Headscratchers / Denver the Last Dinosaur

  • Exactly what the hell kind of dinosaur is Denver? He doesn't resemble any of the dinosaurs I've ever heard of.
    • The last kind.
    • The cartoon kind. He can kinda talk and has pseudopsychic powers, and your beef is with his taxonomy?
    • The Other Wiki identifies him as a Corythosaurus, a member of the duck-billed dinosaurs. No source is cited, though.
    • He's an entirely fictional species (which, as far as I remember, Dr. Funt even points out in the show). His head crest resembles a Corythosaurus, but the rest of his character design seems to be a mish-mash of various dinosaur species.
  • You know, for a kid who's supposedly from California, the one with the sunglasses sounds a lot like a Corleone.