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Headscratchers: Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time
  • So, here's just a small Question... where is Nene and Kiriha? I mean, Nene and Yuu where apparently inseparable before Yuu went to the Digital World, so there's no excuse for her, the only plausible explanation that I can think of is that Kiriha doesn't live in the same city- but the fact that they haven't even been mentioned really makes no sense, even just an off hand remark saying why they haven't informed some one, especially when Kiriha was the second strongest in all of Xros Heart... It just seems too weird.
    • An interview with Riku Sanjo brought this up- Nene is apparently in Hong Kong and is now "an idol," whatever that means, and Kiriha hasn't shown up since his character arc was concluded and he wouldn't have much reason to go and fight.
    • It still doesn't make sense why Kiriha wouldn't be at least told what's going on. And his reason for fighting would be simple: helping Taiki, and also being able to see Greymon and the rest of Blue Flare again would probably be a bonus.
    • They could show up regardless, though. And who knows what Kiriha might be doing? After all, considering that he was probably on his own with no family or friends before entering the digital world, he probably would be trying to rebuild a life for himself back in the human world.
    • Recent episode summaries suggest that both Nene and Akari will be showing up again in the near future. So they may not be gone for good!
    • Original complainer here, Kiriha is going to be in 68 (Zeke Greymon is, so I'm assuming.) So I retract my complaint.
  • Episode 3, WHY did Taiki let Tagiru capture GigaBreakdramon? The kid does NOT act like someone I'd trust to own a digimon powerful enough to shatter the digital world into 108 zones last season,as regular Breakdramon.
    • Tagiru's overly enthusiastic and a bit of an Idiot Hero, yes, but he's still got a good heart and some strategic ability. Taiki has faith in him, and he shows that by letting him capture powerful Digimon- and besides, he's there to give Tagiru advice when he needs it. Plus it's worth pointing out that, despite the potential to do so, Tagiru hasn't yet gone for the "unnecessary overkill" option- along with the fact that capturing a Digimon seems to pacify them to some degree, so GigaBreakdramon will more than likely be less destructive than he predecessor.
  • So... did Puppetmon actually stay with Taiki after the third episode? I'm assuming he did, since he told Taiki to put him in his Xros Loader, and as far as we know there's no way to send Digimon back to their world, but still... the sudden disappearance without any mention was jarring, unless maybe I missed something?
    • Puppetmon is now an upgrade like all the other Non-Main Digimon.
  • Didn't Cutemon make a big scene about how he won't cry since he's a boy? So why is he crying at nearly the drop of a hat when Yuu walks off? Also, did he forget his Supersonic Wave and Ultrasonic Wave attacks? He could have had more defense against Airu and Opossumon with those!
    • I can't think of something to explain the crying (though it probably didn't help that he just woke up from a nap), but I always thought his sudden attack against Bagramon was a sudden unconscious limit-break that he hasn't happened to replicate since. I find it hard to believe the writers just forgot about it.
      • He knows at least about his Supersonic Wave, since he consciously used it in Sweets Zone to speed up the microwave time. Thinking about it more though, he might not realize that his singing counts as an attack.
      • I like that you acknowledge that he's just a little kid. (Just having woken up from a nap and all.) Because, let's face it... How many kids around the approximate age of 5-7 years old can think rationally when they're cornered like that?
      • Or maybe it was just supposed to be funny.
  • So why the hell doesn't Tagiru have a Blue Xros loader. Blue is his colour (his shirt, his digimon, etc) so he should have that color. It breaks the pattern to have a red one like Taiki.
    • It has nothing to do with outfits or color patterns. It's implied that the color of the Xros Loader is dependent on the hunter's emotions and personality, so a hotheaded kid like Tagiru gets red. And it's not the exact same shade as Taiki's, anyway, though it makes sense since Tagiru looks up to and wants to surpass Taiki. If there's a Xros Loader upgrade like in other seasons, there'll probably be some colors changing around then.
      • My personal idea is that something will happen to change Tagiru's attitude, and because of that, the Xros Loader will change colour/his current one won't work, so he'll recieve a new one.
      • It's due to marketing. There is no new merchandise for this season of Xros Wars yet. Tagiru and Taiki have the same colour Xros Loader with the intent that people will associate the Xros Loaders and merchandise from the previous season to Tagiru and Taiki.
      • But there already was a blue xros loader on the market (the blue flare one), so its not like having a blue xros loader would mean there wouldn't be a toy to sell.
