Headscratchers: Deepgate Codex

Deepgate Codex

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  • When Carnival makes it to Hell, she is very well alive and in her physical form. Up to this point, Menoa has been established to have power over souls, not on actual bodies. So, why is he able to change her shape at will?

  • In the end it's revealed that there's no time in Paradise, because Ayen expelled it along with Sabor's castle. Then how could Ayen become an old lady at all, and how/when/why did other people in Paradise die?
  • Why did they have to go back to year 0 at all in order to go through Paradise's doors, if there is no time flow on the other side?
  • The main quest in the last part of God Of Clocks is preventing Menoa from killing himself, in order to stop him from going to Hell and seizing power there; so they go back to year 0 before he can kill himself... and find Menoa standing by Paradise's doors. But which Menoa is this one? If he's the original Menoa (before suicide), how can he know who they are and what do they want from him? And if he's a future Menoa gone back in time, then where is the original Menoa?

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