Headscratchers / Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

  • Why doesn't Bubbles use her Bubble Wand as a throwing weapon, even if it's not designed for that? It still worked pretty effectively when she used it that way.
    • Because she's not that good at throwing and catching?
    • Still, it's sad that it makes them look like one-trick ponies, unlike their american counterparts. But you know, When All You Have Is a Hammer...... (or a yoyo, or a bubble wand)
    • Because then she couldn't use the dozen or do different bubble powers she had? Seriously, spray, capture, rescue, electric, binding, healing, 100 ton...throwing the rod would have made us wonder why she bothered.
  • So...what does the "Z" stand for?
    • The same reason no one knows what the original 'X' stands for. Let's just leave it at that.
  • It's been awhile since I've watched the series, but I remember that Chemical Z was created through a chemical reaction in Chemical X induced by the Professor. My question is what was wrong with Chemical X, especially if Chemical X in that universe worked just like the original series' Chemical X?
    • Maybe it's because it works exactly the same way. I mean, in the original series, using Chemical X in any more than tiny amounts (Hyperdermic laser, that weird box thingy) typically tends to have nasty side effects, unless you're creating from scratch. It's incredibly powerful and borderline magical, but it's also unstable. Chemical Z is clearly far weaker from the reaction with the sweetbread, but it's much easier to work with.
    • The more obvious reason is originality. PPGZ is the Anime adaptation, yes. But there is no stopping from having original characters and all that. Chemical Z being one of them.