  • Why are there so few Xroses this season?
    • Because it is no longer as useful as it was in the previous season, these new rules keeps the characters from using its full potential. And the fact Hunters doesn't have an "official xros escalation" system like the Shoutmon X-series doesn't help a bit, it is a lot easier when you already have a base idea to play with.
    • Good point. But since we do have regular access to X4, and Tagiru has an abundance of Digimon to Xros with, they'd still help a lot.
  • Why do those Digi Quartz monster...things have those cute little smiley faces? It makes them look much less threatening.
    • I find them rather threatening, actually, red eyes, staring down at you, smiling at your misfortune? Not creepy at all
  • Why exactly does Taiki require someone else to Xros his digimon effectively into greater versions like X4? He's been shown repeatedly in the last seasons that it is not nescessary, and can do it all himself.
    • You need to pay attention, a Hunter can only have one Digimon out of the Xros Loader at a time, and the use of his/her collection for Digi Xrossing is limited to one, the reason why Taiki Double Xrossed for Shoutmon X4 and used four people for X7 was because of that rule.
    • Well, just came from Xros Wars, so was a little put off. Didn't realize there was need for the authors to enforce a Balance Patch.
    • The particles that Quartzmon spread to make the DigiQuartz grow also interfered with the Xros Loader's reload/ digixros features. The Clockmaker found these restrictions and introduced them as "rules" for the hunting game.
    • They pretty explicitly explained this in episode 2. If you're put off by it, then you weren't paying close enough attention.
  • When the heroes finally show themselves in this Crisis Crossover, Tentamon makes a mistake; why does he call Omnimon's evolution a simple fusion and not a Jogress-Evolution? Back in the old series, that's exactly what it was as told to us by Izumi Koushirou.
    • Omnimon's not a Jogress in the same way as Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon. I believe Koushirou was using Omnimon as an example of what a Jogress is like, rather than an actual Jogress. Or maybe Tentomon felt it was simpler to the new kids, because Imperialdramon and Omnimon as a combination are nothing alike.
    • Omegamon's profile unlike most other combinations actually calls him a fusion of War Greymon and Metal Garurumon as opposed to the profiles of others like Paildramon and Dinobeemon who are explicitly referred to as "Jogress Evolution"s of XV-Mon and Stingmon. Most likely they were just referencing that. Only in V-Tamer was Omegamon even called a jogress most other supplementary material actually does just call him a fusion
  • Why didn't Guilmon talk when Takato introduced him?
    • They couldn't get the voice actor, maybe? It's stranger with Veemon, whose voice actor is available and speaking in that very episode, and Savers!Agumon, who just spoke a couple episodes ago.
    • It's also rather odd that they managed to get Masako Nozawa back to play Dukemon for Frontier, but not for this series.
  • Why was Grani voiced? He was never voiced in Tamers.
    • Actually, it (he/she?) was voiced exactly once, as it was dying. A better question would be why was Grani featured in the show, since it only knew that it could fuse with Dukemon/Gallantmon as it was dying and therefore couldn't have been summoned from a prior timeline.
      • They Just Didn't Care? It was a fanservice-powered ending after all, lets just make Grani pull off an Unexplained Recovery so he can appear as well.
      • This troper's belief is that the old watchmaker actually pulled Grani out of time just as he "died," saved a copy of his data, and resurrected him from that. Given what we know about that old guy now, I would not be surprised if he was capable of that.
  • Tentomon said that Omegamon was a "fusion", while Imperialdramon was still called a Jogress. Wasn't it established in Digimon Adventure 02 that Omegamon resulted from the first Jogress they'd ever seen, thus providing Koushiro with the knowledge to explain to Ken and Daisuke how Paildramon came about?
    • Yes, there's how it was estabilished. I presume Tentomon used fusion for Omegamon, then Jogress for Imperialdramon because using the same term twice in a row could be repetitive. So, both could be seen as just different names for the same definition. At least that's how I see it.
    • Technically speaking, Tentomon is right since Jogress (a portmanteau for join and progress) implies that two digimon combine to reach the next level, whereas Omegamon/Omnimon is the same level as War Greymon and Matal Garurumon (even if a lot more powerful) so their combination is "just" a fusion (even if the mechanics are the same). As a side note, Digi Xros is a different mechanism of evolution, since it's supposed to parallel composite functions (if f(x) and g(x) are two different functions of x, then the two possible composites would be either fg(x) or gf(x).
