was also expanded and made home to refugees. However, given that Alpha Team (especially as shown in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG) has already established a large headquarters in Antarctica, plus there must have been some Antarctic equivalent to the Arctic team and their Polar Base, it was probably easier to establish a well-defended facility in Antarctica than it would be in the real world. On top of all that, another reason why Antarctica was probably favored over regions such as Mount Everest is because it is largely an isolated continent, whereas the Himalayas are landlocked, which would make it more difficult for Mutant Dinos from neighboring regions to invade. Even Vikings Isle, with a largely arctic climate, was invaded by Mutant Pterosaurs and fire-breathing Mutant Lizards, probably because it was located so close to mainland Europe. What I'm saying is that there are most likely other refugee facilities in cold regions of the world, but for the aforementioned reasons, Antarctica is home to the largest facilities.
    • That, or you can have the Fridge Horror that the possible reason Antarctica was not overpopulated... is because the majority of the world population did not make it.
  • Was a self-induced lobotomy really the best solution for Wallace Bishop? I mean, the guy was a respected scientist, surely he would have considered the money he owed to whoever financed his experiments. His lab partner was apparently very close but did he not consider the child his own sister was struggling to raise at the same time? Yes, it would be sad to lose a close friend like that, but aren't there therapists who specialize in helping people deal with this sort of thing? On the other hand, why didn't he consider the possibility that Sarah might have trouble paying all of his debts?
    • Remember that Wallace had already Gone Mad From The Isolation after being locked up for years in Napoleon XIV with no contact with Sarah or Kate; madness does not lead to logical thinking, and what your reasoning would have required logical thinking. Also, recall that his lab partner was more than "a close friend" to him; being a barren man, Wallace considered her as the closest thing he had to a daughter of his own, and the death of a child really can cause severe psychological problems, especially since Wallace views himself as responsible for her death. After she died and he was committed to Napoleon XIV, logically thinking through what would be the best solution was not something Wallace was capable of doing at the time. You cannot apply logic to madness.
  • Why is it that every time a person has psychological problems the immediate response is to send them to the Napoleon XIV institution? I mean, it can't be the only psychatric hospital on the planet, and it seems to have a reputation for being very poorly maintained, so why does nobody ever try first consulting a psychologist (Dr. Bishop's grief could probably have been handled better if he'd started seeing a therapist and had support from his family rather than being locked up and isolated in the mental hospital) or if they really feel that the patient needs to be interned in a hospital, why not try somewhere other than Napoleon XIV. There's got to be other psychiatric wards that are a heck of a letter better, even if only speaking comparitively.
    • Keep in mind that Mr. Bonaparte seems to deliberately cover up Napoleon XIV's flaws to avoid bad press. As far as the public knows, Napoleon XIV is just as good as any other place (for that matter, keep in mind that we have only seen three patients of Napoleon XIV, and it is likely that other mental hospitals do exist but for the sake of storytelling simplicity it just so happens that all three cases were committed to the same hospital).
    • Neither Athena Fabello, who murdered her son, nor Carl Lutsky, who murdered Dust, could be miraculously cured by a psychologist; they could, however, plead insanity in court and be committed to a mental hospital (in this case, Napoleon XIV) instead of prison. Although not explicitly stated, it's also most likely that Wallace Bishop also committed some horrible act in his grief that led to a plea of insanity in court.

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