      • Not exactly. Omnimon fits all the main criteria of a DNA Digivolution, which is fusing two digimon together to create a stronger digimon with a shared consciousness of both of its components, so for all intents and purposes, it was technically the first DNA Digivolution, it just used a different method than what was seen in 02. additionally, to explain DigiXrossing's difference in more understandable terms, when two or more digimon DigiXros, there's always a core digimon who is either powered-up by the other components or gains the component digimon as a weapon.
    • Though the evolution levels still seem to be on the ball for the most part. After all, Aldamon!Takuya-an Perfect/Ultimate- was not able to damage a known Ultimate/Mega digimon, while War Greymon was.
      • Actually Wargreymon wasn't able to do damage, since he actually missed and blew up the building rather than the enemies. On the other hand, even in the previous series just because two digimon are of the same level it doesn't mean they have the same strength; Adventure's Vandemon/Myotismon was a good example of this.
      • There were four Mylo Myotismons on that building that War Greymon fired at. Aldamon fired at one, and it didn't destroy him. Wargreymon's attack did.
      • No, Wargreymon's attack destroyed the building, since a malomyotismon came out of the rubble generated by War Greymon's attack unscathed, only to be impaled by Dukemon/Gallantmon.
      • Aldamon isn't an ultimate. He's equivalent to the Mega level. (and considering he was able to easily beat Shadow Seraphimon, he's a pretty strong one too)
      • Note that in frontier (much like in xros wars as a whole) whoever wins is decided by the writers rather than any actual power levels, so agunimon (a champion) can own a cerberusmon (an ultimate/perfect) and be utterly defeated by a candlemon (a rookie).
      • The levels of the Spirits were always "roughly equivalent to" traditional levels than actual parallels of them.
  • What happened to the Digimon in the title sequence? Y'know, the bird looking thing? It's not Arresterdramon or his superior mode, it looks too different- was it just dummied out? Seriously, why not just put Tagiru or Taiki there, have it be one of their digimon? HAVE IT MAKE SENSE.
    • Actually, it IS Arresterdramon, especially because they show the same shadowed image on the last episode. Unless I'm confused about what you mean with bird looking thing.
      • Wrong, it's Ornismon, a bird Digimon that appeared in the Frontier movie. Why it's here, I don't know. But it's not Arresterdramon.
      • Still looks a little different from Ornismon.
      • And NOTHING like Arresterdramon, begging the question of where you got that idea from.
  • In the penultimate episode, you can see Taiki's mom in the background of the 'safe area.' WHY is Taiki's mom in the safe area? She didn't have experience in the Digital World, DigiQuartz, or a Xros Loader, so she should have been absorbed into Quartzmon like Tagiru's parents!
    • Implied badassness?
      • Technically, she did have contact with Digimon. She was close to Shoutmon even if she didn't know it, and she witnessed the battle with Tactimon and realized that Digimon were real. Or proximity to Taiki and his Xros Loader over time extended his immunity to her.
  • If Old Clock Shop Dude pulled the Tamers from their timeline after their defeat of the D-Reaper, why is Rika wearing her broken heart shirt from the start of the series instead of her non-broken heart shirt from the end of the series?
    • Because she probably still has more broken heart ones at the moment than non.
  • So, the Old Clock Shop Dude organised the digimon hunt, excluding Taiki because he needed a seventh hero. But, as the finale shows, Tagiru could act both as the legendary hunter, as well as wield the brave snatcher. So why was a seventh hero needed, again?
    • Strength in numbers.
    • Also notice that Tagiru had to dive into the water to grab the Brave Snatcher. It probally would of been easier to retrieve with Taiki.
  • Where did the leaders from the previous season go when Tagiru got the brave snatcher? They dive after him to retrieve it, but we never see them come from the water. At first I assumed they were in the glowing orbs of the brave snatcher (as there was a brief shot of them in some glowy area), but the orbs are already present when they dive in.
    • I think they jumped in when the Digi-Quartz covered everything so they could provide moral support to Tagiru without getting data-fied like everyone else.
  • So, why exactly were the leaders/goggleboys/legendary heroes so important? I can't think of a real unifying factor for them. True, out of universe we can kinda group them together, but I can't think of a single thing they all have in common and other good guys don't have in common with them. If...
    • It was the fact that they saved the world, then there should have been more heroes present. Yamato/Matt and gabumon were just as instrumental as Tai in the destruction of both apocalymon and diablomon. Ryo defeated millenniummon. Koji was also in control of Susanoomon.
    • It was the fact that they acted as leaders of their groups, the tamers group never really had any sort of leader, so Takato shouldn't have been present.
      • I very much doubt that the Tamers would have worked as a Team without Takato's insistence (ergo, he is the leader). However, technically speaking it wasn't him the one that saved the world, it was Henry/Jenrya together with Terriermon that activated Shaggai/Juggernaut, so it should be them present...
    • It was the fact that they reached the highest levels, then Matt/Yamato, Ken and Koji should have been present.
      • Matt, Kenm and Koji were present actually. Matt and Ken only showed up briefly, and Koji is only implied when Tommy says he brought "everyone," but they were there.
      • They were present at the battles yes, but they weren't participating in the empowerment of the brave snatcher, which is what is referred to.
      • Well, Koji was still present at that as he is part of Susanoomon.
    • It was the fact that they wore goggles, then Marcus/Masaru shouldn't have been present.
    • Arguably they had the most fire power of their respective seasons. Tai's War Greymon pretty much destroyed two megas all on his own and even when the entire team worked together War Greymon was often the one who delivered the final killing blow - he also took on Piedmon directly and lasted the longest out of the Digidestineds digimon. Same with Takuya and Takato they were again the strongest players in their seasons. Gallantmon became the most powerful offensive player on the team and took out some of the D-Reapers top offensive players. Takuya's Burning Greymon was also the most powerful beast spirit of all of the children even grounding Kendo Garurumon who is another powerful player of the team. Davis is a more unique case but Veemon was often the one getting the most powerful upgrades like Magnamon, etc.
    • Most likely in order to actually hunt Quartzmon especially inside his own world they needed the combined powers of the Digivices activated to use their respective hidden feature or miracle. The original allowed the fusion of War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, the D-3 gave the power of jogress evolution, and D-Arc was able to combine partner and digimon through Matrix Evolution, the D-Scanner brought together and unified the Warrior Ten's spirits into a single entity Susanoomon, and the Digivice Burst granted the owner the ability to charge their Digisoul to evolve straight to Ultimate. Similarly the Xros Loader whose main function was Digixros was also able to Super Evolve Digimon which would serve as it's own special feature. Without his gimmick Quartzmon probably wasn't even all that tough he plainly admitted that the Legendary Heroes had power surpassing his own.
  • What's up with the Xros up digimon naming convention suddenly popping up? In the previous seasons, digixrossed digimon either got a fused name (jiji shoutmon), a number indicating the type of xros (shoutmon x2) or a + (shoutmon + dorulu cannon), depending on whether they were fused, part of the main line or still seperate. However, in this season, all digixrosses are suddenly called xros up digimon (like Xros Up Arresterdramon). It sounds really awkward whenever they pronounce the full name.
    • Given how numerous are the possibilities for Digimon making using DigiXros they probably got fed up on naming every single combination after awhile. That was already starting to appear in Death Generals when they decided to call all DigiXrosses made by the villains Darkness Modes. In Hunters they decided to stick with Xros Up and the only Xrosses who got actual names were those who aleady had names.
  • So, what exactly does the crossover entail for Ryo? Is he back in the Adventures universe, with Ken? Or did he return to the Tamers universe? And does anyone else think that Ryo and Ken not interacting, and Ken finding out about Millenniummon was a waste?
  • Why didn't the Clock Maker grab Taiki from Xros Wars instead of using the one from the present?
    • Because it makes little to no difference in practice. Taiki never got nerfed like Taichi was in 02, so using the one from the present actually makes more sense, he is the older and more experienced version with no drawbacks. Also, even if he brought the past Taiki he would still have to play by the DigiQuartz's rules like everyone else using a Xros Loader because his main shtick is DigiXrossing.
  • During the hunt for Volcdramon the Clock Maker has shown the ability to lift the restrictions regarding how many Digimon can be used in a Digixros at the same time as he sees fit. Why during the last battle against Quartzmon he didn't lift it again, if they did so they could have just one-shot Quartzmon with X7 Superior Mode? When you are fighting the definitive final battle for the fate of the world and you have all the cards to play something like that there is no point in withhold it. I know, if they did that there would be no need to assemble the crossover, but there's not a good in-universe reason for them to not do so.
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